Resident Evil 24k Gold Plated Trading Cards, My Little Pony Diablo 3, Everquest 2 Limited Edition Kit Rae Sword and More!

I have a bunch of amazing items today. Some I have never seen before, and others are too rare to pass up! First auction is this Resident Evil 24k Gold Trading Cards. Two posts in a row featuring something from the series. I’ve never seen them before, and the seller is notorious for giving four word descriptions. There’s no mention of where these are from, and from which Resident Evil game. With that said, judging by the pictures one can see the Capcom logo on the cards (bottom left). The card showing Nemesis is also a good indicator that these cards are from Resident Evil 3. The odd thing is that when you flip all the cards over, you’ll see a picture that sort of looks like it;s manga art. I’ve never seen that drawing before so maybe Capcom got an artist to do it for these cards as a “one-time” deal. Anyways, the sellers asking $1000 for these Gold plated cards.

Other Video Game Auctions:
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Rare Collectible 1990 Employee Wrist Watch – we are seeing more and more employee related items on eBay.Seller says: “I worked for Nintendo from 1987-1993 as a merchandiser. One of the employee exclusive items that I received was this Nintendo Mario employee watch. This watch was only given to a few select employees and was not sold to the public. The watch features the Nintendo logo and has a small Mario that moves as the second hand. The words “1990 Nintendo of America Inc” are at the bottom of the face of the watch. It is in great condition and would be perfect for any collector”
Everquest 2 Limited Edition Kit Rae Sword 1 of 200 Only Made – Here is a really cool item that I know Akira will love. Seller says that these were given to Developers at Launch. Extremely Rare EQ2 Swag. “Definitely one of the rarest pieces of Everquest 2 swag you’ll ever have the chance to get your hands on. Only 200 were made. This particular one is #142 of 200. The swords were made by famous knife/sword maker Kit Rae to celebrate the launch of Everquest 2 and given to the development team and a handful of other VIPs, which I was lucky enough to be one of. It has hung on my wall ever since as one of my favorite pieces of swag I’ve ever received from any game/studio over the years. But now it is time to pass it on to another fan of the game. I apologize about the quality of the pictures attached, they were taken with my cellphone and are a bit blurry. The guitar hanging next to the sword is there just for scale purposes and is naturally not included in the auction. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send them my way.”
1980 Pac-Man Carpet Rug from Bally – This is one of my favorite auctions today. I would totally go for this if the price was too high. I know exactly where I would put this in my home. Just look at how vintage this thing is!
Vintage CASIO DW-6600 1199 G-SHOCK Alarm Watch “Resident Evil” – Nice simple watch that one of the characters in the movie wore which makes it a little bit “appealing”.
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG first 4 figures 20TH ANNIVERSARY limited statue! 602/900 – These statues are going down in price so now is your best chance at snatching one of these for dirt cheap. The way it works with collectibles is that there are three phases. 1st phase is the “release” phase where everyone is trying to buy the statue and will spend a lot of money to acquire one. We already passed this stage. This Sonic statue is now in phase 2 which is called the “Sneaky” stage. Basically everyone who really wanted this in the beginning bought their statue(for a lot of money mind you), and now the statue is on a downlow. So people are not searching for this statue as much and for those that are searching for it don’t have a lot of money to spend which is why these sell for a lot lower in Stage 2. Then in stage 3 it’s called the “Craze” where people are starting to search for the statue again and demand increases which causes the value of the statue to explode! This is where collectors don’t want to be because they will pay an arm and a leg to acquire the statue (more then the people in stage 1). This of course is just a theory and if this statue goes over $1500 then you can just scratch out my theory ;).
SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED CHRIS METZEN Diablo III 3 shirt little pony unicorn – Seller says: “This is a signed Diablo 3 shirt autographed by the Diablo 3 dev team in Irvine, California at the Diablo 3 midnight launch. Chris Metzen, the man behind creating the back stories of Blizzard’s Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo series is one of the notable signatures on the shirt. His autograph is on the left side of the “3” in the logo. Update: It’s recently discovered there is a Secret Pony level in Diablo 3 which makes this shirt even more awesome. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JeQzJC-vS40#!”
Broderbund Software Clear Acrylic Pyramid – 1988 Employee Gift – Seller says: “You are bidding on a Broderbund Software Clear Acrylic Pyramid. These were given to Broderbund employees at a Holiday Party in 1988.Has been stored in a box in a smoke-free home.The contents of this auction are sold AS IS with no warranty or guarantee. Returns are not accepted. Product information listed above is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed.”
Duck Hunt-NES-FAMICOM-NEW!! JAPAN – suprised no one has placed a bid on this yet. I’ve never seena brand new Famicom Duck Hunt game before. Have you?
Nintendo Famicom 200 Games LOT JAPAN Free Shipping – you rarely see Famicom lots on eBay. This ones pretty decent and if you are interested the seller has two more lots (Super Famicom and another Famicom auction ending soon).
Selling 9 Rare and 1 Brand New a total of 10 Nintendo Game&Watch – Check out why the seller is letting this go:”I am selling my whole collection to help pay for my wedding. All the games works excellent and in perfect working order! bright LED and sound is very good, controls is great also! please check out the pictures “..

Rare Posters!:
Metal Gear Solid Rare Jap Poster
Snatcher Jap poster Very Rare
Policenauts Jap poster Very Rare

Custom Made Cosplay:
I saw these two auctions and that they were really cool. Halloween is only 4 months away so why not get started on your costume by checking out the links below?
Metal Gear Solid custom made Shadow Moses Arctic Genome Soldier Cosplay Costume
Metroid Zero Suit costume

Super Nintendo SNES – Earthbound For Display Only Small Box – Unfolded
Incident at the Workshop Alien Swarm Lithograph #32/100
RARE Limited Edition Yoshi and Baby Mario Figurine Nintendo in Box Statue

Good luck!

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  1. I love Broderbund’s logo. You just don’t see that kind of logo for a video game company, or any other company for that matter :).
    Myst holds a very special place in my heart, it was the first PC game I ever played way back in the 90’s. Don’t forgot about Lode Runner and Prince of Persia as well!

Resident Evil 24k Gold Plated Trading Cards, My Little Pony Diablo 3, Everquest 2 Limited Edition Kit Rae Sword and More!

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