Golden Boy Cuttle Intellivision, Caltron 6 in 1, 1993 Yoshi Musical Cookie Jar

Good afternoon VGA readers. I have some cool auctions for your pleasure. I’m interested to hear how the Yoshi Musical Cookie Jar sounds like, and if that means winning and adding it to my collection then why not ;). Just to remind our readers we have added a new section to our site called “On Gaming” which Akira takes care of. It’s the part of VGA where we look for interesting people from the gaming community from all disciplines. Akira does an excellent job of asking the right questions for gamers, and finding the right people so my hat goes off for his efforts.

First auction is for the 1993 Yoshi Music Cookie Jar. Produced nearly 20 years ago, this special series of officially licensed character cookie jars came out around the time when Super Mario World, Nintendo’s first 16-bit game, debuted for the Super Nintendo console. These were hard to come by then, so imagine now. This looks in great shape as well as the box. The auction is at $125 with 9 bids and 6 days left. I’d be willing to bet all my marbles that Nightram owns this.

Other Video Game Auctions:

SIGNED POSTER Tom Salta Composer Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Signed by Tom Salta, composer for both Ghost Recons. Any Tom Clancy fan HAS to get this. It was one of the main prizes at a game convention, although the specifics are not known. Want more info just contacted the seller.

Sony PlayStation 1997 Promo Shooter – A nice little promo item for the original Playstation or as I like to call it PSX. Most people refer it to Ps1. I wonder what refers it to. If you want to have a night of drinking and games this will definitely add some cool playstation flavor to the mix.

1990 NINTENDO GAMEBOY fiber optic DISPLAY SIGN – What an impressive sign, I don’t believe I’ve seen this up on eBay. I could have obviously missed it but within the last 5 years I don’t recall seeing one. It’s a nice light up sign and ost probably not common. Shipping would be a headache though.

Golden Boy Cuttle Cart for Intellivision – This is extremely rare. This test cart is Number 9999 and is listed on page number 22 of the intellivision games checklist. This particular cart was acquired from one of the programmers and is Ultra Rare and near unobtainable as there were only a few made for testing of the four games in the series. The cart and instruction are in mint condition.

Caltron 6 in 1 Brand New -Caltron speaks for itself. It’s brand new and rare. Auction ends in a few hours so take advantage!

1976 Duck Hunt toy by Nintendo – Before Nintendo was Nintendo they made this and other weird toys and even love machines. This is a collector’s item and should be in any Nintendo collector’s collection.

1988 Super Mario Bros. beach towel – Cool beach towel. Want to find to start a conversation with a bunch of dudes, just bring this to the beach, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a “hey that’s a cool towel” from a hot babe. It’s official and in amazing shape. No fade from what I see.

Terranigma Snes Super Nintendo game Pal – Terranigma is super rare and this version is for the PAL region. An RPG which I really need to pick up.

Secret of Mana 2 Super Nintendo – Sure Secret of Mana 2 never came out in the states or anywhere else besides the Super Famicom version. I would have loved to have seen this released in NTSC format. With that mentioned this was custom made and well done. It’s the full version in English.

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Golden Boy Cuttle Intellivision, Caltron 6 in 1, 1993 Yoshi Musical Cookie Jar

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