Halo 3 ODST Xbox, Nintendo M82 Display Model, Super Turrican 2 Sealed

Good afternoon VGA readers. VGA apologizes for the delay in posts as we’re extremely busy and had some issues to attend to but sure enough we have a great line up of auctions for you today. There’s a mix of rare consoles, games and collectibles. Video Game Auctions, the eye on eBay for gamers. So without any further delay let’s begin:

First auction is for a Limited Edition Console HALO 3 ODST XBOX 360. This is rare simply because it was limited to 30 in the world! Microsoft has released plenty of these “limited edition” consoles for different titles. Not saying their not rare, I just don’t understand the demand. Collector’s easily pay over $2000 for these so the seller does have it at the right price. The console itself is in excellent shape and comes with all the accessories.

Second auction is for a Nintendo M82 Display Model. These units are extremely rare and if you don’t know how rare it is let’s just say Pat the Nes Punk owns one and it’s his prized Nintendo item. This is a machine that was specifically designed for retail stores to allow customer to play different games. It comes with twelve games, which are interchangeable, two controllers, and a light gun. It accepts a RF modulator, RCA video and mono output for sound. Its super fun to hook up the RCA sound output up to a nice amp and crank that 8-bit music.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Uncharted 3 Limited Edition Signed Poster + Journal – This is for the Poster which is signed by the entire development staff, you also get Drake’s Journal, wrist band and many other goodies.

Blizzcon 2011 Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm – Post is in great shape. It’s an exclusive Blizzcon 2011 poster that was made available only to attendees, for a special tournament and will never be remade. It’s concept art but printed and signed by the dev team. It’s of Kerrigan in front of an Ultralisk. Really cool, as a SC fan this would be nice framed on my wall.

Metal Gear Solid Lithigraphs – It’s limited to 90 pieces world wide. Really nice and it’s signed by Kojima and Shinkawa the artist for the game.

Nintendo DS Neon Clock New in Box– A cool Nintendo DS clock brand new in box. I saw these sell at a game store years ago, they had one on display and boy did it light up.

Super Turrican 2 Snes Brand New Factory – Super Turrican 2 is extremely rare let alone this copy is SEALED. The sound track for this game is just awesome.

Media Promo Sony PlayStation Jet X2O Blue Iceberg – It’s funny what the seller says about this, “This is an Official Sony PlayStation 2 Jet X2O Game Blue Iceberg Paperweight that was sent to video game media by Sony sometime in the late 80s”. Sometime in the late 80s????

2007 NIKE Air Force 1 Playstation Shoes Size 10 – How much would you pay for pre-owned Sony Playstation Nike Shoes? It’s going for $199 currently with no bids.

Grand Theft Auto IV Baseball bat – Only 2000 were made. It’s an official promotional item given out to members of the media it’s at $60 with 2 bids. It doesn’t appear on auction as much as you’d think…

Super Nintendo SNES Bomberman Party Pack Boxed – This is just a typical copy although it’s in nice shape and complete. Not everyone has a multi controller.

Media Promo SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog Mousepad – This is a promo mouse pad given out to media and stores back in the 90s. A mousepad I’d like to be using while I’m doing posts 😉

Factory Sealed New – Infamous 2 Press Kit -The pack comes in a torn A4-sized envelope. Inside you can find a plastic bag, which holds many interesting things. The 5-piece Polaroid photo-set shows characters from the game, where the paper’s quality is very good.

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Halo 3 ODST Xbox, Nintendo M82 Display Model, Super Turrican 2 Sealed

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