Gameline Master Module, Tamiya Racing 64 Prototype (Unreleased), Skylanders Gold and Silver Set

We have a bunch of very rare collectibles here. I wont waste too much time here however because the first auction listed here ends today and even though it has been getting a lot of attention, the current bid is quite low.

Gameliner Master Module box

Gameline Master Module Complete – The Gameline module was another version of games being fed through the phone line similar to the Sega Channel and Nintendo’s Satellaview but this one was for the Atari 2600. While the service was live, you could play from a list of games which also included a title that was never released on an actual cart (that title escapes my memory for the moment). Though the service has since ended, this cart is still quite valuable.

We have many more great auctions below and all of them are worth more than the Gameline…

Skylanders Gold and Silver Full Set – These figures have shown themselves to be highly collectible and these gold and silver versions top the rest. The gold and silver figures were released at random. This means you could have been talking down the aisle of a toy section and find one gold figure among thirty other normal figures (if you were lucky). These are rare enough to find alone, but this seller has the complete set all factory sealed. There’s less than a day left on the auction and the bids are getting crazy…

Bubble Bath Babes with Box – One of the rarest NES games. Rarer still is finding it with the box. The seller hasn’t opened a door to accepting offers, so contact at your own risk if you want to try for a lower price.

Fallout 3 Survival Edition – Included in this rare release of Fallout 3 which was available exclusively through Amazon (if I’m not mistaken) is a wearable Pip-Boy clock (it also comes with a stand). Other than that, you get the standard collector’s edition. Quite rare but should be going for less than this auction.

Prince of Persia Press Kit (PC) – Inside this press kit you get a picture which shows which numbered press kit you have from this limited press release. This auction is for #124 of 378.

Tamiya Racing 64 Prototype – Here’s a racing game that was never released on the N64. From the screenshots, it looks like a decent game. Very few people in the world have played the actual cart however. Demand for this cart is very very high because N64 games in general aren’t very rare. This makes an unreleased prototype cart stand out quite a bit. The bids so far tell the story on their own…

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  1. Would you believe that I returned a Fallout Survival Edition game to Amazon?
    It was at the height of the recession, and I couldn’t justify keeping such an expensive item. Biggest regret of my life!

  2. That sucks… I made a similar mistake with the Diablo III limited Barbarian statue. I had the Sideshow exclusive pre-ordered but canceled in doubt. Regrettable, but not the end of the world.

    We still have the games 😉

Gameline Master Module, Tamiya Racing 64 Prototype (Unreleased), Skylanders Gold and Silver Set

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