Cheetahmen II Sealed, NES Test Cartridge, Japan Xmas Red Dreamcast, Crysis 2

Good Sunday morning VGA readers. It’s a nice sunny morning with a bit of cool winds. I’ve got some cool auctions for your consideration. Some of these have been featured by Riku some days ago but they’re worth checking out a second time so let’s go:

First auction is for a Cheetahmen II Sealed. Sure it’s known that the game is rare so what’s new? Nothing really, but it’s a sought after title for those hardcore sealed NES game collector’s. This copy has a few flaws but it’s not stoping collector’s from biding on it. It’s currently at $610 and only climbing. The whole history of this sealed game is discussed on past posts so if you’re interested go to our search bar and type in Cheetahmen II and read all about it.

The second auction is for a rare Sega Seaman Xmas Red Dreamcast. Originally made by Sega of Japan, it’s the 2nd release of SEAMN, only 850 units were made for the Xman Limited Edition for sale at Japan HMVs. It sold out literally in an hour. This comes complete and in excellent shape. The seller has a ton of other specialty units from Japan. He/she is located in Hong Kong.

Other Video Game Auctions:

HUGE Nintendo 64 Controller Lot – I’m guessing it’s all the controllers ever made for the 64? Really colorful, imgaine having all these hung up on your wall… would look pretty cool.

Beautiful Sony Playstation Kiosk – This is a really nice example of a Sony Playstation Kiosk. All natural, all original and in nice looking shape.

Huge Video Game Lot – 4 Consoles, 150+ games, can’t go wrong with the price.

Rare Nintendo Test Cartridge – Any NES collector HAS to have this in his or her collection.

Japan NEC Pc Engine Duo 4″ LCD ColorMonitor PI-LM1 – The portable LCD ColorMonitor for the PC Engine was WAY ahead of it’s time. This would be so cool to get. If you’are unaware of how the game carts look like the look like mini slots, or “phone cards”. There are so many unique games on this console, so many great titles that if it was released during the SNES era in North America I can guarentee it would have competed with the right marketing campaign.

Nice SNES Game Lot – Several great titles like Final Fantasy, Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and more. A good price too.
SNK NEO GEO Gold AES Home Console US – O…M….G…. I WANT THIS!! The Neo Geo Gold US console! Listen to me, 12hrs left and it’s at $300 IT’S A STEAL. Want to try a new AWESOME console? Get this. The games will ALWAYS blow your MIND.
Suikoden Collection – Alright so $300 beans for the whole lot. Let’s calculate. They’re all in good condition and complete so I will price them at the value of that condition. Suikoden II, which is bay far AMAZING, is at least $120. Just a note, if you never played Suikoden II and you’re an RPG fan from the NES, SNES era you’ll LOVE Suikoden II guarenteed. Suikoden is around $80. The other two Suikoden’s for the Ps2 are $40 each respectively. That’s $280 in total, including shipping each individually at $10 a pop that’s an extra $40 so $320 in total. It’s going to cost you the same if you buy it from this guy and it comes in one package. Honest deal if you ask me.
Nintendo Faria Map – Faria is considered to be a rare title for the NES. Sure you have about 7 of them on eBay and the price varies from $30-$50 but they’re not common. Now to find one complete… that would fetch a high price. To have the map is unheard of. But this seller does have the map, but for a hefty price.
Crysis 2 Nano Edition XBOX 360 Sealed – This is the only one on eBay right now for the US and Canada. There are some in Europe but I think those are Pal. In Europe it’s close to $400. There are 4 bids on this one and the seller has a reserve on it.

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Cheetahmen II Sealed, NES Test Cartridge, Japan Xmas Red Dreamcast, Crysis 2

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