Halo Store Display 3d Statue, Signed Final Fantasy VII and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Like always we have some cool auctions for showcasing today. The one that interests me the most is obviously the signed Final Fantasy VII copy by Uematsu but the price is high. Let us begin:

First auction is for a Final Fantasy VII copy signed by Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the music for the Final Fantasy series. The autograph is loud and clear, and definitely legit, but is it worth the price tag? Well if I had a spare $1k I would bid on it for sure. This was signed at the Distant Worlds in Vancouver 2011.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Philips cd-i 602 development console white -This is a Philips development console, it’s not often that you’ll find one or that one shows up on eBay. A CD-i fan must be going crazy now with this, and there’s one day left with 3 bids only!

Microsoft Halo Store Display 3d Poster Statue Master Chief – This is just totally awesome, it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just the right size to have. It’s a very rare and unique promotional item for Halo. I would have bought this in a heart beat, even if shipping was $300, but it is only pick up.

MegaMan Legends 3 Promo Poster 2011 E3 – Exclusively sent to members of the press and VIP’s to promote the upcoming game. You were qualified to get this poster only if you were a registered E3 2011 VIR.

Titan Quest Minotaur Statue – Professionally hand painted by OxMox studios is quite a gem, extremely rare and has been on display at various trade shows. I cannot believe there are no bids on this.

Insomniac Games Charity Auction – This is a signed Resistance 3 Olly Moss Poster.his hand-framed masterpiece off and give all the proceeds to Big Brothers Big Sisters.This is a special opportunity to own a piece of Insomniac history while also supporting a worthy cause.

Grand Theft Auto IV Replica Key – This key was an award given to the first hundred or so people who got 100% completion within 7 days. It is a rare collectible but is it worth what it is currently priced at?

Microsoft XBOX Development System – I know there is a solid market for consoles and development units and this is one on that list of desired consoles of course. I think it’s fairly priced yet no one has bought it.

Counter-Strike Condition Zero – By Valve these cards are part of the promotional line from the game which it didn’t have many to begin with. Counter Strike will always be a shooter classic. Cool cards at $.99 it’s a steal.

Sonic the Hedgehog figure Japan Sonic – I don’t know too much about this statue other then it’s a rare Sonic statue from Japan. It does have some damage behind the legs. Ask questions before bidding. Is it me or does it look creepy?

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  1. That price tag for the FF7 is a joke. A signature by someone still living does not boost the value of something by over 900 dollars.

  2. The GTAIV key was not given to the media, read the auction description. I personally own one, you had to beat the game 100% within 7 days to receive it. They actually extended the promotion to last about 2 weeks because the rockstar social website was running into issues and people who got 100% did not show up. My estimation was that more than 100 were made, I forgot what place I came in when I got 100%, but I know it was in the hundreds somewhere.

    You’ve posted about this key before dozens of times, don’t know why you made this mistake

  3. I’m sure Kenji got a couple of auctions mixed up when doing his write up. Keep in mind we go through many more auctions than are actually listed. For every 10 that are listed, 20+ were tossed for some reason or another.

    Anyway, it’s all fixed up now. Thanks David

  4. Yes we’ve posted the GTA key plenty of times with the same description David just gave (100% completion). But thanks for noticing the mistake. Always important to have the facts up.

  5. No worries, just making sure it’s correct. 😀

    That price is about right, maybe a little high. It was going for around $300-400 when it first came out, i’ve seen it go for about $250-300 lately.

  6. Yes you’re right David, I have posted about this dozens of times, but I don’t remember exactly how one was obtained since I don’t own one. What I did was go to the auction to see the limited run and the seller said 100 were given out(I skimmed through).

Halo Store Display 3d Statue, Signed Final Fantasy VII and More!

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