Legend of Zelda Symphony Tickets, Original Art, Pinball Prototype, OutRun Anniversary Box

In less than a couple weeks in Los Angeles California, a one night symphonic concert of Zelda music will be preformed. Travel may be the only question on fans minds when considering to buy tickets. If you missed your chance, don’t worry, there are tickets available on eBay. Want to be in the front row no matter the cost? No problem…

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert Ticket Front Row (1) – This is it; the front row. The seat is off to the right side of the stage but, wow, that would make for quite a night. If you’re willing to pay the price, you will be one of the few to be that close. Only one ticket being sold in this auction.

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert Tickets Row P (2) – If you’re not willing to spend quite that much money but still really want to go, this pair of tickets for row P are going for a fraction of the price. And here’s a taste from E3 2011…

Here are a few more interesting auctions…

Prototype Indiana Jones Pinball – Here’s the prototype version of the very popular Indiana Jones pinball machine. Even the ROMs set in are prototype versions. Very rare buy for pinball collectors.

Walk’n the Ball Original Art – Original art is always awesome because it’s one-of-a-kind collector’s treasure. This auction is for Pinstar’s Walk’n the Ball concept art.

Midnight Marauders Original Art – From the same seller in the auction above, here’s another bit of original art. Check through their other auctions for some more original art. You may find a title that means more to you.

Star Wars Cockpit Arcade – I played a port of this arcade game on the commodore Amiga quite a bit back in the 80’s and it was amazing because you got the best 3D gaming experience available at that time. Playing this in an enclosed cockpit arcade machine is just awesome…

Blockbuster Video Game Championships II Card Set – The seller doesn’t know the value of this set of cards from Blockbuster’s Video Game Championships II, but I’m thinking the price is quite off. There are 31 cards total, so I would price it around $310. $10 a card isn’t bad. If this was matched with other items from the event however, the whole package would build in value.

300 Boxed Xbox 360 Games – At the price, it works out to $6.66 per game which is high considering there are more than a few doubles listed. If however you keep the games you want (and there are more than a few great games here), then sell the rest at maybe $10 each… if you’re going to keep at least half for yourself you would then take back %25 of the buying cost making it a $10 buy per game you keep. Even lowering the price by maybe $300 after contacting the seller pays off big in the end.

OutRun 20th Anniversary Box Soundtrack – Fans of OutRun love the music. I mean, the soundtrack is even built into the function of the game by letting you pick your music before you race! This box set holds 11 discs and a book full of details about the game (in Japanese). The box in this auction is sealed as well. Check out this video for a reminder of the game’s mood and music…

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Legend of Zelda Symphony Tickets, Original Art, Pinball Prototype, OutRun Anniversary Box

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