The Legend of Zelda Madness and More!

Good morning VGA readers I’ve got a TON of awesome Zelda auctions for your viewing. Most are on regular auction so you have a chance to snag them at a low price. Not the biggest fan of Buy it Now auctions as the prices get too jacked for my taste, however buyers have the choice to price their items however they like. Enjoy the auctions and leave a comment!

Video Game Auctions:

NINTENDO 64 Game Boy Color NES SNES VIDEO GAME Store DISPLAY Case GLASS DOORS – Cool original Nintendo 64/Gameboy display with glass doors and light up marquee. In pretty good shape but a tad expensive. I’d be willing to dish out $300-$400 on this.

Super Nintendo SNES Fun ‘n Games Original Box B Ultra Rare – This is just for the box. A rare title that doesnt show up with the box so if you want to get one step closer to completing this the box is on a fixed auction.

Skull Kid Statue Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask First4Figures F4F Collectible – The price is usually high for the Skull Kid figure. Seems like yesterday when they were selling for $97 at

Tenrai Ocarina Of Time Replica Vessel Flute Legend Of Zelda Musical Instrument – This is not original but a nice Ocarina from Zelda, “At Tenrai Ocarina, we believe in form and function. We believe in the spirit of innovation as well as improving upon and challenging the status quo. We believe in the arts. We believe replicas should stay as faithful and true to the original as possible.“.


Nintendo Legend of Zelda Majora’s mask figure Deku Link by Epoch w/ goron zora –Standing about 2.5 inches tall, the figure is in great condition with no noticeable paint rubs. The flower seems fragile, so I will go my best to protect it during shipping. He comes with all masks (Goron, Zora, Deku and Keaton) originally included EXCEPT sadly, Majora’s“.

The legend of Zelda link to the past Sealed tin case game vintage import figure – “A very rare Japan import tin case with a mini board game inside. It is in mint condition sealed and unopened. It is hard to come across Link to the past merch because very few of it was made. It is hard to find these in new condition so don’t miss you chance to pick it up. Message me with any questions or concerns.

The legend of Zelda link to the past Sealed tin case game vintage import figure – Same seller as above link. I like the link to the past feel on these tin cans.

Vintage 1989 Link Figure Nintendo Rare Figurine PVC Applause NES Legend of Zelda – This is from 1989 and in mint condition. Even the cardboard is in good shape. On auction and at $50.

Nintendo Cereal System Box (empty) original Super Mario Bros. Legend of Zelda – 18 bids so far and it’s at $48. You don’t see these often in this condition. Seller kept it in good shape for a very long time.

Vintage RARE 1988 Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Plastic Keychain NICE – Another Zelda item from the late 80s in this auction. This is a key chain for the first Legend of Zelda on NES.

Legend of Zelda Quill 3DS Feather Stylus – I have never seen zero bids on this stylus personally. Someone is always bidding on this. Average price I’ve seen it sell for it between $20-$30.

Nintendo Players Choice 10 Top Arcade Cabinet – This recently ended on auction with no bids. Right now he has it at $500, but also the same listing for $1500.

HEAVY 10K WHITE GOLD AMAZING 3.0CT BLUE/ORANGE DIAMOND SUPER MARIO PENDANT – At $400 so far this has me thinking it will go pretty high being the mario 10k White Gold pendant.

Vintage Super Mario Bros.Telephone Phone RARE GREEN Nintendo Complete In Box NES – Awesome phone. Which one would signify Mario more, the blue or red version? I’m a blue guy, but red is the dominant Super mario color.

PS3 Collectors Lot Signed Art of Journey, Uncharted 3 CE, GT5 CE, MGS HD LE – Full collectors lot of signed goodie including titles like Uncharted, MGS, and Gt5.

Nintendo Game&Watch Super Mario signed by Miyamoto – First game & watch I’ve seen signed by Miyamoto.

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  1. The Zelda keychain is the logo from the first game, but came out around the second.
    Also, the white gold Mario is unofficial. It’s always been up for over several thousand, so it is interesting to see it at auction. Still, a horrible likeness and there are several with “diamonds” and “gold”. I wonder if any of the material is real!

  2. Yeah I agree it is a horrible likeness but for that price tag I would imagine something would be real or of value. I personally would never pay a high price tag for something unofficial, just doesn’t sit well with me or my collection.

    For the key chain I actually realized it was from the first Zelda then typed the name as an image tag, but didn’t change the description… guess it was sheer laziness. Will do that now.

The Legend of Zelda Madness and More!

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