GTA III 10th Anniversary Knuckleduster Drinking Mug,Doomhammer And Atari Glasses

I’ve got a great line up of video game auctions to show you today. First up is this GTA III 10th Anniversary KNUCKLE-DUSTER Mug! Some of you might have seen these already, but if you haven’t these are just the coolest things!

GTA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Mug

Supposedly these are “limited edition” according to the seller but I haven’t found any mention of it at the Rockstar Online Store which is actually selling these for cheaper. These were debuted as “limited giveaways” at the Rockstar Comic Con booth in early October of this year, so it’s sort of unclear what’s the official status. But to you gamers who couldn’t care if there are limited you can buy them at their Online Store. Still, wherever you buy it I think that the GTA 3 Knucle Mug belongs next to the PC of every GTA fan. Simply an awesome item!

Description Taken straight from Rockstars Online Store:

“10 years ago, the revolutionary open-world epic Grand Theft Auto III was released to the world – a game that set players loose as a small-time criminal at the bottom of the food chain in Liberty City, a sprawling metropolis where anything can happen – and probably will.

To commemorate the game’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games presents the special anniversary edition Knuckleduster Mug. The Grand Theft Auto III Ten Year Anniversary Knuckleduster Mug features: a “brass knuckle” handle that is electroplated with Titanium, a Grand Theft Auto Ten Year Anniversary logo that is printed with white ink and real 18kt gold, and a white Rockstar logo printed on its base.”

Other Video Game Auctions:
WoW Blizzcon Doomhammer L.A.R.P. edition – “Blizzcon exclusive Doomhammer. Picked it up myself at Blizzcon and now realize i don’t have the room for it. Doomhammer is made of rubber with PVC core so you can swing it around at your friends. Very cool item. Box is a little banged up from being carried all day at Blizzcon but hammer is in perfect condition”
Special Edition Ocarina of Time from Spencer Register – There are collectors who will buy this Spencer Ocarina, and then there are collectors who will wait for the Famitsu Bro’s Ocarina which is rarely seen. The difference is that the Spencer Ocarina isn’t official as the Famitsu Bros, and it’s also cheaper. Not sure about the quality but they do have a good reputation otherwise people wouldn’t be bidding/buying their Ocarinas. The auction’s for $127!
GTA San Andreas Collectible Domino Set – Nice limited edition collectible item for GTA San Andreas. I think that the GTA series has some of the most unique collectibles.
Rendering Ranger R2 Super Famicom – I posted this game a while back as one of the rarest Super Famicom games produced. It’s not on auction starting at $180!
Official Vintage Atari set of six Glasses – Really cool vintage glasses here. They look a little worn out but they would be really cool to have. Auctions only at $10.50. Great piece for an Atari lover.
Original Sega JURASSIC PARK Video Game 4ft vinyl banner 1992 – I can’t stress how many people I knew owned this game. It was one of the “big” games for Sega in terms of marketing. I mean even watching the commercial made you want to get it. Now I’m not talking about the SNES version since obviously the SEGA version was the better one. This is a neat vintage posters for anyone who was “touched” by this game ;).
PlayStation PS3 and PSP media book – “This was given to the game magazines to support PS3 and PSP.The book contain information about PS3/PSP and their games (half book PS3 ad half PSP) and also 2 disc with hi-res picture from the games/logos and artworks.”

Uncharted 3 Journal & Wrist Cuff from Subway
Growlanser generations ring/necklace
PacMaN Bedsheets Vintage Atari
SNK Neo Geo AES Memory Card in box with manual
SEGA MARK III 3 Console System
Jak II Figure
Dr Muto Bobble Head
Super Mario Bros. Metal mascot chogokin Figure

There’s also some nice original game posters being sold by seller essemsee:
Donkey Kong Country Card Stock Poster 1994
Pitfall Poster Sega CD Genesis Super Nintendo from 1994 Activision
Wario’s Wood’s Card Stock Poster 1994
Mortal Kombat Mortal Monday Poster 1993

Good luck!

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GTA III 10th Anniversary Knuckleduster Drinking Mug,Doomhammer And Atari Glasses

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