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Good morning VGA readers. I decided to do a Final Fantasy specific search because I haven’t done one in a while, and not many rare items have appeared in the last year besides the Final Fantasy VII music box worth mentioning but it seems as years go on less and less items appear while the prices go up. This is why when I do see older final fantasy merchandise I can appreciate the rarity and value it holds. One will never know if that value will rise or drop. Is it a generation thing or will it continue? We will never know but my question is does it matter? Are you collecting merchandise to sell it in the future or to build a hobby that you love? Does it matter that you paid $500 for an item that might drop to $100 in two years? Personally I like to know that a a video game collectible I own holds a certain value to it.

Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy Cloud & Tifa Statue – A few issues with the statues. First they don’t come with a box, and secondly Cloud has has his leg broken before but repaired. It’s $150 bucks for both so if those things don’t bother you then go for it.

Final Fantasy VII Sealed -Seller says there are no tears or rips.

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sculpture Arts Sephiroth – Brand new in box, it’s about right in price if you were to buy it.

Final Fantasy VII 7 Mini Store Display Standee New 1997 Squaresoft – I remember seeing this in stores. This one is new and not used according to the auction. Price is $399 or best offer.

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Quiz Rally Poster Set of 8 Amano – “For sale is a set of 8 Final Fantasy Posters that were given to people in Tokyo who participated in a Quiz Rally in celebration of Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary. From what I can gather the posters were given away at different points on the Tokyo Rail Line: Each poster features art by Yoshitaka Amano for each Final Fantasy game 1-14 (with 2 games being represented per poster for the first 7 posters, the last one featuring a multitude of characters) each one measures approximately 16″ Long X 11″ Wide so they are a nice displayable size. Each poster also seems to be in good shape.”

Final Fantasy Chocobo 25th Anniversary Plush 6″ Yellow new limited – To be honest this is the first time I’ve seen this, maybe because it’s new. Final Fantasy was first created in 1987 so if it’s the 25th anniversary than it would be 2012 this was made, or maybe 2011 for 2012? Either way no specifics in the auction but I have seen in completed listings it sells between $35-$55. Maybe this is something to snag up now as it will rise in value?

Final Fantasy 7 139 card set VERY RARE has the HTF 4 foil cards vii – Hard to set a price on this. I’ve seen the set sell for $150, and also $400.

FF Final Fantasy Ufo Catcher Plush Figure Doll Barett Cloud Red Chocobo Japan – They are in generally good condition, these usually have wear even if you find them on YAJ. Barrett looks a little beat up though. Seller should have a best offer option.

Final Fantasy 7 Cloud & Chocobo Jigsaw Puzzle Clock FFVII NIB – The first time I saw this for sale on eBay was 5-6 years ago. It could have shown up before than which is very possible but when I saw it for sale it was in SQUAREworx store for $750 at the time with no box. Now you can find these sealed for under $400, and the last one that was sealed sold for $250 I believe.

My Entire Final Fantasy Collection – This collection is HUGE. He has a lot of brand new games too and the ones that are open are in “like new” condition. This is a hard earned collection that must have taken years and more to collect. I guess he decided to move on with his life, maybe it doesn’t give him the same emotions it did when he was 11-12 years old. Like an ex-girlfriend the fire just burned out and time to move on.

Final Fantasy VII 7 ‘THE CHALLENGE’ Silkscreen Signed YOSHITAKA AMANO – This is being sold by Vetenks! who is quite persistent as a seller. He’s been listing his own collection at prices you’d win off a scratch lottery ticket. They are rare items for sure but his prices tell me, like most big time final fantasy sellers(kefkasdomain, anglo toys), that he won’t part with them unless they sell at those prices. They are still very nice items and I wish I had the dough to buy them :).

Final Fantasy VII 7 Sephiroth & Aerith YOSHITAKA AMANO – This is also being sold by Vetenks. I don’t know if it’s a lithograph or silkscreen?

Final Fantasy VII 7 – Complete Gold Phone Card and Dogtag Set of 12 -Costly phone card set. It is complete but $2000 is not something I would personally spend on this because no way to display it.

Final Fantasy XI Music Box Squaresoft FF11 Online Collectors – Don’t know about the price. I saw this because I know it was sold a few times for $200 and $400. I’ve seen the youtube videos, it’s a tiny box, definitely cool to have but no $2k cool.

Final Fantasy VII 7 Original Soundtrack Limited Edition 4CD OST DigiCube Sealed – Came out in 1997 and it’s still sealed. A tad pricey, I think the value should be around $400-$500 but again the seller can sell it at whatever price he/she chooses.

Final Fantasy VII 7 – Forgotten City – Cold Cast Collection w/ Box – I love this cold cast, beautiful in art and design. Although this one has damage on the water and a branch is broken. A mint/brand new should not sell for more than $500.

Final Fantasy VIII 8 Moomba Mug Cup RARE! Brand new 1999 Squaresoft – Cool moonba mug from 1999.

These are at a pretty good price if you ask me. Final Fantasy Chromes fluctuate in price and I’d say these are at the medium point of pricing and they come complete:

Final Fantasy 7 VII – Cloud Strife Chrome

Final Fantasy IX 9 – Zidane Tribal Chrome

Final Fantasy VII 7 – Sephiroth Chrome

Final Fantasy VI Mog Chrome Figure

Final Fantasy 3 6 VI – Tina / Terra Branford Chrome

Final Fantasy 3 6 VI – Sabotender / Cactuar Chrome

Final Fantasy 2 4 IV – Rosa Chrome

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  1. “maybe it doesn’t give him the same emotions it did when he was 11-12 years old. Like an ex-girlfriend the fire just burned out and time to move on.”

    Lol, good wording. :p

  2. regarding the pictures of the “complete” FF-collection.. if he packages this one as half as half-hearted as he stacks those games on top of each other.. the boxes will be gone forever 😛 it’s a pitty that he somehow destroys those on purpose

Final Fantasy Only Post

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