Get Val Venis to Sign Your Video Game, Ratchet and Clank Rare Statue and More!

Some of you might be a little bit younger to remember an old WWF (now WWE) character by the name of “Val Venis”. I use to be into watching the WWF with Hulk Hogan, Randay Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Brett Hart, Shawn Michaels, damn I can go on forever. The 80’s and early 90’s WWF wrestling what the shiz nit, and although the transformation of the WWE into the whole “Attitude” era was alright, it’s completely dead and has been for me for many…. many years. Despite that, I’ll always remember old characters and Val Venis was one of them:

Val Venis WWF WWE

Although he wasn’t the most popular character (well not for me), he was still including in the golden era of great wrestling so I’ll remember him when I see him and this auction caught my attention. At first I though the seller was selling some new wrestling game and that you can get it signed by no other than Val Venis. Now I am not sure if this is actually Val Venis’ eBay account which the seller goes by “me-plus-2“, but it would sense since there a recent photo of a more “older” and “out-of-shape” Val Venis than what I remember him looking. He doesn’t look bad, but you can tell he lost a lot of muscle mass.

Val Venis WWF WWE

Yup, that’s him. So like I said I am not sure if the seller is some random dude who has connections with V.V or if it’s actually V.V himself, but we’ve seen some video game celebs pop up on eBay before such as Richard Divizio signing his own Mortal Kombat banner and even n original Goro MK standee. I am not sure how much value this brings to any video game you own, probably more in the WWF memorabilia spectrum but if he was one of your favorite characters from the WWF then bid on this auction as it’s only $50. He’ll sign any video game (specifically WWF/WWE games) or anything else you want.


Just for your info this is what’s written in the description:
“Brand New and sealed. This can be Autographed by WWE Val Venis “upon request” once payment has been received. You will also receive a Promo picture autographed by him as well.
If you wish him to sign it, please let me know if you want the cello package to be removed in order to sign the box.


Other Video Game Auctions:

Alice the madness returns life size tea pot replica– Seller says: “I am selling my life size replica tea pot weapon from the alice madness returns video game in excellent condition and it comes with the original packaging.”
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK – Atari 2600 Display Standee Indiana Jones – I got in an argument with someone who says this standee can easily go for $400+. I doubt that, and I don’t see this standee reaching $200 so we’ll see how the Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari 2600 standee will go. Lot’s of money on this one ;).
Ultra RARE RCA Studio II 2 Video Game Console Home TV Programmer– Seller says: “Up for your bidding pleasure is a super rare RCA Studio II gaming console. No games, no cables (except, obviously, the one attached), just the system.This is an estate sale item, so I do not know its history. Please let me know if you have any questions. All sales are final, no returns, no exceptions.”
God of War Promotional Launch Kit – “This is a promotion kit for the release of God of War. Includes: Large box designed to look like the game box that velcros shut, Promotional Reel (sealed), Demo Disk (sealed), Game Brochure. This item is in excellent condition and extremely rare. Photo is of actual item.”
Ratchet and Clank Rare Statue Insomniac Gentle Giant – Definitely worth the starting price and this statue will climb. One of the best video game statues out there (if you can find it). Seller says: “Up for auction is a rare Ratchet and Clank Going Commando Employee exclusive statue!This is a great collectible for Ratchet and Clank fans and is in great condition! I received this as a gift and am moving so don’t have room for it anymore. The statue has been on display since I received it in a smoke free home out of direct sunlight. The auction includes the original box as well as the foam. There is wear to the box. If you are looking for a mint condition box, this is not the auction for you.I know this is a higher price point item so I want to be as upfront as possible about everything! Note:There is a little wear on the base where the feet make contact with the base. This came from simply assembling the statue. It is not visible when Ratchet is actually positioned on the base.There is a small wear point on the bottom edge of the base. Not very visible when on display.The base is a little dusty. (Statue went back into the foam once I decided to sell the piece)”.
Magic Knight Rayearth SEGA Saturn Action / RPG Complete – WorkingDesigns is one of the best RPG video game companies of all times and they’ve come out with some awesome titles that touch me dearly from my childhood. Rayearth was an interesting title and still fetches a high price when it’s complete. Check it out!
Nintendo Super Weekend Starfox Jacket New Unworn Unique Collectible Powerfest – Dang, there’s 6 offers already since I’ve added this auction to my watchlist. It’s nice to see that this jacket is still available as sometime in the future a Star Fox Competition jacket will soon be obsolete so you should submit your offer and hope for the best!
Capcom Mega Man Digital Clock – This auction for the Capcom Mega Man digital clock. This item was offered by Capcom as a promotional gift. This was left in its packaging and never opened.
Original Sony Playstation Lighted Display Sign Two Sided – If I wasn’t broke I’d click the buy-it-now button in a heart beat. One of the best logos in video game history…

Reader Submissions:

Chrono Cross Kid Statue Kotobukiya #346 – Thanks Jason!
Indy – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The Graphic Adventure – Thanks Henrik!
Yoshi’s Island SNES Super Nintendo Promo Promotional Vintage Tape Store Display – Thanks VideoGameAntiques!
Super Nintendo SNES Employee Promo 1991 Tour Badge Promotional Vintage – Thanks VideoGameAntiques!
EarthBound Super Nintendo Promo Box Promotional Box only no cartridge no game – Thanks VideoGameAntiques!
Super Nintendo SNES Store Display Promo Promotional Rare Shelf-Display Vintage – Thanks VideoGameAntiques!

Good luck!

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  1. Hmm, I really have to go up to the attic some time. I’m pretty sure I have at least one or two similar Playstation lamps still boxed somewhere up there 😛

Get Val Venis to Sign Your Video Game, Ratchet and Clank Rare Statue and More!

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