Mortal Kombat Letter Opener, Phantom Hourglass And More

Seller caromelskie has a bunch of unique and rare video game items that were only available to the media and not given/sold at stores. Items like these are hard to find because they are very limited and made in a unique way that a lot of people hold on to them. When these items do show up on eBay that are quite pricey as the ones I’m about to show you.

Legend of Zelfa Phantom Hourglass Promo – This is a very cool item that if I’m not mistaken was given only to the press. VGA featured another Hourglass many months ago and it only sold for $385 (auction here). So perhaps the seller is receiving reasonable offers but the $1000 price tag is not coming close to being met.
Uncharted 3 Developers Signed Game Sleeve – As a general rule of thumb signed collectibles made out to the original receiver normally isn’t valued as much as it would if there was not designated person. So perhaps all well known video game leaders have caught on and will always ask for your name so you don’t turn around and sell their signature on eBay :), unless you specifically ask them not to add your name which is sort of awkward.
Mortal Kombat Deception Letter Opener – It’s a cool looking metal sai only given to the members of the press. Although it looks like a real weapon, just by the engraving of the pointed side suggests it’s simply a letter opener which would make sense. Pretty cool item and although it’s not in the same rarity bracket as the other two items above, it’s nonetheless a neat thing to own especially if you were into Mortal Kombat.
Metal Gear Signed By Kojima – Seller made a mistake by saying this is Metal Gear Solid as that’s only for the PS+. But perhaps he was doing it for search optimization. This controversial item sure got a lot of comments when we featured it last year. If you didn’t know, Hideo thought the NEs version of his MSX2 game didn’t represent Metal Gear to it’s full potential. Still, growing up ONLY playing the Metal Gear NES version would still make me want to get that version signed since I can relate to it. Also getting a wierd look from Kojima would be priceless!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Demon Attack (Atari 2600) Promotion Standee -“Very Cool from 1982 promotional Table top standee for the Atari and Intellivision game Demon Attack. Approx. 14 inches tall. Some bending, and scuffs”
Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark Promotional Standee – “I love this, and sad to let it go. A super cool, vintage, 3D promotional standee for the Atari game Raiders of the Lost Ark. Some yellowing. A spot on the large R, that has been there since the eighties.”
Nintendo Poker Set Promo Item! Mario Kirby Link Layton Starfox – “The front cover says “Game Stop Managers Meeting Las Vegas Nevada 2011.” This was given to me by a Game Stop manager, I believe that these are the only versions in existence.”
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Video Game Promo T-Shirt from 1992 – “This auction is for an original classic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Video Game Promo T-Shirt. It is a size adult XL and bright white (pictures have funky color). It has never been worn and came from my partents video shop that they have closed down. It was given as a promo to stores in 1992 because of the game being released. If you have any questions just let me know and thanks a lot for looking.”
Star Fox Adventures Survival Kit w Jones Soda Fox Fuel Rare Nintendo Promo Items – “This was a Promotional Package from Nintendo and Circuit City purchasers of Star Fox Adventures for Gamecube. It comes complete in the box with sealed Star Fox toilet paper printed with gameplay tips, a two sided door-hanger, limited edition Fox Fuel Green Apple Jones soda.It also includes the box, itself which contains the original packaging that keeps the promotional items in place. The soda is full it has never been opened.”
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Promo Poster – Very cool poster. Seller says: “This is a stunning poster, with the protagonist of SMTIII in full glory with demonic glowing tattoos. This poster epitomizes the feel of SMTIII, an epic player-driven narrative and darkly ambient dungeon-crawler with a plethora of bittersweet choices for the character to make as he/she navigates through the gruesome mazes of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. I also love the fact that this poster is almost purely blue, dark blue, with the blood-red font of the game to contrast with it.”

Supposdely this Ultra Rare Ratchet & Clank Statue sold for $2500! I forgot to list this a couple of days ago but I don’t think you guys would have jumped on this with that price tag.

Good luck!

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Mortal Kombat Letter Opener, Phantom Hourglass And More

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