Life Time Collection of Consoles,Computer Space Arcade,Earthbound Papas Signed

Today is a good day for video game auctions. There’s a variety of auctions running right now that will satisfy your curiosity. From the early 70’s to the present you will see some impressive items today, so lets start!

First up is a Life Time Collection of Video Game Consoles. This is probably one of the biggest collections to hit eBay in years. I’m not talking about bulk resell collections. I’m talking about a collection from a collector who has bought nearly every console ever made(minus some). Seller uses the word “Epic” to describe his lot, and one look at what he has to offer will quickly convince you that this auction is epic.

The seller does a great job at describing his auction. He says: “This is likely one of the biggest personal video game console/handheld/game/accessory collections ever offered on eBay, so I figured using the word “epic” in the title was probably fitting.When the original NES came out, I was 4. Since then, I have gathered almost every video game system and handheld that was released by everyone who tried their hand at making video games during the “golden age” of home entertainment… aka – the 80’s & 90’s. I also managed to get my hands on most of the (cool) 1st-party games and accessories for each system. I was a HUGE Zelda fan, so you’ll see that every Zelda game – all “gold edition” versions – is included, as well as almost every Mario, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, and Metroid games. Occasionally, when Nintendo stepped it up to a new model, they liked to introduce a mid-level version of their previous system – you’ll find those here, too (the NES-top-loader, the SNES-mini, the GameBoy Pocket/Color/Advance/etc). If you played it on Nintendo in the 80’s and/or 90’s, there’s a good chance that it’s here – and in good condition! *P.S. – that includes a BEAUTIFUL and WORKING Virtual Boy in near-mint condition (w/ about 4-5 games)*.But I also liked what Sega had going through the 80’s & 90’s. You’ll see just about every Sonic game, as well as the other cool stuff that they were known for, starting way back with the little-known Sega Master System. The entrance of the Sega Genesis brought 3 iterations of the console – all three of which can be found here, including their tumorous-looking systems like the SegaCD and 32X. Since Sega stopped making consoles after the DreamCast (also included) it’s safe to say that all-things Sega-console-related can be found here, including the Sega GameGear. *sorry, though… no Nomad – I just never could bring myself to consider them worth the fund-age… a guy has to draw the line somewhere, y’know?When Sony jumped into the ring toward the end of the 90’s, I was hesitant, but college found me playing it quiet a bit. As you can see, I have both versions of the original Playstation (the rectangle-looking grey box AND the awesomely tiny PSone – which has the matching clam-shell screen/speakers made by Sony, so you know they’re awesome) and the PS2 and PSP.For what it’s worth, I also have the Xbox in here along w/ the HALO games they made famous.

There’s so many consoles for sale that the seller wasn’t able to take individual pictures of all. If you ever wanted to create a video game museum all you need to jump start your venture is $3,749.99 and you’ll be 90% done! Great auction to keep an eye on and listed very well IMO.

Also up on eBay is a RIDICULOUSLY rare and incredibly piece of video game history. Yup, I’m talking about the first arcade game ever made, Computer Space by Nutting Associates. It predates PONG by one year and Magnavox Odyssey by 6 months!

Computer Space Arcade

Computer Space was created in November 1971 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney before they went and founded Atari later in 1972.
The arcade game is like Asteroids but you fight against two UFO’s, and one of the difficulties in the game was that your own shots can kill you. Seller’s asking $3000 or best offer. This belongs in a museum!

Click here for Computer Space Arcade Auction

Other Video Game Auctions:

Gear of War LASTDAY Cog Tag – Seller says: “I have a very rare Cog tag from EforAll 2009. Microsoft and Epic only made a few of the individual serial numbered Cog tags, this is a real item. I am the original owner and I found it hidden at EforAll in 2009. See the link below for a better description.” The GoW LASTDAY Cog Tag is rare, but the price is quite high. You can read all about this at the Epic Forums.

Red Sega Game Gear Limited Edition – VGA has featured a bunch of red game gears before, but none in the condition as this one. $1,333.00 or best-offer.
Huge PlayStation 3 x 2 Banner Store Display – one of my favorite auctions right now! The PS1 logo will always go down as one of my favorite. This banner is PERFECT to display and it’s original from the PS1 days. Great collectors piece.
72ea Atari 2600 Playaround Collection Complete in box – “One end of each game cartridge does not work”. Check listing, crossed out games are the ones not working.
Microsoft Xbox 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Console – a nice collectors item to have. Everything comes complete, including the limited edition Bill Gates Keychains. Decent price with a best-offer
New Legends Kabuki Mask Promo – The game didn’t win awards but it wasn’t horrible. You get the Kabuki Mask brand new.
Bioshock Promo with T-Shirt – “Listed here is a very rare Bioshock promotional item, only handed out at the “Splicers Unite!” events held by 2K Games. You will receive an unopened canister that contains a medium t-shirt (the back is picture, the front has a silver Cult of Rapture logo), a Redbull and a “Wiiiings Plasmid” flyer.This item is not sold in stores and is no longer manufactured. There is no way to get these canisters anymore.”
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask N64 Promo Hat – “Up for auction is a promotional baseball cap for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64). I received the hat from a Nintendo promotions representative to promote the upcoming release of the game on Nintendo 64 while I was working at Toys R Us in 2000.”
Crackdown 2 Limited Edition Console – We featured this console a while back. It’s still up with best offer. Check it out! Thanks **Pierre!
Nobuo Uematsu EARTHBOUND PAPAS signed CD – Signed by the man himself, Nobuo. This is a newer project for him since “The Black Mages” didn’t quite work out. The Earthbound Papas cd plays more than just Final Fantasy music if you were wondering. Great price IMO.
Microsoft Kinect for XBox 360 – Who doesn’t have their Kinect shirt yet??? Bid!
Bahamut lagoon – NTSC – Same seller as the Secret of Mana 2 SNES made game. Again, I know this can be downloaded but for the real gamer who wants to play on the SNES, don’t miss this one!

Glow in the Dark Xbox 360 – ingenious! A glow in the dark 360! This looks amazing!
PlayStation Custom Clock – yes I understand it doesn’t work properly, but the idea is great! I’m sure anyone can fix this baby up so that it’s up to par. The seller used an actual part of a PS console. Great auction

Most Expensive Video Game Seller? – Just check out their inventory. Publicity stunt or just being silly?… comment!

Good luck!

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  1. If you want a history lesson on systems just watch the videos! I can’t believe the seller wants to get rid of all of this.

  2. I saw the Bahamut Lagoon from that seller and I agree, it’s a Top SNES RPG that was never released here in North America. I don’t get it, it would have been a HUGE hit in the days when RPGs really started to shine with Squaresoft and Enix going at it. Too bad… but this is a great chance for someone (maybe me hehe) to get this. It’s not official but the closest thing to the real deal and subtitles are in english.

Life Time Collection of Consoles,Computer Space Arcade,Earthbound Papas Signed

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