Metroid Prime Sunglasses, 1992 Nintendo Campus Challenge Shirt and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. The post comes a little later than usual on my end but I do have a ton of auctions for Final Fantasy fans, Metal Gear fans, Zelda fans and collectors in general. I’m liking the Metroid Sunglasses and that Final Fantasy III poster which you could have ordered from the Squaresoft catalog in the early 90s. I haven’t seen that Final Fantasy III watch on eBay in ages, same goes for the Baseball cap. Enjoy the auctions!

Video Game Auctions:

Metroid Prime Sunglasses – This was a promotional launch in 2000 for Metroid prime on the Game Cube. Pretty cool glasses in yellow shade.

Super Paper Mario Wii Notepad – This is cheap at $3.99, about the same for a normal boring note pad, why not have some personality in your note taking and pick this up.

Nintendo WiiU Wii U promo water collectible – “His Wii U water bottle was given away at a special Wii U screening before the console even came out”.

1992 NINTENDO CAMPUS CHALLENGE PROMO – According to the seller it has never been washed or worn, if that’s the case this will be watched by a lot of collectors.

Nintendo Zelda Pin Set Vintage Rare Original – For 4 original pins, 2 Zelda, and 2 Mario, it’s not a bad deal.

Celosia Eleventh Colossus PS2 Game Shadow of the Colossus – 3-4 years ago you were able to buy the whole set for $50 off YAJ, now the prices have sky rocketed even on YAJ if they even show up.

Malus the Final Colossus PS2 Game Shadow of the Colossus – Same as above.

Nintendo MARIO THE JUGGLER MB-108 Handheld LCD Game & Watch – From 1991 this is an extremely rare game & watch complete and so far it’s $415 on auction and climbing.


1989 Vintage Wilton Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Cake Pan – I know this is from 1989, but I am almost certain they sell these at Wal Mart. Last time I went shopping I saw this in the aisle where they have baking stuff, not that I bake, it just happened to catch my eye being a video game guy.

Vintage SUPER MARIO BROS 1989 Nintendo DRINKING Plastic CUP Mug – Nothing beats an oddly stained Super Mario cup from the 90s. I’m impressed with how it’s been able to keep a fresh color without a hint of fade.

Duncan Pac-Man Yo-Yo and Q*bert Action Figure – A pac-man yo yo! Come on how can you NOT think that’s bad ass. I have a friend who’d love to bid on this auction. It’s only at $10.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trial and Tribulations RARE keychain figure – “This is for a special promo given away for per-ordering the game of the same name , still has tag, never ” used” and has an attached chain for putting on a backpack and or keychain.”.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA ~ PARALLEL WORLDS WITH BOX – It’s around $70, good price as it’s presented nicely on auction.

LEGEND OF ZELDA HYRULE HISTORIA SWORD BOOKMARK – Book mark was given out at comic con in 2012 and it’s fetching for $7.

GEARS OF WAR JUDGMENT Baird Trust Your Guts STANDEE DISPLAY – I can’t for this to come out, I saw a trailer of the multiplayer mode, looks crazy.

Metal Gear Solid Silver Poster – An original Metal Gear Solid poster for the Playstation. Looks to have some wear but definitely worth framing. It’s at $32 on auction so far.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Snake Character Poster Rare – From the same seller above, I like the original poster better than MGS 2.

Metal Gear Solid 4 European Promo Poster – Same seller as the above 2.

Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert Tickets – WOO HOO 2 tickets to paradise! Not quite but yo do get to see Nobuo Uematsu so that’s pretty cool given that he actually appears on stage.

FF 6 Chocobo 6″ Offical Final Fantasy VI Creature Plush Doll Stuffed Animal Toy – This is a pretty rare Final Fantasy plush as it’s from Final Fantasy VI. I believe you could have gotten this from a vjump magazine. There’s another one on eBay but this is cheaper. It’s from 1994.

Zidane 5″ Final Fantasy IX FF 9 Plush Doll Stuffed Animal – In pretty good condition with it’s original tag. There are already two bidders on this.

Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII FF 7 God Bless the Ring“A set of Vincent figures from Final Fantasy VII. Each figure stands about four inches tall and everything is in perfect condition. I believe this set was a promotional item for another game, but I’m not sure on the details–suffice to say it’s extremely rare. The bottom of the stand reads as follows: ©1998, 2000 SQUARE / DREAM TEAM FACTORY ILLUSTRATED BY TETSUYA NOMURA”

HUGE FINAL FANTASY VIII 8 TRIPLE TRIAD CARD LOT – huh? 11 bids and it’s at $49? This usually sells for 10x that price. Wonder what it will end at as I always see these at a high price with a best offer option.

Final Fantasy II 2 SNES Super Nintendo NEW Factory Sealed – Damn $20k for a game, I mean I’m not a price authority on merchandise or games but there’s a lot I could do with 20k. Now if I won the lottery or was filthy rich than yeah sure I’d live out the guys fantasy for $20k, and I don’t mean that kind of “fantasy”.

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Hardy Poster – I could be wrong because my memory can only go so far (given the 10% of brain usage) but I believe this is part of a 6 set poster set from Japan for Final Fantasy VII. I don’t see any serial, squaresoft or dates indicating it’s original or factory produced, I believe the poster set from Japan did have writings on it indicating the numbers and originality so now that I think of it it’s probably just a North American version.

Final Fantasy III 3 Poster – Same seller as above he’s got the original Secret of Mana poster as well.

Final Fantasy 9 IX Bouncer Square Soft original Store promo – It’s a little beat up, in this condition I can say it’s worth between $75-$100.

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Metroid Prime Sunglasses, 1992 Nintendo Campus Challenge Shirt and More!

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