Bungie Halo Art Print, Press Kits, Zelda Majora’s Mask Kid Statue and Display

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got a nice mix of auctions for you including press kits, goodies from Bungie and rare games so let’s get moving!

First auction is for a Master Chief Halo Concept Art Print. It’s a limited print from Bungie’s 20th Anniversary, and limited run of only 250 prints and was only available for one day only! Signed by Marcus Lehto. If you’re a Halo fan like me or Joseph you’ll be drooling over this. It’s currently at $86, a great deal so far if you ask me.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Steel Battalion Original XBOX game complete – It comes complete and in good condition. This looks like a lot of fun.

Grandstand Light Games projection system – It comes with 4 games. I haven’t seen this before but looks really vintage and cool. Games are projected on a wall and you play them. Check out the auction for pics. Seller is located in Uruguay.

Signed Halo Art Print Bungie “On the Edge” – Only limited to 100 pieces and signed by the artist Isaac Hannaford.

Intellivision Stadium Mud Buggies – Rare intellivision game comes complete with box, manual and cards.

Sega 32x Mega Drive Kolibri Pal – Shooter – Rare title but also a weird shooter. The music is really cool but the game is a little too tranquil for me. It’s like Ecco the Dolphin version of a shooter. This is the PAL version. If you want to see how it plays click here.

Border Down Japanese Dreamcast – This is a decent shooter but there are better ones. Check out the game play here. Forward to 2:30.

Snatcher – It’s currently at $120 and it’s in “like new” condition. Great deal if you ask me.

Gameboy Light Gold Japan – Why get this? So you can play Japanese gameboy games of course!

Congo Bongo Intellivision – Definitely top 3 of the rare intellivision games.

Soldier Blade TurboGrafx – Another Shooter released in 1992 for the PC Engine (Turbo Duo). If this was released on the SNES it would be considered “1st generation” of games meaning the gameplay, graphics and sound quality.

Halo Reach Autographed by Bungie – Seller has other Halo goodies for sale, check out his listings.

Gears of War 2 Signed by Dev team – Wow only at $15? There’s 9 hours left, someone has to win this as it’s a really low price.

Duke Nukem Forever Press Kit – Cool press kit with a lot of goodies. Like the next three the seller is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Fear 3 Press Kit – Just an art book and the disc is promotional.

Kingdom Hearts Press Kit – Nothing really special in terms of merchandise, rather it’s just a bonus disc.

Zelda Majora’s Mask Skull Kid Statue with 64 Display – This is a great looking statue as well it comes with the original advertising display.

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Bungie Halo Art Print, Press Kits, Zelda Majora’s Mask Kid Statue and Display

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