1960’s Nintendo Playing Cards, Dreamcast Dev System and More

First item I want to showcase is really underrated. If you haven’t stepped into the phase of doing background checks on some of your favorite video game companies I would recommend it! It’s quite fun and you’ll be surprised with what you learn.

But, chances are you already did a background check on the biggest video game company to ever step foot on this planet. Of course I’m talking about Nintendo! You see, Nintendo is full of surprises(not just what they mention at E3 😉 ). For those who stumbled upon the wikipedia page, or those smaller dedicated history sites for Nintendo you would have learnt that they didn’t start up as a video game company. In fact, they were a Playing Cards company as seen in the posts thumb pic which was taken from wiki.

I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube of one gamer who managed to get inside the original Nintendo Head Office(not the one in Kyoto) but here’s another quick clip of the complex:

So what does this have to do with the featured item? Well if you couldn’t figure it out by now shame on you!

1960's Vintage Nintendo Playing Cards

That’s right, original Nintendo Co Ltd Playing Cards! This is going to the root of happiness folks, and when there’s something this vintage I always say it belongs in a museum! But, with that said I am not an expert on original Nintendo Playing cards so I have no idea when these cards where exactly made. I don’t doubt the authenticity of these items as the Seller has a great track record, and does have a good reputation(I have done business with him). The seller takes close up pictures which can make you draw your own conclusions. The playing cards have that 60’s look to it. The design, the slight discoloration, and the vintage trademarks. You get 10 packs in here. The seller says:

All brand new, all cards are in in cases with manual, sealed in plastic with Japanese government tax stamp and Nintendo ink stamp. Each comes with an original Nintendo branded cardboard case, some have wear or marks on them. Depending on the type, there is a number printed on the box and that number matches the number printed on the cards that have them. I believe many of these to be from the 1960s and 1970s released in Japan years ago. These are not recent remakes or re-prints. Definitely great for a collection.There are some marks on some of the cases but none are cracked or faded. Bottom of the boxes read “Nintendo Playing Co.” as they used to be known. A true collectors item. All items are Japanese versions.

The auction is only at $1.00! For this item being the reason Nintendo started it’s business I think the auction deserves a couple of bids. I mean common now, these playing cards represent something more than just a cheap Monday night game… It represents the root of all happiness!!! 🙂 Hopefully some of you Nintendomaniacs will find this true treasure and place a bid.

Click here for Nintendo 1960s Vintage Playing Cards

Other video Game Auctions:

Xbox 360 Krypton Prototype Controller – Interesting item up here. Supposedley it’s a prototype which is signirfied by the white guide button and the inscriptions on the back. Auction ends in 6 hours.
Dreamcast Dev System – Great item! Seller says: “This is a Sega Katana system — the development system used for the Sega DreamCast systems. The system is fully functional, Included with the system are: Base Katana System GD-ROM Writer unit Windows 98 PC with SCSI card (needed to control the Katana) SCSI cables to connect the Katana to the PC and The Writer) Assorted Manuals (see image) 3 Power Cables (one for each hardware unit). All you need to add is a PS/2 keyboard and a PS/2 Mouse and you can be developing DreamCast games with the official dev kit. A CD will also be included that has all the system documentation (for those manuals not included)”.
Brand New Limited Edition Simpsons Xbox 360 console PAL – One of these consoles are featured in the VGA Hall of Fame. “Here is your chance to own a never been used limited edition Simpsons xbox 360 console. Only 100 in existance, they were released in 2007 for the launch of the Simpsons movie and were only obtainable through competition.”
Limited Edition Xbox 360 Panzer Dragoon Console – This is a pretty rare console and only 999 were ever created. The console plays Japanese games as well which is a great feature. The console also has a nice slick look.
Contra Force NES Complete – Auction is currently at $227; reason being, you don’t find many Contra Forces with box complete AND in amazing shape like this.
Super Mario Bros. Domino – I thought this was a really cool item from Argentina. It seems like the point of putting the cards together is to align the pipes so that they can flow? Hit the buy-it-now button!
Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Life Sized Figure – This is the first time I’ve seen this statue up for auction brand new in box. Seller bought it and never assembled the piece. For $462.36 or 279 GBP I think this is an incredible price. It’s just too bad for MGS fans living in N.America since the item is located in the UK. Seller says: “This life sized figure is a classic collectors item. One of only 20 made for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 2 in the UK. It was originally purchased as a retail display unit but it was never opened and was kept as a collectors piece.” If you want to check out the original brochure, the seller was nice enough to add a link: Click here.
Bit Generations Complete Set – For the Game Boy Advanced, this is the complete set from Japan. All games are brand new.

Official PlayStation Advisory Council Hat PSX Promo – “This is a never-worn hat that was a promotional item for the original PlayStation. It was only available to Gamer Advisory Panel members, a small group of gamers who gave input to Sony.”
Pac Man Gumball Bank & Fleer Pac Man Candy 1980 – Only $5.99!
Super Mario Bros Mystery Card Location – This is a neat auction. For those who want the answer of the “Mystery Card” game for SMB3 check this auction out! Unless of course you figured it out yourself already.

Good luck!

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1960’s Nintendo Playing Cards, Dreamcast Dev System and More

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