Millennium 2000 N64 Controller, NES Wayfair Midilines Midi Game and More!

Good evening VGA readers. I’ve got some neat auction and hopefully they are auctions that interest you. One auction that caught my eye is the Millennium 2000 N64 controller which is mint! Not much to say today, let’s dig right into it:

Video Game Auctions:

NES Wayfair Midilines Midi Game – Midines is a hardware / cartridge interface (game) that enables MIDI control of the 8bit NES sound chip. Midines allows the 8bit NES to join the ranks along side other retro gear in the professional MIDI recording studio. NesFX is a retro graphic visualization that is seeded by the incoming MIDI sound data, and is included with Midines.

Millennium 2000 N64 Controller – Nintendo Power gave away some limited edition controllers for N64 as a contest prize around issue 100 or so. There are silver and black two-tone controllers with black buttons and the words “Millennium 2000” across the top. This is the silver version and only 1000 in the world exist!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Standee – A great game and the standee is brand new. A nice COD collectible for the COD fan. I would love to pick this up but a tad high on price.

Sony Playstation 3 40 2.17 – Too much to explain, if you want more info just visit the auction.

Pacman Pac man Piggy Bank – Super cool pacman piggy bank for the hardcore fan. It is quite pricey and the seller is in Japan.

Nintendo Mario 7 Stars Store Sign Display – As a seller how can you possibly not put in the title, “Super Mario RPG”? A lot of potential customers he/she is missing out on. Regardless it’s a great standee and fetch a good price.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Promotional Shirt and Buttons – “This is the only one of these that you’ll ever see for sale. These shirts were made by Bioware and given to people at the behind-closed-doors SWTOR demo at E3 2009. The front is styled after Sith armor, and the back has the SWTOR logo in shiny gold.

Better yet, depending on the storyline choice made during the demo, you also got a button declaring whether you killed or spared the captain. I was an E3 judge that year, so I got to play through both scenarios and thus received both buttons.”

Lucas Arts Greatest Hits Soundtrack – This is a very cool auction, has music from Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and more. A 20th anniversary promotional CD that you wont find sealed so $45 is a great price.

Nintendo Promotional T Shirt Campus Challenge – The SNES campus challenge was a tournament held by Nintendo across U.S Colleges. The general idea was similar to that of the Nintendo world championships, but it moved from college to college and was not as publicized. This is a shirt from that tournament.

SEGA Dreamcast Employee Jacket – From 1999 this is an official Sega employees only Dreamcast jacket that was given out around launch to the original SEGA Dreamcast team located in San Francisco. It’s a size XL, and features a fully embroidered SEGA Logo on the right.

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  1. I’m sure Kenji just missed some zeros there. Nothing more than typo. But, damn Kenji… careful on that 😉 Some people don’t know before we post. :/

  2. Actually it was a typo because I did a search on that particular auction and it states it in the auction itself so I already knew this. If I would have said 7 then I can understand but 10 and 1000 is typo. Plus I am doing this on an iPad which has constant typos. Maybe I should have reviewed it as well. My mistake I apologize.

Millennium 2000 N64 Controller, NES Wayfair Midilines Midi Game and More!

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