Nintendo Powerfest 1994 Cartridge, Bubble Bath Babes Panesian and More!

Good morning VGA readers. There’s some really cool auctions today including the extremely rare Nintendo Powerfect 1994 cartridge which is already at $10,200! Wow I’m hoping the collector bidding on that actually has disposable income rather then using credit to purchase that. I also really like the Super Famicom Mario Kart travel case which is something I have never seen before and I believe it’s at a low price. Enjoy the auctions everyone!

Video Game Auctions:

ACE COMBAT 5 THE UNSUNG WAR PROMO FLIGHT JACKET PATCHES – Air combat 5 promo patches that you can sow on your jacket or keep in the tin can. It’s currently at $12 with 2 bids.

Nintendo Capcom SNES Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition – I really like this Street Fighter 2 pin. Really cool and only $20 beans.

Sega Pin Masters Club Badge – Nice, you can be part of the Sega Masters Club for only $10.99.

LOT OF 10 UNTESTED NINTENDO NES CONSOLES – Wow that’s a lot of NES consoles. I wonder what else the guy has in his warehouse/basement. There’s 15 bids and it’s at $142.

Nintendo- Bubble Bath Babes Panesian – It’s at $611 with 13 bids. I guess the bidders are still living the 12 year old fantasy of getting a cheap thrill from 2d boobs, but in their defense it is a rare nes panesian title.

NINTENDO POWERFEST 1994 Cartridge Super Nintendo SNES Rare – I don’t need to explain what this is, the price and description explains it but I will add a brief description from the seller, “This auction is for a super rare Nintendo PowerFest 94 cartridge. There are only two known copies of this game and this is the only one with 10,000 points per home run. The game is very similar to Nintendo World Championships but with different games and much more rare. There are hundreds of NWC cartridges but only two PowerFest 94 cartridges”. Currently $10,200!!

Brand New Sealed Super Street Fighter 2 Snes Super Nintendo – this is a sealed SNES title that will hold value as I’ve always seen it get sold for a high price. Currently there is a reserve on it.

The Most Amazing Nintendo NES Video Game Collection – Don’t look at the NES games, look at the shelf on the right. Scissors, lubricant, lighters, rollies, donkey kong painted on the wall, a piece of paper saying “walmart’?? It’s like a scene from a sick demented drama movie from the 90s.

Nintendo Demo Unit M82 (PAL) Rare Retro NES Demonstration Machine – This is the Pal version make no mistake but will always draw in bidders.

Supervision Watara sticker ultra rare adesivo original watary – Just posting this because I like the image, reminds me of the poster for the french house band Cassius.

Price down! RARE SUPER FAMICOM TRAVEL CASE MARIO KART – Pretty bad ass travel case, definitely a nice collectors item.

DUCK TALES 2 NES RARE VINTAGE GAME – great game, but it’s in PAL and for $40 it’s a steal.

RARE VINTAGE 1980s Super Mario Bros NINTENDO Pillows – these pillows would look great on my couch, the stains are of a concern lol.

CASTLEVANIA X Rondo of Blood IGA SIGNED PC Engine Turbo Duo CD Grafx – SIGNED BY KOJI IGARASHI at Universal Citywalk GameStop.

Super Mario Bros. Stage Figure 2nd 6Compleat + Secret – You can get these much cheaper on YAJ. The price tag is hefty.

NINTENDO VINTAGE RETAILERS DISPLAY CASE – Seller ships within the USA so I would assume it’s only freight which will be expensive. Still a nice deal for these display cabinets.

Loom Vintage Lucasarts Boxed CD Rom – Quite a few bids on this classic title from Lucasarts.

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  1. Powerfest 94 is awesome. I hope we see some repros coming from it. I’d love to relive that memory.
    As for the pillows, I can vouch that the fabric is official, but someone had to have made them into pillows.

Nintendo Powerfest 1994 Cartridge, Bubble Bath Babes Panesian and More!

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