Halo Auctions for Child’s Play Charity

Over the next five days, thirteen different auctions for amazing Halo collectibles will be taking bids. When all thirteen auctions close minutes apart from the other, every dollar will go to Child’s Play Charity. For those who aren’t aware, Child’s Play uses donations to provide toys and games to kids in hospitals around the world as well as research funding. The timing of these auctions are fantastic because you can not only buy a great collectible for yourself or as a gift for someone else, but you will also be doing a great thing for kids in hospitals all over North America and beyond.

The items listed have been generously donated by Bungie Studios, 343 Industries, and others for the purpose of these auctions going for charity.

The bids have been stacking up and have already gathered over $3,000 total so far. I can’t wait to see the final buying amounts…

Halo Reach Mint Legendary Set signed by Bungie studios Set #1 – This Halo Reach Legendary set was signed by various people from Bungie Studios. There seem to be roughly 40 autographs on the box.

Halo Reach Mint Legendary Set signed by Bungie studios Set #2 – The same as the set mentioned above. Bungie was kind enough to give two for these auctions.

Halo Reach Carter A-259 wearable helmet with special base stand signed by Bungie – Created by Antonio Pagan of the 405th.com. There’s padding on the inside for a nice fit and LED’s included for an awesome final touch. The base was passed around Bungie studios and many people signed it.

Halo Master Chief John-117 lffe size helmet & base stand signed by 343 – This helmet was made by a group from the 405th.com (Jacob Betts, Deanna Yates, and Johnathon Purpera). It’s not designed to be worn, but the detail is fantastic. The base was signed by a bunch of people from 343 Industries. The helmet itself was signed by Halo voice actors Steve “Master Chief” Downes, Jen “Cortana” Taylor, Pete “Captain Keyes” Stacker, Tim “343 Guilty Spark” Dadabo, and Marty O’Donnell.

Xbox 360 controller Signed by 343 Industries – This controller was signed by many people from 343 Industries. There’s also a bonus item: a set of Halo Action Clix.

Halo Reach Emile Helmet signed by Bungie Studios – This helmet was crated by Daniel Yuan of the 405th.com. It’s not designed to be worn, but it spent a few weeks at Bungie Studios being signed by the developers.

A Fistful of Arrows graphic novel set – With permission from 343 Industries, a single copy of the Fistful of Arrows was printed. Also included is official soundtrack, and a sketch by Frank O’Connor. As a bonus Levi Hoffmeier (the creator of the graphic novel) has offered to add a personalized message and a small sketch at the buyer’s request after the auction closes.

Halo Wars UNSC artwork signed by Robot Entertainment – This poster was signed by approximately 30 developers from Robot Entertainment.

Halo Headhunters concept art of Jonah created by Jon Goff – Concept art donated by the artist and creator of Headhunters Jon Goff. The work was also signed by Goff.

Halo Reach Noble Team signed artwork by Bungie Studios – This poster is quite wide measuring at 42″. It was signed by dozens of developers at Bungie Studios.

Halo Evolutions Volume one signed by multiple authors – Volume one of Halo Evolution signed by the authors: Frank O’Connor, Kevin Grace, Jon Goff, Karen Traviss, and Greg Bear. Included is a bonus set of Halo Heroclix.

Red vs Blue “Babies” artwork created by Luke Mckay – This was signed by Gus “Simmons” Sorola, Burnie “Church” Burns, Geoff “Grif” Ramsey, Kathleen “Tex” Zuelch, Matt “Sarge” Hullum, Joel “Caboose” Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Yomary “Sheila” Cruz, and artist Luke Mckay at Rooster Teeth.com.

UNSC characters artwork signed by Halo voice actors & 343 Industries – Another creation of Levi Hoffmeier which has been signed by Pete “Captain Keyes” Stacker, Jen “Cortana/Dr. Halsey” Taylor, Steve “Master Chief” Downes, and some of the good people at 343 Industries.

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Halo Auctions for Child’s Play Charity

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