Pepsi Invaders, The Act Prototype Cabinet, 1977 Disney Shooting Gallery

Today you will find some very high end expensive items. Most people simply cannot afford many of these things (myself included), but there are the few collectors and business owners who may consider throwing down some cash to get their hands on this stuff. First up is, I believe, physically the largest “item” VGA has ever listed. This would be a major investment for a business and would require plenty of maintenance. Still, how many places have a shooting gallery this big?

shooting gallery

shooting gallery map

Disney Shooting Gallery (1977) – Like I said; a big investment. It’s unfortunate that the seller doesn’t have an option up to take offers. I’m guessing they don’t want to sort through them for a serious one. I could see this working for a new classic arcade opening. People would start talking… saying things like, “Ya, they have the classic games from the 80’s but they also have this huge shooting gallery in the back!”.

Next up is a prototype arcade cabinet for a game called The Act. Some of you may know of it, but for those who don’t… there are only 10 of these which were released to the public.

the act

The Act Prototype – The game plays like Dragon’s Lair (mostly) while you watch the animation on screen. The company that made it (Cecropia) closed up before this game was released commercially and only 10 kits were sold to cover expenses. This is a game very few people will ever see. Check out this video for more info and to see the game in action.

Here’s an Atari 2600 game considered by some as the “holy grail” for the 2600. There are rarer games, but I think it’s the story behind this one that gets the collectors lined up.

Pepsi invaders

Pepsi Invaders (Atari 2600) – Only 125 of these unlabelled carts were given out to Coke executives. The game plays like Space Invaders except you’re shooting at “P E P S I” with an invader at the end. It’s a pretty bold statement to have a custom game made where you shoot up your competition lol. Several offers have been made so feel free to make yours. Anything under $1,000 will likely be quickly passed. (Credit to Troy for submitting this auction)

Something now for pinball collectors and/or someone looking to buy a machine that has never been played…

Stern Rolling Stones Limited Edition (New in Box) – Something I love about pinball games is when you get a jackpot and everything goes nuts. I’ve never played this Rolling Stones game, but I bet it’s a blast just for the sound. This machine is still in it’s shipping box and have never been touched.

Gottlieb Home Run Pinball – Only 580 of these made and it was made in 1971. Look through the pictures for yourself, but this looks like a very clean machine to me.

Now, I’m sure everyone was hoping for some more affordable items, so here are a few more of interest.

ColecoVision Expansion Module with 48 Games – The module lets you play Atari 2600 games on your ColecoVision. Included in the auction are 48 games (Atari 2600 and ColecoVision mix).

Lot of 42 NES Games (Loose) – The first bid (which unfortunately has already been made) is only $20. As soon as you see each game is going for less than a dollar, you feel the need to look through the titles I’m sure. There are a few doubles but you’ve also got Donkey Kong Jr and Kid Icaris in there so $20-$30 isn’t bad. Wait it out until the end though; no need to bid yet.

Sega Game Gear TV Tuner – This is something sometimes overlooked in Sega collections. First bid is $0.77 and there’s a bit more than a day left on the auction.


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Pepsi Invaders, The Act Prototype Cabinet, 1977 Disney Shooting Gallery

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