Nintendo – Red Tent, Playchoice 10, Mach Rider Toy 1972, SNES Jamma, and Working Donkey Kong Board

Let’s take a look at some unusual Nintendo items. From the very small to the shipping-cost questionably huge, I expect at least one of these items will be a new discovery to many readers. I’m going to start off with something that belongs in the gaming room of the hard core NES fans out there…

Playchoice 10

Nintendo Playchoice 10 – This may appear to be a standard arcade cabinet at first glance, but when you step up to the controls, you see a difference right away. Two screens!? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves however… The Playchoice 10 used NES-like cartridges plugged into the board inside. The board allowed the player to pick from ten different games. The second screen was linked with the gameplay to show tips while playing. This auction is for a Playchoice 10 equipped with Super Mario Bros 3, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Gradius, Pro Wrestling, Excitebike, Hogan’s Alley (yes, it has a zapper), Wild Gunman, and Duck Hunt. These games are easily switched out if you have other Playchoice 10 carts…

Playchoice 10 Double Dragon Sealed – The seller has three copies sealed for sale. These aren’t really carts exactly… more like PCB boards cart sized without a casing.

Play Choice 10 Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – I can’t think of a better Nintendo title to play on an arcade machine than Punch Out… awesome.

Here’s another arcade set-up that can have games switched out…

Red Tent

Super Mario Bros. Red Tent – Take a look at the Nintendo Red Tent. It’s a two-sided NES arcade system able to support gameplay for four players. With the use of two keys, the cabinet can be opened to switch out the game board. It’s a unique piece from Nintendo history, but I would honestly prefer to use an old TV. Still, it provides a different experience. The seller doesn’t have the keys to open it, but I’ve heard that the keys can be made and ordered with little difficulty. The seller mentions Super Mario Bros as one of the games. I believe the SMB board also includes Excite Bike for the other screen.

Here are a couple more arcade related items…

Super Nintendo Jamma – This is a custom job. The SNES has been hooked up with a Jamma connection to allow SNES games to be played on a Jamma arcade cabinet. Very cool idea.

Donkey Kong Arcade Board (working) – After the release of the movie King of Kong, DK arcade cabs became hot buys on eBay. Still, the shipping for a cabinet is a rough cost to take. The better option is to buy the board and the cabinet separately, then connect. This seller repairs and replaces damaged or aged parts on DK boards and this auction is for a guaranteed working board. It’s worth the money guys…

This item, from Nintendo, isn’t a game at all. In fact, it pre-dates the any Nintendo game of any kind by years.

Mach Rider

Nintendo Mach Rider 1972 – This is a racing car with a launcher from Nintendo made in 1972. It amazing to see that even this early on, the Nintendo logo has always been the same. The toy was made by Hasbro; not Nintendo directly of course. The Mach Rider in this auction is complete with the original box and is in impressive condition.

Last up is a small and over-priced item I wish I had.

Legend of Zelda Nintendo Famicom Playing Cards – Damn, I hate the price on this auction… If this was maybe $20, it wouldn’t be listed here today… it would be shipping to me lol. Still, it’s a cool item worth pointing out. Zelda playing cards…. awesome.

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Nintendo – Red Tent, Playchoice 10, Mach Rider Toy 1972, SNES Jamma, and Working Donkey Kong Board

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