Nintendo Employee Watch,Charles Martinet Signed,Super Mario RPG Coins

I’m pretty excited about the auctions I’m going to list here. Seller misha_alan has just listed a LOAD of amazing Nintendo memorabilia! Most of the items are rare and hard to find, and I’m impressed with the quality of auctions.

One of the auctions that are worth noting is the Nintendo Employee Watch. Taking a closer look at the auction we can conclude it’s from the Super Mario World era(90’s). What’s really cool about this watch is that they were given out to selected management staff, so the watch was never available for the public. I can imagine not many of these were made and the one on auction is brand new/never worn. It’s true what the seller says: “True Nintendo Employee items are hard to come buy, let alone in this condition.”. Price is well worth it if you’re into the SMW collectibles. This is one auction I would book mark.

On top of this awesome watch, the seller is selling a brand new copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Signed by Charles Martinet. Everyone searches for Miyamoto’s autograph which of course is the holy grail of all Nintendo autographs, but I am making it a personal quest to try and get Charles Martinet’s autograph by meeting in personal at whatever convention he’s going to. If you’ve ever seen an interview with the guy he’s always positive, smiling, happy, and excited to do the interview. You see few people like this who are ever this happy doing a job. But who wouldn’t be happy if they’re doing the voice of MARIO? But, I’ve seen plenty of voice actors who are as cool as Charles, and it would be a real treat to meet him in person just to hear him saying live “Herrree weee Gooo!“, which is what’s written on this copy of SMG2. Great auction at only $0.99. What are you waiting for and bid! Thanks **Alan!

The seller has a bunch of other great video game auctions but here are my favorites:
SUPER MARIO RPG Mallow Keychain & Coin SET RARE – “Extremely Rare, there is only a few pieces of SMRPG Merchandise ever made and it was all only released in Japan.Coins are made by Bandai and were released in Japan back when the game was released, this includes all 3 Bronze, Silver & Gold Mallow Coins and are all in MINT Condition.”
Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run Signed Baseball Promo – “Back in 1994 or so, Nintendo released a Ken Griffey Jr branded Baseball Game for the SNES. As part of the promotion, they had a contest, with one of the top prizes being official signed Ken Griffey Jr Baseballs.”
Sonic The Hedgehog Plush LOT

Other Video Game Auctions:
Duke Nukem 3D 1997 statue – These have surfaced quite a bit on eBay over the past few months since DN forever was coming out, but this is a beautiful statue and the price is even more appealing! Check it out.
1 out of 10 Signed StarCraft II Posters – this is definitely a great collectors item since only 10 of these exist. If you’re into SC you should check out this auction. Seller says:”You are bidding on an Authentic signed Starcraft 2 Poster from Blizzcon 2009. This poster comes framed and it is in mint condition. It is signed by the whole Blizzard team that work on Starcraft 2. Only 10 of these posters were given to participants of Blizzcon 2009. This is an ORIGINAL version, NOT a COPY.”
Bubble Bobble MSX Zemmix Korean Korea Clover – as mentioned on, every Korean MSX developer needed their own rendition of Bubble Bobble which is why this game is getting some attention from collectors. They also mention that Clover’s variant comes with 100 new levels which can be selected individually. How cool is that? Seller says:”This auction is for the Korean MSX game Bubble Bobble. The game was released in Korea by the company Clover. There are so many different versions and releases of Bubble Bobble in Korea” Thanks **David!

Also, seller Maboska has a bunch of more “Asian Version” NES Carts. So those who read the post on the Metroid Asian Cart will notice that one of the differences between the carts(apart from the regional mark) is the artwork on the box. Some of the games like Excite bike have different artwork on the sticker of the cart so this is one difference collectors of international carts look for. As for the gameplay, obviously there’s no change as all games were standardized. Check out his auctions if you are interested in Asian Version NES carts. Thanks **Maboska!

Good luck!

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  1. This is mltvwrs, thank you for mentioning my Korean Zemmix Bubble Bobble auction.

    Below when you mention the Asian version NES games you accidentally use my name (mltvwrs) instead of mabosker’s name.

    I’ve gone ahead and listed some Korean Version NES cartridges, so maybe you can edit the post to fix the mistake while also adding a link to one of these auctions.

    Thanks again and I love the site!

  2. Fixed it :). Welcome to the site David! Also, anyone who visits the site always checks the comments area so they will see your other auctions :). Good luck!

Nintendo Employee Watch,Charles Martinet Signed,Super Mario RPG Coins

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