LOZ Ost's, PIKMIN Display, Bully Special Edition, Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine

What you will find on eBay you can find a lot cheaper in Japan. Of course I’m talking about video game collectibles, but there’s always exception to this rule. However, with these next items submitted by our friend Nightram, they are cheaper in Japan than on eBay (if you can actually find it on eBay). These auctions below are 3 different Legend of Zelda soundtracks.

Legend of Zelda, Takamaru Ninja Castle EP

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Fantasy LP

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Sound and Drama CD

Mind you, the soundtracks are quite expensive on Yahoo Japan Auctions so don’t think you’ll be winning these baby’s for under $10! But the best catch (and I know Nightram agrees) is the Legend of Zelda LTTP soundtrack. One of the best OST’s in video games and this particular OST has a double CD which consists of a “Drama” or better known “arranged” tracks which are AWESOME! I am lucky enough to own this rare OST and it’s something special. Similar to the Super Mario World OST where they have a 2nd CD that’s arranged, the Legend of Zelda arranged tracks are to die for! If you are a Zelda fan and haven’t heard the arranged mixes from this OST you can break the mystery and ruin the magic by YouTubing it, or save the magic by buying one of these CD’s.

For you new readers, if you want to find out how to bid on these awesome CD’s then you’ll need to follow these instructions at VideoGameMM.com! You’ll need to read the instructions a couple of times to familiar yourself with the process but you should be fine in the end. Good luck!

(Thanks Nightram!)

Other Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy VII Bundle – Final Fantasy is going down and I’ll be the first one to say it. Probably you hard core collectors are thinking “it’;s been going down for tyhe past years” but one thing that we can agree on is that Final Fantasy 7 will always live on and be strong even to this day. Rare collectible auctions are always being sniped so it shows that the 30+ crowd is still hanging onto the memories which isn’t a bad thing at all! Check out this neat lot!
Bully Limited Special Edition PS2 – I remember stumbling upon this game at a video game store I use to work at ages ago. I never heard of Bully before and I found out it was basically the “High School” version of Grand Theft Auto which was an awesome idea by Rockstar games. Even though it’s identical to GTA in terms of controls and layout, the idea is quite interesting. What’s cool about this special package is that you get a dodgeball that you can blow up and play with! Yup, in the game you have to go to Gym class and end up playing dodge ball to pass a challenge.
Xbox 360 Keychains! – Believe it or not this is one of my fav auctions of the bunch! Awwww… look how cute the lil Xbox 360 controllers look :)!!! Me want!!
Street Fighter 2 slot machine – Only… in…. Japan… need I say more? TOTALLY AWESOME!!
Sega Master System Promotional Poster – awesome vintage poster. “Take Hold of TheSega Adventure” …. lol… man that’s awesome
Game watch Nintendo Super Mario Bros 3 1991 – Hmmm … looks like the seller has more than one of these all on regular auction. Impressive nonetheless but I would wait for him to lower the price before jumping on it. I am sure that you can find cheaper if you do a search.
Nintendo Wall Mountable Cardboard Retail / Store Display – PIKMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official Playstation Employee Only Lawn Chair Portable – For some reason it looks like a baby would only fit in this chair. Looks tiny! But it’s official so it passes :).
Sega Genesis Cartridge 7 UP – Don’t you just want to have a sip from this thing? “Image is nothing… thurst is EVERYTHING”

Good luck!

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  1. “Rare collectible auctions are always being sniped so it shows that the 30+ crowd is still hanging onto the memories which isn’t a bad thing at all!”
    I’m 24 and love to manual-snipe on these rare collectables, so I resent that! hahaha

    Anyway, yes, FF is going to hell in a hand basket. I just finished a replay through of FFVIII, FFVII, and, my personal favorite, FF Tactics. Things will never be the same 🙁

  2. I accept your objection!

    But you brought something up that’s interesting. The reason these older games have more value (be it software/hardware items or even collectibles) is because people like you and me play them again since the newer stuff is crap and totally off from the real definition of what Final Fantasy is really about. So when we play the FFVII’s and the FFVIII’s, we fall in love with the games all over again which fuels our need to buy something related to it on eBay; but it happens that those items are always the damn expensive ones!! LOL And it’s really not just you and I replaying those games but many other gamers which is why there are bid wars STILL for these collectibles.

    Rock on!!

LOZ Ost's, PIKMIN Display, Bully Special Edition, Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine

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