The Legend of Zelda Game Collectibles

Good morning VGA readers. Just wanted to remind everyone that this weekend, Saturday the 22nd of October is the 2nd Annual NES Marathon for Child’s Play Charity hosted by Pat the NES Punk. Want to find out more visit As for the listings today I thought I’d focus on Zelda collectibles as there are a bunch of cool auctions on eBay so let’s get to it!

Video Game Auctions:

Statue Zelda GOLD Twilight Princess Club Nintendo – This was selling over $500 at one point, now you can get them fairly cheaper. I own one and got it at $150, but I was lucky. This one is at $122 so far on auction. A very nice statue and it’s big. Seller is located in France.

Legend of Zelda Majora‚Äôs Mask Link Figure – It’s loose but still in demand as the collector might be missing Link opened for his/her set. This is currently going for $76 with 4 days left. It’s also complete.

Todd Slater Overworld & Underworld Set ZELDA Gallery 1988 MONDO – This is numer 77 of 150 signed by Todd Slater. Todd makes all sorts of original art and then makes them into limited posters. If you visit his site here you’ll see he has a TON of video game related posters, really cool.

1988 Nintendo School Kit w/ Mario & Link (Zelda) & Bowser & Peach – This is brand new. If I would have had this in 1992 I would have been the coolest kid in school. It probably would have distracted me from school and Video Games already did but would have been fun for my imagination.

Legend of Zelda Nintendo Bobble Head – There’s 3 days left and it’s only at $27 so if you wanted one but found the last auctions too expensive (because it does go up depending on the demand on that auction) then now’s your chance.

Legend of Zelda 1988 Trash Can – This is in great shape and it’s on auction for $25 with 1 bid. There’s a buy it now price of $115 but looks like it will be a bidding war. A really cool vintage Zelda collectible.

Vintage 80s Zelda And Link Fighting Stalfos And Gleook Poster – This poster is just so cool, it’sone of ma favorite Zelda illustrations. It’s at a surprising $19 on auction ONLY and NO BIDS! This is a MUST for any Zelda fan. Very rare.

Link Bobblehead from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker – Same as above, this one is at $19.50 with 2 days left. It helps the collector win items at cheaper prices when there’s more on eBay. Take advantage of it.

Legend Zelda 25th Anniversary Art Wall Poster 109×20 – I believe this was fan made and became recognized by the Zelda community. It’s extremely beautiful and this seller made it into a big poster.

Legend Of Zelda Japan Notebook 1 Import RARE 1992 – Imported from Japan it’s your typical notebook. I don’t know if it’s just the notebook or if it comes with stickers. Need to ask the seller for that.

Legend Of Zelda Japan Notebook 2 Import RARE 1992 – Same as above by the same seller. It’s another version of the notebook.

LEGEND of ZELDA Ocarina of Time 3-D Bundle – This is a great Ocarina of Time Bundle as it comes with 3 T-Shirts, Towel, and belt buckle. It’s at $10 with only 4 days left.

Legend Of Zelda Triforce Board Game New – This is a Zelda “A Link to the Past” board game from Japan. It’s very small so don’t let the auction fool you. Still nice though and it comes complete. This is a BIN price though.

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert – 2 Exclusive VIP Tickets – This is for two(2) VIP tickets to attend the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary symphony concert in Los Angeles. Check out the auction for more details

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  1. I’d pass on the Zelda wastebasket…I believe the Seller shill bids.

    It’s already “sold” a few times.

    I had a bid in last go around and cancelled, Seller wouldn’t post additional pictures after inquiring twice either.

  2. I can mention a bunch of other sellers I suspect of shill bidding. It’s very frustrating when eBay doesn’t catch these type of sellers. I guess it’s inevitable since there will always be ways around doing things and getting away with it. Thanks for the heads up Muthafodder!

  3. Well, the thing is it’s very hard to distinguish shill bidding, and Ebay won’t go accusing people without a bunch of proof. Shill bidding is hard to prove sometimes.

The Legend of Zelda Game Collectibles

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