Complete N64 NTSC Library, Kirby Beach Ball,Lucienne’s Quest and More!

An interesting question I always like to ask to a fellow collector is; if they had the chance to own every single game for a console, which one would it be? So in turn I ask you; which console would you choose? We’ve seen guys like Pat the NES Punk who owns all the NES games, and we’ve seen that great article from Playstation Collecting of the guy who owns the complete Playstation 2 NTSC library sealed!

Well now up on eBay is a seller who’s selling all their N64 games; all 296 NTSC released games. This is an old listing, and we’ve featured this a while back but I wanted to touch on it again (and show new viewers). So how does the complete N64 NTSC library look like? Well it looks something like this:

Complete Nintendo 64 (N64) Video Game Library Collection NTSC
Just taking a look at the picture is quite something. I’m surprised that the seller didn’t make any sort of whacky design with the “colored” carts as that’s something we don’t see too often on eBay; creativity. But yes I know the sellers not here to win any points in an art contest, but rather financial gain. There was alot of speculation of whether or not 296 was the actual number for games released in North American. So many websites claim different numbers. Many people make the mistake of saying 387 when that’s actually the complete list of all N64 games. But just exclusivly to NA would be 296. We obviously don’t take into consideration unreleased / proto ROMs as well as regions other than the U.S. Also taken into account is ClayFighter 63 1/3 Sculpture’s Cut which many people leave out (an alternate version). So the only list that truly correctly has all the NTSC list would be DigitalPress (although there might be other sites now that have updated their own lists).

I have to admit, owning all the NTSC N64 games would be awesome, but I would like to have all the boxes with them. Having the games alone would make me feel like I am missing something. I could never take a game box and flip it on the back side just to read the description, or find that instruction booklet that tells you which buttons do what. Thus, having a naked collection like the one featured would sort of be less appealing for me than owning all the games complete. But then again is that possible? Am I being too picky thinking like this? I have never seen a complete collection of any system that had all the boxes and instructions so maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But if you bought this lot just think about it, everyday you can play a different game and only on the 297th day of the year would you need to rinse and repeat. By that time when you go back to playing the first game everything’s all fresh and ready to go! You can’t possibly get bored! But this experience would cost you $5000 (or best-offer). There’s currently 43 offers already on the table.

Personally, if there was any video game collection I would love to own it would definitely be all the games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System…

Other Video Game Auctions:

Gears Of War Marcus Fenix Statue – This is one of my favorite GoW statues. It’s first of all HUGE, and secondly it has Marcus holding the gold lancer. Not only is this statue visually appealing, but that it’s collector’s worthy too! Limited to only 100 piece, I am surprised that the current price isn’t higher! Seller says: “TriForce proudly presents the officially licensed Gears of War 2: Marcus Fenix Epic Scale Bust Gold Lancer Edition, masterfully sculpted by Erick Sosa, art director of TriForce, and paint-mastered by highly respected Hollywood special effects creature creator, Jordu Schell. The end result is the most authentic and accurate portrayal of COG military hero brought to life! The Marcus Fenix Epic Scale Bust is hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality. Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, it stands a massive 32″ in height and weighs in at 14 pounds! Own this exclusive authentic piece of videogame history as part of a Limited Edition of 100 pieces.”.
STREET FIGHTER II TURBO REVIVAL VGA 90 – Although some of you might wonder why is the current price high and it’s really because of the “90” grade. Just having “90” on any game increases the value ridicously. But als we don’t see too many Turbo Revival editions factory sealed/graded. Currently $224.99 with 1 1/2 days left.
Nintendo Kirby Pink Beach Ball – This is for the DS era. To my surprise Nintendo had other Kriby beach balls made so this isn’t the only one of it’s kind. It’s quite pricy at $50 starting bid, but to the right collector it might be worth that much. Great idea though, having a Kirby blow up ball to bring with you to the beach! Check out this over version at VideoGameMM.
Lucienne’s Quest Micro Cabin Panasonic 3DO – Here’s a rare 3DO game that you don’t see very often on eBay. Actually this is the only copy on eBay and it’s complete! So the current bid of $215 is very justifiable.
Mega Man for DOS IBM TANDY PC Complete in box CIB – This is a rare version of the game because you don’t see many of these complete. Also the box art is really the box art from Mega Man 3 (well just MM himself), but still cool to have a different version of it which is also a selling point for collectors. Seller says:”Mega Man for DOS, IBM, Tandy computer. Complete in box. This item is EXTREMELY rare. IF it ever pops up on ebay it’s usually disks only. Comes with box in excellent shape, some edge wear. Manual in crisp condition, ad paper in crisp condition. This Version is even more rare than most. Most are either 3 1/2 disk or a 5 1/4 disk. This version has both. It’s even got the label on the box so you know it’s how it originally came.”.

Nintendo Toys:
Mario Party 64 Nintendo N64 Toy Figure Luigi Keychain Rare Promo Sealed 1999
Super Mario RPG Legend of Seven Stars + Yoshi Figure Keychain 1996 Promo SNES
Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Zora + Deku Link Figure Lot Nintendo 64 Statue Toy

Credit to Josh for submissions!

Dead Moon TurboGrafx-16 Factory Sealed – The seller has a bunch of TG-16 sealed games on eBay. Check out what else he has!
Chew-Man-Fu TurboGrafx-16 Factory Sealed – Reserve not met
Vintage Atari Jacket
World of Warcraft Autographed Poster
Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection – No reserve and only $17 right now!
Official Nintendo Sweat Band Wrist Watch Sweatband Mix
Official Nintendo Sweat Band Wrist Watch Sweatband Red

Good luck!

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  1. What I meant by rare is the fact that the auctions version is the only one complete in that condition. There’s only 3 copies up on eBay; one copy has only the 3.5 disks only, the other is in acceptable shape and this one featured here happened to be in the best conditioned (and comes with ad paper).

Complete N64 NTSC Library, Kirby Beach Ball,Lucienne’s Quest and More!

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