PlayStation Cocktail Shaker,Earthbound Ruler,Starcross Saucer and More

Today’s posts has some obscure video game auctions. I managed to find a bunch of auctions that went unnoticed during the week so hopefully I can squeeze all of them into one post. Also, a quick mention that the Nintendo Love Tester that we featured last week sold for $1,999.00! Who would have ever thought?

The first item I want to showcase isn’t the rarest of my finds today, however, it’s rarely seen on eBay even though it won’t fetch passed the $100 mark. Seller rogue_two has up a really cool Sony Playstation Martini Cocktail Shaker Set. Just take a look at the pics:

PlayStation Cocktail Shaker Set Promo

PlayStation Cocktail Shaker Set Promo

The Seller says that “this set was given as a door prize at a Sony Corporate function. The box is made entirely out of wood, while the box lid and cocktail shaker feature Playstation logos on them. The Playstation logo on the box lid is stamped into the wood and the logo on the cocktail shaker is professional quality, as well (the 2nd picture has additional detail on the logos).” Now if you try to do some research on this set chances are you haven’t found anything. This only means that not many PlayStation collectors have this cocktail set. Other than the small PlayStation logo on the shaker, this set doesn’t really differentiate itself from any other cocktail sets. Even the boxes don’t have any affiliation with PlayStation so perhaps it was a small “in-house” corporate function that wasn’t made to be a big deal. That or the seller found someone that could professional create the PS logo on the shaker.

Needless to say, the auctions only at $10 which is a great deal if you ask me. Hard to come by original PlayStation promo items.

Other Video Game Auctions:

EARTHBOUND Super Nintendo SNES PROMO RULER – This auction wasn’t posted too long ago, but has already 4 offers on it. So pretty much most of the community has stumbled upon this auction before I have :). It’s really an obscure/bizarre item because for those who don’t follow video game auctions regularily, one of these actually sold for $750+! I could even be off by a hundred and say it sold for more. Everyone agrees that the ruler is not worth that much only to the 1 or 2 CRAZY EARTHBOUND collectors. From a collectors standpoint I can understand why someone would pay that much but so far ever offer has been declined for this auction. So it looks like it was really one person who was willing to pay $750+ for the last one. Btw, this ruler is official.
Original Infocom Starcross Saucer – IBM – New Sealed – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Starcross Saucer brand new with original price tag, which is why the current asking price is $2,499.99. Although it’s sealed, there
s plenty of wear and tear on the saucer so please read description.
1988 Legend of Zelda LINK Promotional Brochure – this will probably be the only other time you will see this item up on eBay. Many collectors know this seller since he goes by more than one name(or account), and like always you will find high priced items from him. I do have to admit that this brochure is quite rare as I’ve never seen another like it. Asking price is $149.
Neon Sonic the Hedgehog Retail ‘Coming Soon’ Sign/Whiteboard – I couldn’t imagine any Sonic fan who wouldn’t want to own the Neon Whiteboard sign. I mean the neon light has the 80’s pink! I feel in love with this display the first time I saw it. The price is a little high in this auction considering the fact that a previous seller was selling this brand new for $75. Sellers asking $200.
The King of Kong A Fistful of Quarters Poster Signed by Steve Wiebe – This is a movie for pretty much anyone. You don’t even need to be a gamer to watch this movie and if you wanted seen it I highly recommend you rent it. Steve Wiebe signed the poster which is awesome, but the cherry on top of the cake would be to have Billy’s signature as well. Maybe once upon a time these posters were circulating with both signatures but as the days go on seeing both signatures on an item is rare.

Little Big Planet Sack Boy figure Sealed
NES Donkey JR Math Complete
“Thank You” Gift from Nintendo Power
StarCraft II Terran Jacket
1988 Nintendo List of licensees for games, accessories from CES show
NIGHTS into Dreams Sega Saturn PROMO CLOCK
Growlanser Generations Promo Watch and Cards

Good luck!

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  1. Hi! I have this exact shaker set with the box. Was about to list it up on craigslist in the Los Angeles area and I was trying to research what my price point should be. Any ideas?

    THANKS! 🙂

  2. Hi Melissa,

    The PS Cocktail shaker that is posted here ended for $24.51. I would put it up for regular auction starting at $0.99, or put a fixed price of $25-$35.

    Good luck!

PlayStation Cocktail Shaker,Earthbound Ruler,Starcross Saucer and More

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