Contra Prototype Box, Assassins Creed Desmonds Hoodie and More!

I have a great line up of video game auctions to show you today so if this is your first visit to VGA then you’re in for a treat!

I stumbled upon an eBay seller by the name of bronty99 who is letting go of his Contra 3, Contra Force and Castlevania Bloodlines Box Cover Prototypes! So far there are no offers but that doesn’t mean anything since these type of items are very rare. The description is pretty much the same for all of his prototype box cover auctions so I’ll just re-write the description for Contra 3:

This is probably the rarest Contra item ever offered for sale. This is the original vintage one-sided approval cover (on glossy paper) for Contra 3. The purpose was to show Konami executives what the finished box was going to look like, so that they could approve it and move the project forward. As you can see there was a slight change; the lower right hand side of the box has a little more art in this version than as published. This was a gift to me from a former Konami employee. I have cherished it for a long time but sadly have some bills to pay. Carts, loose games, CIBs, even sealeds, can be found with patience but this is the likely the only opportunity to buy an actual part of the production process that led to this classic game from this classic franchise being made. There is some bending in the margins (once framed wouldn’t be noticeable) and some minor wear (see pic) but you can’t upgrade a one of a kind“.

I wonder how the seller was able to contact a former Konami employee especially since he’s located in Vancouver, B.C. But the world is a small place and with the internet you can contact whoever you want. Amazing items up for auction so go check em’ out!

Snes super nintendo CONTRA 3 complete prototype box approval
Nes nintendo CONTRA FORCE complete prototype box approval
sega Genesis CASTLEVANIA: Bloodlines prototype box approval

Other Video Game Auctions:

Assassins Creed Desmonds Hoodie BLACK with eagle – “New with tags (fell off when taking out of package, but still has the tags) SOLD OUT ON UBISOFT, and ONLY ONE ON EBAY item is in hand and ready to ship”.

Nintendo Nes CIB or Boxed Game Lot – Quite an impressive lot of CIB NEs games. Seller did a nice job with the pictures and there’s plenty of interest since the price is at $674.99, however, the reserve has not been met yet. Very attractive auction.

Atelier Rorona Promotional Tapestry Towel of Pamela – I know the Atelier games cater to a special group of gamers, but this is nonetheless a really cool item to have if you’re a fan of the game. Seller says: “This was ordered right from in Japan right after Atelier Rorona came out, I believe it was the August after Rorona’s release date that this was sold in Japan. This item is very limited as they only sell them for a set period of time and then the sale of them is over. A great addition to any collector’s set. This is the character Pamela from Atelier Rorona as the picture shows”.
BATTLE SPHERE GOLD ATARI JAGUAR Game COMPLETE – The last time we showcased this game it sold for $400+, so the current bid is respecting the market value. Of course it also helps that this is one of the hardest games to find for the Atari Jaguar. Game is Near mint!
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Fortune Hunter Edition) – At $1825.00, Uncharted fans are not giving up on this beautiful special edition version of the game. I would absolutly love to own this myself but at the current price it makes it nearly impossible. The “SUBWAY Congratulations Letter” is also included with the lot!
Megaman/Rockman Rare Vintage LED Light & Sound Action Figures – These are probably the coolest Mega Man figures ever! Made by Bandai in 1992, these figures have LED light and make sounds! Doesn’t get cooler than that! Only at $26 with 8 days left.
Sonic Generations Press kit – This is a European press kit for SG/Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary. It’s very rare as I haven’t noticed any others pop up on eBay and the price is already at $255! The package contains some amazing things. Check it out! Thanks **Dave!
Final Fantasy 7 Chocobo Set – This is by far the most underrated auction on eBay now. The bid is only at $2.80 with 1 day left. All chocobos come with the original tag and look in amazing shape. Bid!! Thanks **djb1986!

Zelda Game Boy Color Store Display
Nintendo Yoshi & Baby Mario Statue
Super Mario Blue Tie Dye T-Shirt L & XL
Vintage Atari Jacket – Adult Large – Only $0.99! Seller doesn’t ship outside the US 🙁 .

Good luck!

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Contra Prototype Box, Assassins Creed Desmonds Hoodie and More!

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