10 Million Model PS1, Descent II Master Disc, and Vintage T-Shirts

Today we have a mix of the incredibly rare and some cool vintage stuff. Don’t worry, none of the auctions are going for more than $2,000 but the value of many of these items are guaranteed to grow. The first item up is one of the rarest video game consoles (version of) ever released…

When the Sony Playstation reached sales of over 10,000,000, Sony decided to release a very limited version of the console. Only 100 were made and one of them has surfaced on eBay and it includes the original box.

10 million model ps1

10 Million Model PS1 – This was never for sale to the public. It was actually a give away through a lotto system. There are PAL versions out there but this is the Japanese version. The Japanese consoles were numbered and this auction is for #46 of 100. The value of a console as rare as this is very difficult to pin down but the current buy now price looks to me to be reasonable considering it comes with the original box and has never been used.

Owning something limited to 100 worldwide is pretty awesome, but how about something that is one of a kind? Something from the very core of a game’s production?

decent 2 master disc

Descent II Master Disc – This is reported to be the master disc for the game Descent II. The data on this disc is what was used to create every commercial copy that exists in the world. Descent II isn’t the most well known game, but the idea of owning the master disc is very cool. If you’re a fan of the game, you may find the price on this auction very tempting.

Beatle Quest – What the hell is this you may ask? It’s a Commodore 64 game made based on Beatles lyrics and was a limited release of 500 copies. The price goes up with it’s Beatles theme because Beatles collectors look for this kind of thing as well as gamers. The seller is taking offers.

Odyssey 500 – The console with the original box (some damage to the box). I’ve listed it because it appears to be in great shape and the starting bid is only $16. The seller didn’t test it but I would be surprised if it doesn’t work.

Nintendo World Championships T-Shirt – I’m sure everyone knows what the Nintendo World Championships was. Can’t afford the NWC cart? Why not pick up the t-shirt…

Atari World Championships T-Shirt – Ever heard of the Atari World Championships? Well, it had nothing to do with the 2600. It was a coin-op competition based in various arcades that would pick out the top players to play the finals in Chicago. I’ve heard that the contest never ended because of some kind of confusion with the rules which lead to it being impossible to pick the winner. I don’t know all the details, but here’s a t-shirt from that strange period of gaming history.

Amiga Game Lot 74 (Loose) – Back in it’s prime, I was very much into the Amiga for gaming. This lot of loose original games is a great value. First bid is only $15! If you can get your hands on an Amiga computer or if you already have one, this is hours of great gaming.

Vintage Pac-Man T-Shirt – This t-shirt is in great shape. A nice and easy buy for a vintage tee.

Boxed Legend of Zelda Game Watch – It’s not too often that you see this game watch with it’s original box. The price is still too high… I would suggest contacting the seller before bidding.

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10 Million Model PS1, Descent II Master Disc, and Vintage T-Shirts

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