Atari Sleeping Bag, Kirby’s Adventure Plush Display, Super Mario Valentine Card’s and More!

Another day of great auctions to show you guys. First up is something really cool for the retro gamer. First of all you’re probably thinking what would you do with a Atari Sleeping Bag. There’s plenty of stuff you can do, first and formost go camping and use it! Secondly, you can add it to your nice Atari collection and perhaps use it as a “cover” to put over your hardware (dust-free!). Thirdly, it’s a really cool piece because you rarely see these pop up on eBay and when they do their so discolored you can’t even tell if it’s a Pac-Man screen or a Space Invaders screen! It’s a really neat piece and I was even thinking that it could be used as a “game carpet”; put it on the floor where you sit to play your games! I think because of the sleeping bags condition the price is very good. Surprised no one bought it yet.

Click here for Vintage Atari Sleeping Bag!

Other Video Game Auctions:
Sniper Xbox 360 Sniper Bullet Necklace – This has got to be one of the coolest promo’s I’ve seen for a game. I love the fact that they used a Sniper bullet for the necklace. Seller says:”Sniper Bullet Necklace: Exclusive GameStop reward bonus, RARE, not more available from GameStop.Limited High Quality, Copper and Brass – Plated Steel Sniper Bullet Necklace Approximately Size of Sniper Bullet only: 2″+ long.Steel Chain Size: 24″ long”
Mass Effect 3 Autographed Collector’s Edition Guide – Seller says: “Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide Autographed By Writer Fernando “Red Star” Bueno & Alex MusaBonus Digital Guide code inside!”
Kirby’s Adventure Nintendo NES Store Display Large Plush – These are always a hard find especially intact with the upper cardboard sign. Looks in great shape and there’s already a bid ($50). Definitly worth putting in a bid or two.
SEGA SG-1000 + SG-1000 II + MARK III – This is so vintage Sega! The SG-1000 normally ends at the asking price so perhaps one or two people will bid on it. But the system looks to be in amazing shape and comes complete with box. Seller says: “The very FIRST Sega console (the only one you can find on eBay) + second and third Sega consoles released before the well-known Master System.You can’t miss these 3 consoles if you’re a serious collector!Original boxes and games are included (one box is shown in picture).No scratches, no broken parts. All clean and in perfect condition. All tested and working”
Lunar Eternal Blue LAPEL PIN Working Designs 1995 LAPEL PIN – Pin collectors are a special bunch, and although I am not part of that circle I had to admit that this is a hard find. Anyone who was into the Lunar series will definitely take acception to this pin and spend that $50.
Super Mario Valentine Cards – Seller has 4 valentine cards up, so if you just wanted a particular kind check out his store, he might have what your looking for. Valentines is never over when handing over a Mario card :).
Dino Crisis Watches – I never played this game, and I think it’s about time I do. I mean this is supposed to be Resident Evil meets Jurassic Park. Too bad that the game didn’t continue but then again how many games can you make with Dinosaurs? But Finding collectibles for tyhe game is equally difficult hence the reason I am showing these mint watches. Decent price especially since you’ll be getting two.
Halo 3 Mylar Limited Edition with 175 Bungie SIGNATURES – Yes I know what you are saying, another Halo signature auction right? Wrong! Because this one has 175 FREAKING SIGNATURES! When was the last time (other that WoW) would you see a video game company get 175 of their employees to sign something? Best part about the auction is that 15% of the sale goes to charity! “This item was claimed in 2007 at Penny arcade before Halo 3 was released to the public. The rarity if this item is the first of its kind. This is signed by voice actors such as Master chief, Cortana, Captain Keys, Guilty sparks and many more.Signatures also from lead producers/artists such as Co Founders Jason jones and Alex Serpian, Frank O’conner, Joseph Staten Marty O’DonnellThis Halo authentic item also presented on giving this item its own Halo story to the public for the time and dedication”
Nintendo Gameboy TIME BOY Keyring Watch Original WORKING 1992 SUPER RARE – The condition is simply amazing, and I haven’t seen one of these for a loooong time. The price will definitely get a hike at the end but look how cute this little fella is! Man, if you had one of these back in the day you’d be so cool in school. Imagine, a portable watch in shape of a Game Boy! Seller says: “This is an ORIGINAL Nintendo Gameboy TIME BOY Keyring Watch from 1992. This is a rare collector’s item. In 1992 I asked it for a “surprise” present for the Sinterklaas Party (Sinterklaas is a bit like Santa Claus, please WIKI 🙂 ). Unfortunately I only got some candy. SO I went to town I bought it myself at an “Intertoys” shop, a dutch Store Chain. It is in GREAT condition. All of the screws are present. It has the part number “GBE-001”, just like his brother: The “GBE-002” The Manufacturer is “MANI”. Listed on the back: “Mani” “Pat. Pending”.”
Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Brown Jogger Jacket Cave Johnson

Nintendo Power Magazine – Super Mario Bros 2 Bonus Power Tip Book Part 1 & 2

Nintendo Power Magazine – Issue #114 Nov 1998 – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Cover

Everquest II Kingdom of Sky Collector’s Coin

Activision Trail Drive Patch

Good luck!

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Atari Sleeping Bag, Kirby’s Adventure Plush Display, Super Mario Valentine Card’s and More!

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