Nintendo Kabaya Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Mini Figure Silver Set, Nintendo Power Merchandise

Good morning VGA readers. I have a bunch of Zelda auctions, Nintendo Power auctions and some other random categories. I think you’ll find some cool Zelda auctions in here. I’m liking the Russ Moore art if you take a look at the bottom, especially the Mario one. If you have comments I encourage you to leave them, we like to hear feedback and thoughts about the auctions. We don’t know everything so there’s always more information on a specific auction that other collector’s can benefit from reading. Enjoy!

Video Game Auctions:

VTG NINTENDO LEGEND OF ZELDA T-SHIRT ORACLE OF SEASONS Nintendo Power 2001 – If this shirt was new I’d buy it, but it is pretty beat up and worn out with a very strange looking stain in the last picture. I guess if you’re looking for a shirt with character look no further.

Nintendo Power NP Magazine Vintage Killer Instinct AND Yoshi’s Island Cards – I remember getting the Nintendo power issue where you received the killer instinct cards with the magazine. I don’t know if it was only exclusive to Nintendo Power subscribers at that time.

Nintendo Power Super Power Club Trading Cards 12 Uncut Sheets 72 Cards Total – Wow this is a great deal, 72 cards total set uncut it’s probably best deal you’ll find and it’s at $24 on auction.

Nintendo Power Pocket Power from The Wizard movie – Here i something you don’t see everyday, it’s the official Nintendo Power “The Wizard” movie magazine given out to people who went to see “The Wizard” in the theaters.

Nintendo Power Final Issue #285 Dec. 2012 Lot of 5 Brand new & Factory Sealed – You can’t beat 5 issues at $69 bucks. They will never make a Nintendo Power issue again (actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a comeback later on in years), so picking up 5 new issues isn’t a bad idea.

Great Lot of 11 Nintendo Promo Pins & Pinbacks – Nintendo Power Team Pins – Cool pins, but more importantly you get 2 original Nintendo Power pins brand new.

RARE Nintendo Power 100 Coins – This is on regular auction with 6 bids and it’s at $41.

NINTENDO NES Famicom Metal Gear – I have no idea why this is at $52 for a Metal Gear Famicom game, but hey maybe I’m missing something here. Not like it’s an MSX, but it is complete so it would make sense for a die hard Metal Gear fan to want to own the Japanese version.

Free NINTENDO 3DS LL Console CHARIZARD EDITION Pokemon Center – “For those of you in Japan, a new Pokémon themed 3DS LL has been announced. This new 3DS LL is due for release in the Pokémon Centres across Japan. Unlike the Pikachu one, ability to get this 3DS LL is done via a lottery, with applications beginning in November 3rd until November 26th. It is then available to purchase from December 15th until January 14th if successful and will cost 18,900¥. Like all 3DS systems, it’s region locked.“.

NEW Gold Super Mario Figure – “You are bidding on a new, limited edition gold Mario figurine. During the 2004 holiday season, this figurine was offered as a free gift to all Platinum level members of Club Nintendo in Japan – it is limited edition and very rare. The figurine is approximately 2.5 inches tall and sits in a 3.5″ x 2″ x 14″ cardboard box with protective foam, a small gold plaque, covered in a thin plastic case.“.

Nintendo 1998 Pokemon Figures By Tomy New #90 – Discontinued, 8 bids, $29 bucks with 14 hours left.

VINTAGE Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Quiz Cards with Box – From 1995 you have hundreds of quiz cards which can make for a fun night with fellow gamer buddies.

Vtg 1988 NINTENDO Twin Flat Bed Sheet LEGEND OF ZELDA Fabric – The colors are still bright, does not look faded at all. For the price I think it’s good.

ZELDA II THE ADVENTURE OF LINK PROTOTYPE SAMPLE GAME PAK graded by VGA with COA – Alright so you have the choice. You can buy a Ferrai OR you can buy this Zelda II Prototype. Come on which idiot would prefer to spend 100k on a stupid Ferrai when you can get this Zelda II prototype… it’s a no brainer. Oh and to add the cherry on top it’s PAL.

Nintendo Kabaya Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Mini Figure Silver Version Set – Now this is a nice auction, it’s the complete Kabaya Zelda ocarina of time set. Yeah sure it’s silver and not gold but this is rare in itself. It’s currently at $103 on regular auction.

Vintage Nintendo famicon Japan THE LEGEND OF ZELDA PEN CASE Eraser – Promo merchandise for a Link to the past in Japan. Comes with the pencil cases, two paper boards, and two erasers. For $94 I think it’s a pretty good deal. Sure you can find it cheaper on YAJ but you’d have to keep a search and hope each item is under 500 YEN to make it worth your time.

Limited Edition Russ Moore Legend of Zelda Hero’s Triumph print poster – This isn’t official, but it’s nice art done by Russ Moore. They are limited edition and numbered.

Russ Moore The Pipe Cleaner print Mario Brothers poster – I really like this poster, take a look.

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Nintendo Kabaya Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Mini Figure Silver Set, Nintendo Power Merchandise

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