Tons of Rare Video Game Consoles

I thought I’d do some catching up on the hardware side of things here on VGA. There’s a a bunch of rare video game consoles currently on eBay and if you’re into collecting these highly limited systems you won’t be disappointed with today’s post. Some of them might be out of your price range while others are more affordable. With the signed GBA by Miyamoto, it seems legit and seller does have pictures meeting Miyamoto but I’m not sure if they come with the auction & you always need to authenticate for yourself. Ebay has precautionary message now with items that are signed so read them before bidding.

Limited Edition Gold GBA signed by Shigeru Miyamoto – “I am now selling one of the most precious items in my collection. After meeting and shaking hand with Miyamoto at the Virgin Megastore in London Feb 21:th 2003 he signed this GBA for me. The GBA itself is the gold limited edition from Japanese Toys r us stores during 2002. It has never been used and is in mint condition. Ever since he signed the console it has been protected in a special hardcase that protects it from basicly anything that could stratch or bump it. This is ofcourse included in the auction and it will be shipped in the case to be 100% protected. (The original box is included too ofcourse) I have photos of myself from that day in london. Including of my meeting with Shiggy himself.” Heh…. the seller called him Shiggy

SNK Neo Geo Gold AES Home Console – Up for auction is a rare Neo Geo Gold AES console that includes 3 games; everything’s complete. You also get an official SNK Neo-IC8 card which comes with everything in the picture, 2 joysticks and 3 games. The serial number for the console is 025042 which the seller says is low. Current bid is $300 with 6 days left.

Xbox 360 Development Kit XDK Console – “A working condition Xbox 360 Development kit (XDK) with sidecar (60GB HDD), the sidecar enables you to test the xboxs performance and to play games directly off your PC’s hard drive, cables to connect the sidecar to your PC are included (not pictured). The sidecar itself has an unfinished game, a very early build of the game ‘Juiced 2’, meaning a very high possibility this kit came from THQ. It has a different sync button and USB flaps on the faceplate to retail consoles. You can play all formats of games (NTSC – J, NTSC-U, PAL, etc.), and all games can be booted and played from the sidecar itself, you may also remove the sidecar and use a retail Xbox 360 hard drive and games can still be played from that. This kit was formerly used by game developers to create and debug Xbox 360 games, and can still be used for that purpose”

There are two Special Edition Xbox Consoles signed by Bill Gates. Difference between the two consoles other than the price is that one is brand new while the other is just the console itself. Personally I’d like like to have the console since I wouldn’t be playing on a limited piece like this. They were given to the launch team members in which each console was signed by the man himself.
Xbox signed by Bill Gates Auction 1
Xbox Signed by Bill Gates Auction 2

From the European Automobile Color Collection:
These were never sold in retail shops but handed out to re-sellers as gifts direct from Sony. Only 666 were ever made for each Region so these are crazily rare and always sell for many hundreds of pounds.” These colors don’t appear on eBay a lot.
Yellow Fat PlayStation 2 Automobile Console
White Fat PlayStation 2 Automobile Console

Playstation 2 Automobile Color Collection Consoles
Also from the Seller:
Midnight Blue 10 Million Model PS2 – “To celebrate 10 million Playstation sales Sony made a very limited number of these – possibly just 100’s – they are a Dark Blue (called midnight blue) and came in a lovely black box with silver logo’s”.

Brand New Atari Jaguar, Atari Jaguar CD, 29 Atari Jaguar games, Amiga 1200 and Microsoft XBOX
Entex Mini Mac Computer Console from 1980 – “First ever mac computer before Apple!”. This is as old skooL as it gets

Limited Edition Dark Knight Xbox 360 – This is brand new and was limited only to 55 consoles. Seller says: “As you will note in the photos, this is the Joker version of the console. 110 Dark Knight consoles were made for a Dominos and Microsoft contest: 55 of the consoles being a joker edition, and the other 55 being a batman edition. So, what you’re looking at here is 1/55, and extremely rare.

As this is one of the consoles won in the Domino’s contest, it come with a congratulations letter from Domino’s in addition to the Dark Knight bundle!

Here’s an article regarding the MS & Domino’s contest:

Good Luck!

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Tons of Rare Video Game Consoles

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