Pax 2011 Collectibles, Dead Space 2 Gun, Deus Ex Human Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Good morning VGA readers, I’ve got a whole lot of cool auctions, so many that my computer is running slow having so many windows up but they’re worth showing because of the great deals. A lot of PAX 2011 stuff that will blow your mind like Shadow of the Colossus t-shirts, Twisted Metal t-shirts and a Halo plush. Let the auctions begin!

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Employee Promo Stuff – Wow there are just so many goodies here I can’t believe it’s still at that price, what a shame.

Mortal Kombat Musik – Guessing that it’s “Musik” must be some remix or something. It’s from MK3 and Mk4. Really cool a Mortal Kombat fan must not miss!

Conker’s Bad Fur day – It comes with the strategy guide and official t-shirt; game aswell.

Halo Fest Pax 2011 Poster – Poster is so nice looking and it’s signed! Ahh I want this so bad.

Halo Fest Pax 2011 Toy Poster – It’s a poster with the toy figures on it signed by Todd McFarlene.

Metal Gear Saga Vol.2 Signed – This pre-order dvd is signed by Hideo.

Blizzcon 2009 Starcraft II 2 Raynor’s Raiders Poker set – I’m ashamed, as a former StarCraft fan, gamer and online addict I never bought StarCraft 2. Sometimes it’s better to stay away from the addictions.

Nec PC Engine Super Cd-Rom System + Core Frafx – This should have been added to yesterday’s post as it’s a Japan console but either way supr cool console, just check out the games on youtube.

Resident Evil Hawaiin Shirt – Yup this is official and take a closer look at the images. Definately the coolest vacation shirt ever.

Mobile Suit Z Gundam Hot Scramble – Limited to 1000 only.

Chrono Trigger Sample Rom Famicom – Doesn’t come with box or booklet. Seller is located in Japan.

Wholesale Lot of 170 Japanese import Games – Games are Famicom, Gameboy and Super Famicom. This is an AMAZING deal for 170 games. It’sonly $129, you’d have to be a mad man not to consider this.

StarFox Game Watch – This comes complete with the box, nice if you want to add it to your Mario and Zelda watch.

Radiant Silvergun – Game is $120 and it comes complete. Great shooter, worth getting but it’s for the Japanese Sega Saturn, they never released it here in North America.

Donkey Kong SP Japan – Listed the seller’s other consoles… where did he buy all this stuff, Super Potato?

1 Chip MSX – 1983 for retro computers, this is a Japanese MSX chip, not compatible with North American or European machines.

Halo Pax 2011 Grunt Plush – Super cool Halo Plush, will be a nice collector’s item in the future.

Halo Pax 2011 Mega blok Warthog – See a few of these and almost bought one. They have a bunch on eBay, maybe you’ll find one cheaper?

Mega Man Playstation 2 Collection – For $80 you can’t lose. It’s the complete Mega Man released collection for ps2.

Grand Theft Auto IV Game Promo Lot License Plate – A GTA packed promo auction, cool stuff.

Nintendo Playing Cards Famicom “Kung-Fu” Spartan X – I’ve never seen these before but it releates to the famicom game and it’s brand new! Very rare and it’s at $77.

Gears of War 3-D Standee – It’s the small display but very nice. I might pick this up myself 🙂
Nintendo foreign info, brochures ,stickers,12″ Mario – Wow an incredible find for any Nintendo or Mario fan. This is rich of Mario history. It looks to be an original Super Mario press kit.
SEALED ZAXXON board game by MB – Impressive, it’s a Sega board game and it’s sealed.
Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch advertising – An original Intergalactic Power Punch Ad featuring Mike Tyson. Was this released before “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” was re-released as Mike changing to Mr.Dream because of the law suit? It’s weird, why would they put him back on a game box if he was taken off for “personal reasons”?? Strange…
Resident Evil E3 Survival Kit – Full of cool stuff check it out yourself.
Call of Duty Complte Toy Set – By McFarlene it’s complete.
Pax 2011 Twisted Metal Shirt – Cool shirt that has Sweet Tooth on the side from Pax 2011.
Call of Duty Black Ops Zippo – It’s brand new and comes with the case. Very nice for Call of Duty Fans. As the logo on front.
Splinter Cell: Conviction Briefcase – Brand new, Splinter Fans can enjoy their own line of merchandise.
Pax 2011 Shadow of the Colossus Shirt – It’s X-Large but I wouldn’t wear it rather I’d have it on my wall.
Pax 2011 Shadow of the Colossus Shirt – Now here is a size Medium you could wear if you wanted to.
Pax Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hat – Not an elder scroll fan but this is really cool.
Luigi Berry Soft Drinks – A set of 4 it’s full of fun and excitment! Well depends if you mix it with Vodka.
Super Mario Shower Power – Cool vintage item for Super Mario but I can tell you first hand there is no “Power” in this “Shower”, there is no pressure when it sprays.
Pax 2011 Sweet Tooth Mask – What the heck were they giving out at Pax? There’s so many cool items this year.
Original TAITO ULTRACADE poster – It’s big according to the seller. It has Bubble Bobble on it as well. Really cool for the vintage gamer.
Dead Space 2 Gun – Cool gun, but doesn’t beat the Halo Plasma Gun.
Club Nintendo Super Mario Sensu Japanese Fan Reward – I hear a fan cools you down but also takes energy to move it so you’re creating body heat as well… yeah some weird conversation I had with a girl one time.
Deux Ex Human Arm Sleeve Tattoo – This is actually pretty cool. At first I didn’t know what it is but there are pictures in the auction so take a look.

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  1. I really want one of those Grunt plushes and one of those Skryrim hats. But man, there so expensive right now :/, but there extremely limited, so the price will probably only get higher.

  2. @James: We don’t sell the items here, we only showcase them for video game collectors. Looks like the auction didn’t expire yet so you can still contact the seller. Hopefully he did not sell it. Good luck!

Pax 2011 Collectibles, Dead Space 2 Gun, Deus Ex Human Arm Sleeve Tattoo

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