Nintendo Dolphin Development Hardware, Ocarina of Time Figures, Resident Evil Valve

I have a bunch of awesome collectibles to show you today, so much that you might take half an hour to look through all of them! Currently seller jvncv has listed some rare Ocarina of Time figures that I hardly see on eBay. What makes them rare is that they are all from Japan. Have a look below of what he has:

Ocarina of Time Kabaya Figures
Ocarina of Time Blister Tomy Figures
Ocarina of Time Bandai Figures

All the figures were released back in 1998 in Japan. The coolest one of the set has to be the Hyper Real Scene figures (Kabaya figures). You get to see Link in action; on the Ocarina, fighting Volvagia, and on the beautiful Epona. I am not sure if there are 2 or 3 figures missing since the Bronze version is also complimented with a colored version, and the other two figures is link in another battle/sitting with Zelda. The Tomy figures also look great as the seller is throwing in the advertisement that original was out and about for the figures. the Bandai figures also come with a sheet to show the collection (although there’s no pictures of it). Just to give you LOZ nuts a heads up, these figures are quite small so don’t expect anything big. The prices are reasonable considering how rare they are. If you have been searching for these sets jump on them now while they are available!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Dolphin Development Hardware AMC DDH Gamecube Dev – Seller says: “It is in working condition as you can tell by the 8 with the blinking dot. I have verified that all the files are on the hard drive. I do not know how to fully operate it so i am selling it. It comes with the beta controller. I am not accountable for damage done in shipping but rest assured i will pack the item very well”
Factory Sealed Duck Hunt Nintendo NES Black Box H-Seam NOS Brand New – This will be interesting to see what it will end at. I mean Duck Hunt, nostalgic for so many and I am sure that many collectors would like to have a factory sealed copy of the game. Btw, for those who never understood what NOS means, it stands for “New Old Stock”. There’s already an offer on it, we’ll see how the month will hold for the seller.
Resident Evil 2 Extreme Danger Police Caution Tape – I always mention how Resident Evil has some of the coolest promotional items, and this tape can be added to that group. I mean it’s a no brainer that Resident Evil has all of this because they are backed by Capcom, not sure if it would be the same if some other company thought of Resident Evil first. I actually interested to see what items Resident Evil 6 will bring to the table. We’ll see, but for now this tape is going for dirt cheap! Last one went to $80! So we’ll see what happens. I might sneak in a few bids here and there.
Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Statue Figurine Limited Edition – This is one of the most sought out Sonic statues ever, and that’s because little were produced. Also, the fact that this was available to Europe only makes this piece hard to find. So when you see that the price of 699.99 GBP (or $1100 + US) has been met, don’t be shocked. I always wonder how the Sonic statue that was on the desk of the CEO back in the 90’s only went for $500 while this statue is newer and worth more. If you don’t know what I mean, go check the VGA Hall of Fame 2010 to see the Sonic statue I am talking about.
Wild Guns Super Nintendo Sealed – I don’t know how this seller does it (rarebucky). Where does he get all these amazing sealed games? Especially for this title, it’s hard to find the game complete let alone sealed. So Koodos to him for having this. Good price considering the rarity of this game. If you never played this game I would highly recommend it!!
Nintendo Talking Super Mario 64 Phone – I guess I keep listing this because I want my own and since I can’t get it maybe someone else might be interested in it. These phones don’t go for cheap so $80 is not bad. If you live close to the seller it’s a plus on shipping so get your Super Mario animated phone now! “Hello! It’s a me, MARIO!”.
Run Saber – PAL Nintendo SNES VGA Grade – Another hard game to find sealed, even if it’s the Pal version. This game should be on many top 20 SNES lists because it’s incredibly fun! I also never seen a sealed US version of the game so I wonder who will be the first to come on board with that. Nevertheless, the Pal version has it’s fair share of interest, and the seller knows of its value (hence the “reserve option being put in place).
Code Veronica Hong Kong Comic Promo Item Valve Resident Evil Rare – This item is legendary in so many ways. I mean, apart from the Mansion Keys, the “Valves” would allow you to proceed to the next part of the mansion (or building since this is from code veronica). Just the sounds of Chris or Claire turning the valve is so signature for the game because PlayStation at the time was making sure to put a lot of efforts on “sounds” for different items and this is one of the things I noticed when I first placed Resident Evil on the PS, the sounds of all the items being used. Really cool stuff. This valve originally came in a comic book in which there was a series released in Hong Kong. Each issue had a little item from Code Veronica. Some sellers have this up once in a while. The seller of this valve also has some more items in his store so check it out!

Nintendo Nes Controller. Ammo Box Bench with Locking Lid – So what this is custom made, just look how cool this thing is! Seller says: “Wood Burned Nintendo Nes Controller Bench
Made from an authentic military ammo box, this would make a perfect gift for any Nintendo fan! The bench lid (on hinges) opens up to a space were you can store your video games, controllers, or other things. The lid locks down on both sides for a secure storage!”

Metal Gear Solid 2 Bronze Statues:
Statue of Raiden
Statue of Snake
Statue of Olga

Big Ultima Buster Video Game Sword
BIOHAZARD 3 Hong Kong Comics Promo Metal Bullet Pendant Super Rare Resident Evil
Capcom Pillow Cover
BIOHAZARD 3 Hong Kong Comic Promo STARS Zippo Chrome Lighter Rare Resident Evil
Resident Evil Outbreak Rare Promo Flashlight Electronic Pins Sup Cool BIOHAZARD
Max Payne 3 XBOX PS3 Bullet Keychain


Good luck!

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Nintendo Dolphin Development Hardware, Ocarina of Time Figures, Resident Evil Valve

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