Zelda Game Cube Prototype Controller, Atari Air Raid, GOW 2 Lancer and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have received some cool submissions of auctions which we always appreciate. The VGA team does extensive searches on eBay but sometimes we miss out on some auctions so submissions are always great because the readers and collectors get involved.

First auction is for a Twilight Princess Zelda GameCube Controller – Submitted by J.Smith (Thanks Man!) This Prototype was made by NubyTech who have made interesting controllers in the past like the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw controller. It never saw the light of day for many reasons. Poor timing being one of them, Wii introducing Twilight Princess to the Wii, Nintendo’s focus was off the GameCube. A concrete answer is not given but this is a super cool controller for any Zelda fan.

What I don’t understand after reading several posts about this and forum dicussions is that people say it’s ugly, not attractive or uncomfortable to use. Is it me or are gamers a little spoiled? Be happy that something like this was even given thought. Being a FF fan if something like this came out I’d be excited about it, I wouldn’t downgrade it. It boils my blood when I hear gamers give negative feedback to a unique idea. Who cares if it has a pouch on the right side? The Link image of left is bad? I think it’s human nature to dislike things they can’t have. Regardless of the bad reviews this bad add controller is on eBay for a hefty price.

Twilight Princess Game Cube Prototype Controller

Video Game Auctions:

Air Raid Atari 2600 Holy Grail – Submitted by Troy (Thanks Man!), this is the Gem for the the Atari 2600. We have it well documented here on VGA so if you want to read more do a search or better yet visit the auction and contact the seller.

Super Mario 64 Jumpers – Submitted by Allan (Thanks Buddy), it’s official Super Mario 64 Jumper sweaters from Australia. Seller said he got them from a Nintendo Employee and they have never been worn.

Gears Of War 2 Replica Lancer – Also submitted by Allan, this is a GOW 2 replica Lancer first sold on Amazon. I owned one of these before, really cool to have if you’re a GOW fan. Seller is in Australia so shipping internationally might be a pain.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Display – Nice Zelda display for Ocarina of time 3ds. Price is at $250, but I am sure you can bargain if you email the seller.

Sega Sonic Display Sign 90s – This is a neat Sega sign because it’s entirely plastic, but has a fluorescent light in the back to light up the way it does. I worked in a game store that collected these types of vintage store displays. When the owner recieved I de-boxed it and found that some of the plastic was chipped. Nothing major but this is fragile for sure. Still really nice to have in a game room.

Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 – This is brand new in the box, at $90 it might be worth picking up because it will only go up in price. How much? Maybe tops $250 in the future, and I am judging this from past MW displays.

Twisted Metal Ps3 Sleeve Signed – A nice collectible for the future, signed by the dev team.

Final Fantasy VII VGA 85 – At $599 you might think it’s expensive but a sealed FF VII game at a VGA 85 would typically fetch over $750. I wonder if these are finally falling in price due to demand?

Intellivision Spiker Super Pro Volleyball Ultra Rare – Very rare indeed, production run for this game was cut short so not many were made because INTV corp was going out of business. This game is mint and complete.

Gears Of War 3 Replica COG Helmet Custom Made – A very cool custom job for the GOW 3 Replica Cog Helmet. I can certainly appreciate the art aspect however the price tag is high.

Little Samson NES Boxed – Short of complete, does not have the manual but even without that it’s at $350 with 6 days left!!

Genesis 1st Generation Boxed – Is this rare? Not really. Is it a nice example of a complete 1st Generation Genesis console? Yeah… we could argue that. But the reason for listing this expensive ebay auction is the fact the seller has the original receipt from Toys R Us which is priceless. Well done my friend for keeping that. I am not being sarcastic either, it’s quite impressive to still have the original receipt.

StarFox Competition Cart – On auction, we all know it’s rare and always will be in demand.

StarCraft Ghost Wrist Band – Interesting auction here, a wristband for StarCraft Ghost which was given out to eb games for promotion. Have $300?

Mega Man II Gameboy CIB – Submitted by Brandon (Thanks Man!), it’s a CIB MM 2 for Gameboy. Not too rare but nice condition if you’re looking into collecting Mega Man games. The seller also has other complete and in great shape games so take a look!

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  1. I think that the demand for a sealed FFVII has gone down. Many collectors who wanted their sealed copy have one now. But I remember I wanted a sealed copy a while back and I’ve been keeping tabs for plenty of years. A Y-fold FF7 back in 2008 would fetch close to $700 and $800 if not more. Even shrink wrapped versions would be atleast $500-$600. Heck, just last year a FF7 Y-Fold sold for $2000. But it was 90 Gold Grade. But still, the price for the game varies. I am still looking for a perfect conditioned version (with misprint) for $200-$300 :).

  2. For sure! But I’ll need finish off the 2011 section and start saving auctions from the first two months of 2012. Haven’t had time :(. I’ll try to do something today.

  3. Dark Sol, it’s a matter of who’s buying what. The dude who has no money will say it’s expensive, the guy who has it won’t. I think that’s a great price considering the priced fluctuate. Take a look on eBay now, there’s the exact 85 VGA grade for $700.

Zelda Game Cube Prototype Controller, Atari Air Raid, GOW 2 Lancer and More!

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