4 ft Super Mario Hanging Doll, Epic 2 Oswald Ears, Zelda Majora’s Mask Promo and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. It’s a beautiful bright and sunny day where I am so I hope you guys are staying outside if it’s sunny there.I found some really cool auctions like the brand new Resident Evil 2 T-Shirt, the massive Super Mario hanging display. I also liked the video game store displays for Lunar, Wild Arms and Final Fantasy. A lot of the auctions I listed are real auctions, not fixed, no reserve. I sometimes list Buy it Now auctions even if the price is really high to make the community aware of some items and what some people charge of them. I hope you enjoy the auctions… Oh and don’t forget to “ask me about StarFox”.

Video Game Auctions:

Majora’s mask promotional PAPER MASK by Ninpro – “Hiya. I’ve had this paper mask for 12 years. I’ve never seen another one online or live so I cannot vouch for it’s origin or rarity. Majora’s Mask is flat, 2 dimensional. It’s a very old mask, as mentioned, and is crinkled and dinged up on the horns. The “eye” holes have been punched out but the “nose” breathing holes have never been taken out/are not loose. The mouth can be folded I believe but I’ve never creased it there to form the true shape. An elastic cord has been laced through the back. Please look at all photos before bidding.

4 ft SUPER MARIO BROS hanging doll – This is a really cool auction and it’s at $200. I think this would be a really cool hang up in your game room. I wonder if there is somepacking material in Mario like a teddy bear? If so how are you going to ship this?

Millennium 2000 NP100 DK64 Power Controllers – “Up for sale are the three promotional Nintendo Power Controllers: The Millenium 2000 Controller, The Nintendo Power 100 Gold Controller, and the DK 64 Banana Controller. All three of these are in pristine condition with tight joysticks. This is truly a one-of-a-kind lot and a must have for any serious collector.”. I’d like to make a note here that the seller did a fantastic job at mentioning the joystick tightness. Very technical aspect of collecting these controllers that are almost never mentioned.

Epic Mickey 2 Oswald Ears Hat -According to the seller it could have only been picked up at the E3 booth in Disney.

Gears of War Carrying Case – I’m a Gears of War fan and this is awesome. I love the original GOW compared to the others. GOW 2 was alright and GOW 3 they messed up the power setting on the guns if you ask me. Too powerful, you get downed way too easily. This is why I love the original GOW, maps were dark, you had a good shotgun battles

NES Bonk’s Adventure – A pretty rare NES title, it’s up there with the Duck Tales 2 and Chip N’ Dales Rescue Rangers 2. Auction is currently at $104.

Resident Evil T-Shirt NEW – This is a must for any Resident Evil fan. A Resident Evil 2 Promo T-Shirt still factory sealed. Buyer has it at a good price if you take into account another one sold on eBay for $450.

Lollipop Chainsaw Promo Press Kit Xbox 360 PS3 – These promo press kits are going for a lot on eBay now, pretty much means it’s going to go up in price. I don’t know how many were

Harvest Moon DS Cute Promo Plush toy Black Cat -Released in 2008 to major retailers and weren’t for sale, rather used as promo.

Playstation 1 PS1 Promo Store Display Final Fantasy VII 7 Standee – I like this Final Fantasy VII display because it not only shows FF VII and not to mention the background is nice, but that it shows other Squaresoft games at the time.

Final Fantasy VII 7 Standee – I love Playstations cheap marketing message, “Never underestimate the power of playstation”.

PS1 Promo Store Display Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Standee Sign Working Designs – I just love seeing original store displays.

Playstation 1 PS1 Promo Store Display Wild Arms 1 Standee – Just as the above, and this is one Ps1 RPG game I have never even played, and I played 99% of them.

Super Nintendo SNES Store Promo 3″ Venticular Button Ask Me About Starfox – Ladies and gentlemen, the title says it all.

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  1. The large Mario plush is damaged. His hand with the peace sign should be sewn to his head.
    Also, I can confirm that the Oswald hats have only been available at E3 2012 so far. Did you see what those N64 controllers went for?!

  2. I have a few of those Majora’s mask masks that are in much better condition. In the same promotion, there was a Goron mask and a Zora mask. I have them as well. What do you think they would go for in auction? I might be interested in selling.

4 ft Super Mario Hanging Doll, Epic 2 Oswald Ears, Zelda Majora’s Mask Promo and More!

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