Infamous 2 Statue, MegaMan Universe Poster, Super Mario Wall Clock

Good morning VGA readers. First I’d like to announce that there are updates to the VGA Hall of Fame so go check it out here. For the auctions we have some cool ones as usual but I’d like to note if there is something you guys(“guys” is plural for men and women according to the Oxford Dictionary), then let us know in the comment section.

First auction is for an Infamous 2 Statue. It’s the Evil Cole statue and according to the seller only 5 were ever made which is impressive for sure. He says he won this statue at MLG in Columbus. 5 Of them were made for that MLG, basically they were special prizes for the winning players there from Sony.

Second auction is for a Sealed Hagane for SNES. One recently sold for $2000 and it wasn’t VGA rated although in great shape. This is being sold for $1999.99 auction or buy it now at $2500. It’s a VGA rating of 90 which is very high. I bet the winner of that last auction wishes this was listed first.

Other Video Game Auctions:

SDCC Megaman Universe Signed Poster 2010 – This is will be valuable for sure in time as it’s not being released. Still disapointing as a Mega Man fan.

Final Fantasy VII Sealed Black Label With Error – This is a nice copy of FF VII sealed and it’s the rare version with the error mis-print.

Final Fantasy Plush Lot – Definitely a decent plush lot of Final Fantasy with Barret, Red XIII etc…

Nobuo Uematsu Signed Distant Worlds II – The seller is selling other items too, but not video game related, just a ton of autographs so it’s cool to see.

Super Mario Wall Clock 1992 – This is a wall clock I always wanted but I always seem to pass it up. It’s from 1992 and in great condition.

Playstation 2 Original Neon Sign – An original neon sign in good, working condition. The price is very fair.

Halo Reach Collecter Cards Toys R Us Exclusive – Since it was exclusive to Toys r Us it has promise of being a Halo collectible in the future.

Atari 1994 Playmates TALON toy Primal Rage 7-9 – This auction is for Two Talon Primal Rage toys. The seller doesn’t mention much, but we know it’s from 1994.

Sega Master System Prototype Testing Unit – Wow this is super rare for sure. A working Sega Master System prototype? It’s on auction and currently at $349.99 with 1 bid.

Vintage Lot of PC Sierra Games Big Boxes – I’d buy this lot but I don’t like flopy disks, they become obsolete. If anything the Robin Hood is worth the full price alone and it’s a great pointer clicker if you’re a Sierra fan.

Resident Evil Moby Dick Toys Complete Set Biohazard – Impressive Resident Evil Toy Collection. Seller has all of them there in great condition and complete. Auction is at $365 with 17 bids!

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  1. I didn’t know that there was an exclusive statue made for Infamous 2 which were given out at MLG in Columbus. After looking on Google for anything about what the seller’s claiming, I didn’t find any news so I’m not sure what to think. Seller wasn’t too kind with his description either. The only thing I can point out is that there was another variant made of the figure called “Electric Man”. The differences can be seen here:

    Regular Version:×270.jpg

    Electric Man Version:

    I mean both are limited, but Cole MacGrath’s shirt and face are different. The regular version has no markings on his face and he has a yellow shirt. The electric version has him with electrical markings on his face and he has a red shirt. So I’m not sure if only 5 were made exclusive for MLG since one of the dudes at ING received a package for the “Electric Man” figure as shown in the second link. So there was definitely more than 5 made and probably given out to selected persons of the media.

    This is just from doing a light search. Anyone else can add any info just post here :).

  2. It might have some sort of MLG stamp or something? That’s up to the seller to show it’s authenticity in claim. There’s no difference between the 3 other than the electric markings on Coles face.

    What the seller might have said is there were “5” given “out” to “winners” of the event, not that there are “only” 5 in the world.

  3. Wow, I never even knew there was a spelling error on the back of FF7 until now. I went and checked mine….and it has the error mis-print as well. I guess I am lucky when it comes to buying video game merchandise. Too bad it’s not still sealed. LOL! 🙂

  4. See David, you learn something new everyday here! I also had a mis-print version but I don’t know what happened to it. I also don’t understand why people put so much value on errors like this. I mean I can understand that there are small amount of FF7 copies that have errors but I don’t see how it’s suppose to be more attractive. I personally rather have no errors 🙂

Infamous 2 Statue, MegaMan Universe Poster, Super Mario Wall Clock

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