Halo 3 Plasma Rifle, Altered Beast Watch, Mario NES Open Sign and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Did some browsing this morning on eBay and found a lot of goodies. I’m impressed with the selection for today and even more impressed with the Altered Beast Watch New in the Box! We have a few auction submissions as well as RPG lots which are my favorites. Let’s get right to the auction and I hope you enjoy the findings today!

Video Game Auctions:

Halo 3 Plasma Rifle Laser Tag Full Size Replica – Impressive how much this is going for. There’s 8 hrs left with a bid of $250. These were selling for $34.99 back in the day. Pretty cool piece to have I must admit.

Nintendo DS Lite Signed by 19 Video Game Musicians – This DS was autographed by 19 Video Game Musicians which is pretty unique. You have some big names in there so if it peaks your interest check it out. The seller also did a very smart thing by getting it shrink wrapped to protect the signatures.

Altered Best Watch New – Tiger is the company who created these watches and Altered Beat is one that doesn’t show up often NIB. It’s a bit pricey but if you’re a Sega fan you’ll appreciate this auction.

Playstation Light Sign WORKS Neon Advertising – Cool Playstation Advertising sign, I always liked this one because I saw it in every Video Game store I went to. Since it is big shipping will be quite expensive but it’s well worth it if you’re putting it in your game room.

MARIO NES Open Golf – Original 1991 Nintendo Store Sign is just so cool because ti takes me back to the NES days when I would see these in stores. I saw a Star Tropics Sign like this a year or two ago and missed it for $200. Is that a lot? Maybe but if you want something you’re going to bid for it.

Sega Saturn RPG Lot! Exremely RARE – This is a very nice lot. I have not played these but I was planning on getting a Saturn collection started and these titles are on my list. Really nice auction with Albert’s Odyssey, Blazing Heroes, Dark Savior, Dragonforce etc…

KillZone: LIFE-SIZE Statue -This is just awesome. One of the coolest Life Size statues. There’s already a bid at $500.

Sega CD, Lunar: The Silver Star ALL 7 DISC ART CDS -I love seeing auctions like this. Lunar had different art on their Cds meaning if you bought a game it had a different art from another Lunar game. There were 7 different art images on the cds so this is a complete set of Lunar Art Cds.

Jak and Daxter Jak II 2: Renegade Statue Figure BRAND NEW – Very nice statue brand new in the box. I like the detail and colors, and right now the bid is at $355 with 8 days left!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Word to Your Moogle Official Rare Promo Sign – Promo sign used at the Word to your moogle tour in 2011. This sign was used at SDCC and PAX.

Street Fighter II 2 Turbo VINTAGE Capcom Pin Set – This set is complete and official from Capcom. I was a moderate fan of Street Fighter but I think these are really cool. I think the price is fair, pins from Street Fighter juggle between $100-$200 tops.

PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy X 10 Tidus Airbrush limited to 5 pieces – It was produced for SONY by the German Airbrush-Artist Torsten Rachu. This console was given out at Promo/Press events years ago and only 5 were made.

Medieval Maddness Pinball T-Shirt Promo – It’s from 1997 when Medieval Madness was released to Arcades and Coin Operators. MM is a rare Pinball title and very sought after.

Limited Edition Console GEARS OF WAR 2 XBOX 360 – Submitted by Pierre, this is a pretty rare Gears of War 2 Console. It comes with everything, even a 120 GB hard Drive. According to Pierre it’s in excellent condition.

Starblade für 3DO NFR – Submitted by Karsten this is a “not for sale” Starblade for the 3D0 in Germany.

GEX für 3DO NFR sealed – Submitted by Karsten the same as the auction above, it’s “Not for sale” and new in wrap.

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Halo 3 Plasma Rifle, Altered Beast Watch, Mario NES Open Sign and More!

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