Creepy Zelda Doll, JAWS Retro Hand Held, Life Size Call of Duty Ghost

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve decided to scroll around at our friends collectibles in Europe, more specifically in the United Kingdom to see what kind of goodies they have to offer. They have some cool stuff, just the darn pound is a turn off.

First auction is for a Twilight Princess Zelda Doll. This is custom made. It’s definitely a quality, detailed doll made by the seller so my hat goes off to her/him. However the price is much more of a subjective matter and of course it is with all the work put into it so I understand. In the realm of video game collectibles it wont sell for that much unfortunately but as a collector myself I can say I truly appreciate this piece, but I wouldn’t want this in the corner of my room at night.

Other Video Game Auctions:

From the U.K

Final Fantasy VIII Collector’s Edition Complete – They never had any sort of collector’s edition for FF 8 here in North America so it’s cool to see there was one for the U.K.

Sega Wall Clock – For the price of this I can put the cash on a down payment for a new car. But it’s still bad ass.

Zone of Enders 2 Premium Package – Comes complete but with a price!

JAWS 3-D Handheld Game 1983 – Extremely retro and complete, this is unique for the Handheld era and for it’s time it’s in great shape. I’d love to play this or at least see a video of it.

Sonic 20th Anniversary – Limited production of course and exclusive to the U.K.

Zelda Majora’s Mask Poster – Price is about the same as it was on the eBay US site, but still expensive. Wonder if this seller would negotiate a lower price?

Zelda Twilight Princess – These seem to stay stagnant around the $300 mark, but I have seen

Nintendo Jacket Roadshow 90s – I haven’t seen this before, looks to have been only in the U.K, and yes naturally since the auction is from the U.K but the theme “Roadshow” is unique to me… Anyone hear of this event?

Call of duty Life Size Statue – This statue is from Germany, life size and ready to be shipped world wide.

From the US

2011 Playstation Home E3 T-Shirt Signed – Signed by Sony development team.

Heavy Weapons Guy Team Fortress Statue – If you’re a Team Fortress fan this is for you. The price is at $300 with a reserve or Buy It Now for $600.

Xbox Kiosk – I remember the days walking into a game store and seeing this Kiosk and thinking how futuristic it looks. Now it’s becoming as old as Atari.

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  1. I’m impressed with the amount of work put into the Zelda doll. It looks fantastic! But shouldn’t the naked body be censored for children who stumble upon it? Otherwise great find!

  2. hahaha, here in Europe we’re not as iffy about it as they are in America. We grow up here with that stuff.

    As for the price, to be honest, it’s not that bad. For the doll itself without make-up and clothing, you’ll pay 700 euros easily. BJD’s are pretty expensive, because they’re all handmade and every model is VERY limited. (Except for their Koream counterparts, but you can see a different in quality). This is an original Japanese one by the looks of it.

Creepy Zelda Doll, JAWS Retro Hand Held, Life Size Call of Duty Ghost

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