King's Quest Lord of the Dead Signed Lithograph by Roberta Williams

When Video Game Auctions got up and running around 2 years ago all of us changed the way we did searches on eBay. Instead of just searching for collectibles that we were only interested in we diversified our search so that we can touch base with collectibles from every generation/platform/game. Because of this, we’ve stumbled upon multiple of items we never knew existed and started to explore the world of collectibles at a different level. One of our first discoveries was a beautiful King’s Quest Lithograph. I never knew this existed even though I played all the King’s Quest games.

Well, I am happy to say that 2 years later another King’s Quest Lord of the Dead lithograph Signed by Roberta Williams is up on eBay right now! Although the mature gamer will appreciate this piece it’s still nonetheless an insanely rare collectible.

After countless searches on Google, I wasn’t able to find ANYTHING related to this piece other than stumbling on my old post with pictures. So there’s no information out there as to where this lithograph came from and for what purpose was it given out. I say this because the lithograph is based on a cut scene from Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, a game that was released in 1992. So there was no internet back then and highly collectible items were always under the radar. This particular piece was limited to only 400 made. It’s signed by Roberta Williams(creator of King’s Quest) and the artist of The Lord of Death “Joey”. I say his first name only because I am not able to make out his last name. The auction also doesn’t give us any clues as to the origins of this piece (was it a prize item? were you able to purchase it?).

Also, what the seller probably doesn’t realize is that he cannot be contacted as he added the option of not being messaged. But in his auction he says he’s open to offers so how the heck can we do that if we can’t contact him? I would like to know if he can give any information regarding this piece. So basically this sucks because this pops up once in a blue moon and I’m shut down again (I also asked two years ago but with no response).

So, in conclusion the seller knows his asking price of $10,000 is very high so it probably won’t sell. This is just another pretty auction that we can only look at and not participate in. If anyone has any information regarding this piece it would be greatly appreciated if you can leave a message in the comment section. Thanks!

King's Quest 6 Lord of the Dead Lithograph Signed by Roberta Williams

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  1. My life has recently taken an amazing turn towards art :). I admire such pieces at this, that give you a sort of “emotion” when looking at it. You can always tell it’s good art if you feel something while looking.

    I know, sounds a little weird, but art has that effect on me. It’s the same way with music, except a little more prolonged and intense. I still haven’t gotten’ all my game related lithographs and art framed yet :/, hopefully I’ll get to it sometime over Christmas break 🙂

  2. That’s really bizarre you say this Joseph because I went through the same transition (to art loving) as you have. I find now passing by stores and stopping if an art piece catches my eye. Like you say if it gives you emotion it’s doing something right :). I appreciate art now like I never before. I understand art unlike my younger years of being very hard headed and never giving it a chance. Which brings to the item of discussion (Lord Of the Dead), it’s a beautiful piece and even at that point in the game it was a crucial meet with the lord. So the art really represents such intensity(size, skulls, torch, chains, etc…).

    But, the master of art is Akira and I’m sure he knows exactly what we are talking about.

King's Quest Lord of the Dead Signed Lithograph by Roberta Williams

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