Metroid Samus Made Out of Video Games,RE5 Axe Man Bust,Halo Goodies and More!

There are times when I know I will post something and I will be very confident that I’ll get a *wow here and there and this is one of those items. Someone decided to gather up a BUNCH of video game cartidges from the NES, SNES, Game Boy, N64 and to create Samus from Metroid. Ingenious and of course this is fan made but it’s one of those auctions you can truly appreciate.

Metroid Samus Made Out of Video Games

Just imagine how much time it took just to put the carts together to get “a shape” of Samus (notably a classic stance), and then to color everything. what a headache! But if art is your passion then this was done with pleasure. It’s an incredible piece thats 5.5 feet wide and 4 feet tall! The whole things weighs 150 lbs! So my only concern is how will the seller ship this? I mean if it happens to be within the US then perhaps it’s doable but anywhere else is taking a risk. Real cool auction.

Click here for Life Size Samus Made from Video Game Carts

Other Video Game Auctions:

Resident Evil 5 Axe Man Bust – another item thats not official but professionally done. The seller seems like he does this sort of thing for a living and you get to see what other busts he creates. Seller says: “What we have here is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a rare piece of history. These busts have been acquired from a master movie FX sculptor from his private estate collection. There are only ONE of these made in existence. It’s a true, greater than life size 1:1 scale representation of the character and is considered to be a high-end movie prop of cinematic quality. It measure roughly 30″ tall by 30″ wide and weighing 25 pounds. It’s made out of resin polystone and finished with a high grade automotive quality paint. Some include real metal parts and some of the helmets are wearable. Truly a work of art. DO NOT miss your chance to own this rare and priceless piece. The estimate value for this one-off hand sculpted masterpiece is $5000”
Halo Master Chief Statue Life Size – “A Gamers Dream” as the seller says. He/she also says: “In the spirit of a true auction (where there is no reserve price), I am offering a LIFE SIZE Halo 2 statue of John 117, or as he’s known by Master Chief… this is the Ultimate Halo collectible Prop. A Statue that is over 6 FT tall. (Dimensions 35x48x77), I’m not sure of the actual weight but one person can move it across a floor pretty easy. With a hand truck a single person can move it wherever its needed.This is an Official Microsoft HALO 2 promotional Item that was available via distribution channels like D and H or Ingram. Its great for a video game store or a home arcade. Just imagine the presence this statue will demand when anyone walks into the room. This could be the center piece of a Game Room, Man Cave or just about anywhere you want a powerful and kick-ass presence and worth every dime we paid for it.”
Atari 2600 Pitfall 1 and 2 Signed by David Crane – This was signed at the Classic Gaming Expo! Seller was fortunate enough to meet and greet David Crane at one of the CG Expos several years ago and had him sign both carts.
Vintage Sega Store Display Florescent Sonic Light – This is a great price for this vintage Sega store display. I really want one of these just because it looks very nice in the dark all lit up. This display has some wear on it which is turning me off, but if you don’t mind the little flaws the auction’s at a great price of $39.99!
Vintage Super Nintendo Light up Hanging Metal Store Display – “Vintage Nintendo Light up Hanging Metal Store Display. This item is large and very heavy. It measures 13″ high by 37″ long by 7″ wide. The case is metal and it has a rusty chain, one on each side of the top for hanging. The back panel is a thick type of plastic that says Super Nintendo and also lights up(shown in pic). The front of the box, the lights are some type of glass tubing. This item needs to be cleaned, it is very dusty, other than the dust it is in very good condition, lights right up and nothing seems to be broken or missing on it. As for the weight, I am just guessing, 30 pounds maybe? I will add the exact weight later today.”
Odyssey 2 Pinball signed Ralph Baer Classic Gaming Expo – “Up for auction is an extremely rare home made Odyssey 2 video game. Ralph Baer the creator of the Odyssey for Magnavox created this game himself and released a few of them on cart and signed them at one of the classic gaming expos several years ago. This was made in limited releases for the Classic Gaming Expo a few years ago and I was lucky enough to get one. A very rare sought after title. I’ve had it in the collection for years.”
Halo Helmet: Signed 20+ Bungie Employees including/MC/Cortana/Frank O’Connor – “Signed by 20+ Bungie employees, Including Big Hitters such as Jen Taylor (Cortana), Steve Downs (Master Chief), and Frank O’Connor (Franchise Development Director).I love the Helmet, has been a great addition to my collection. However I am a college student, pursuing my degree in Video Game Development, and am in need of a new computer. Which is the reason for this ad.”
Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Promo Book Mark – “This auction is for a Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass promotional book mark. This is a collectible item, and it is in excellent condition. Shipping listed is for.”

Submitted by Our Readers:

Super Mario Plushes on Auction Thanks Josh!
Pokemon Distribution Only CartsThanks Brian!

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  1. Shipping that Samus……thing…..will be a pain for the seller. 5ft by 4ft? And it’s probably almost a foot deep as well. He’ll have to ship it using freight, or Greyhound shipping. It’s very, very cool and well done though 🙂

Metroid Samus Made Out of Video Games,RE5 Axe Man Bust,Halo Goodies and More!

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