Super Soccer Champ Prototype, Decently Priced Graded Games, Resident Evil Zippos and More!

I loved the Super Nintendo soccer games all the way from Super Soccer to Super Soccer Champ (ya I know, titles could have been better). I was never big on prototypes and don’t know anyone else that’s big into them as well. I can also say I’m no expert when it comes to this field. But, I use to own a Jaws NES prototype back in the day and the board was different than the regular version/had that signature white LJN sticker on it instead of the sticker with Jaws on it. Wasn’t able to notice anything different during my progression through the game. I beat the game and noticed nothing. So here’s the thing, some prototypes will have noticeable changes and others will have nothing. So this is why I was never big on them because there’s no point in spending $2k on something that’s exactly like the regular version. So what the cart looks different or has screws in strange places, in my case, having a different sticker than the regular version. I would like to see extra levels, or something that wasn’t included in the original game.

With that said, the only prototype that made sense to me was the Goldeneye 64 prototype. The prototype is different as I heard that you actually have access to the little Island across from the Bridge in the first level. If you ever played Goldeneye 64 and would zoom your sniper on the right side of the bridge (head North from gate) then you probably noticed the small island with the buildings. Supposedly this was suppose to be another piece added to the level where you would need to take a boat and go to the other side. I’m not sure why the developers never added it to the game but maybe there wasn’t enough room? Or that the first level was long enough? Not sure, but as a kid I was fascinated by this and when I heard there was a Goldeneye64 prototype once on eBay that had access to this little island I was obsessed.

Anyhow, back to Super Soccer Champ! Seller mentions that the development board is a bit bigger than the standard version and the screws are different than in the regular SNES version. Here is what he says in the auction: “This is a prototype of Super Soccer Champ for Super Nintendo. The cartridge contains a development board, and the game has been tested. The board is bigger than the standard retail version of this game as seen in the second photo (lower board is for reference, but I will include it with the purchase upon request). Another cool detail about this prototype is the screws the cartridge uses (not the standard snes ones). The cartridge is in used condition with some cosmetic wear and some peeling on the label corners. There is a rattle (a common issue but one I would want to know of in advance) that can be resolved with a bit of bubble wrap placed inside the cartridge (happy to do this for you upon request). ”

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Other Video Game Auctions:

Bioshock Arcadia Merlot Wine Bottle – This is a super rare, very hard to find Bioshock Arcadia Merlot wine bottle. It has never been opened and it still looks like the day I pulled it out of the sand. The three posters inside feature advertisements from Raptur.
lot 2 Promo Playstation water bottles – ps3 move e3 press swag – Yes, some people do like to have have water bottle promos :). These were handed out to press only people at a playstation event. Note: they have been opened previously due to having to take them onto an airplane.
LOLO & LOLA 10″ STATUE from Adventures of Lolo Video Game Nintendo – Cute custom made art for LoLo. Loved the game! Someone should have made LoLo plushes as I’d buy one in a heart beat. I guess this is the next best thing.
Mega Man 2 Brand New Factory Sealed VGA Graded 80 Nintendo NES Very Rare HTF – VGA graded Mega Man 2 on regular auction. The reserve has not been met yet. I’ve seen similar go to $600-$700 which is very fair given the grade and the title.
Riot games League of legends teemo statue – limited edition – tem is brand new, original made by Riot games inc., makers of League of legends game. Comes in original box. Made of high quality plastic. Item is very rare and highly collectible, only few are manufactured worldwide.
Figure First Sonic the Hedgehog limited edition statue – I love this version of Sonic (classic). Seller’s got a good starting price on it ($250) or a buy-it-now at $750.
TUTTUKI BAKO BANDAI ELECTRONIC FINGER GAME BLACK BRAIN DEVELOPER JAPAN GADGET – Interesting little electronic game. Stick you finger in and have some fun! Tuttuki Bako (Poking Box) is a new augmented reality game that allows you to interact with digital creatures inside the box by sticking your finger in! A digital representation of your finger will appear in real time as you’re moving creatures, figures, and causing all sorts of virtual trouble. Brain developer for every one who play this game.Can give high success for any subject you study.
Official Limited STARS Tshirt Resident Evil Chris Barry Wesker Rare – I believe this is either Chris Redfields shirt or Barry Burtons Shirt. Regardless, it’s a hard piece to find and the price is excellent!
BIOHAZARD Code Veronica Hong Kong Comics Promo Zippo Lighters Box Resident Evil – The box set were made by SkyWalkers Co, Ltd, who did official comic books for BIOHAZARD3 and Code Veronica in Hong Kong. However, unlike other promo items released along with the comics, this set was never released publicly. Only very few set were made and were given to selected people. The set includes two Zippo-like metal lighters (1 X Chrome & 1X Vintage Brass). And they come in a beatiful wood box.
VGA Graded Games:
I don’t normally post ridiculously overpriced VGA games unless they are on regular auction or if the seller has a decent buy-it-now price. Currently seller maizeblueaa has a bunch of cool NES games that were graded and for cheap. The only one on regular auction is this Double Dragon VGA game although it was a very low score. However, if you want to see the complete list of what the seller has click here!

Good luck!

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Super Soccer Champ Prototype, Decently Priced Graded Games, Resident Evil Zippos and More!

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