Castlevania SOTN Litho, Signed VG Soundtracks, Video Game Addiction Buttons and More!

Todays round of auctions might come at a good time for some of you. There’s some good deals right now as well as price reductions/relistings so have a look to see what you’re missing!
First bunch of auctions were submitted by Denis and maybi83(Thanks!!). There’s some interesting video game soundtrack signings being offered from Germany. You’ve got the Zelda Ocarina of time Soundtrack signed by Koji Kondo, a Yoshi’s Story Soundtrack signed by Takashi Tezuka, and a rare Ridge Racer 64 Soundtrack that was supposedly sold only in Germany. Quick a line up of soundtracks if you ask me. I don’t see Koji Kondo signing many Ocarina of Time soundtracks (or maybe he has and no one wants to give them away :)). Also never seen a Yoshi’s Story Soundtrack signed before so that’s quite unique if you ask me. I also LOVE the seller’s other auction for an 8-Bit Mega Man made out of wood! It’s so elegant and stylish yet very simple for display in any environment. I love the size (35 x 35.5) and if I was richer I’d jump on the baby. But if you’re located in Germany (or close by) and have some money to dish out, the Mega Man made out of wood would be a nice visual addition to your art gallery ;). Auctions below:

Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack SIGNED by KOJI KONDO – Asking EUR 350,00
Yoshi´s Story Soundtrack SIGNED by TAKASHI TEZUKA – Starting bid at EUR 1,00
Ridge Racer 64 Soundtrack Speed Nation – Starting bid at EUR 1,00
Mega Man 8-Bit made of Wood 35 x 35.5 inch – Asking EUR 1.200,00

Also been keeping my eye on this beaut; Castlevania symphony of the night lithograph. It’s probably one of the most beautiful litho’s I’ve ever seen (alright, the frame has something to do with it lol). But I’ve been eying this one since it’s been up and the price was around $10,000! Now the seller’s put the lithograph on regular auction starting at $1999. Still a little high for my blood but what I would do to own this especially since it’s just at my reach. I thought I’d share in case anyone else was interesting in snagging this one.

Click here for Castlevania SOTN Lithgraph signed by Kojima

Seller says: “Selling here is an extremely rare Castlevania Symphony of the Night Lithograph signed by Ayami Kojima. This is the holy grail for Castlevania collectors. The lithograph was created as the prize for the number one supporter of the game. Back in 1997, Konami held a contest for Castlevania enthusiasts in which the loyal fans had to prove their “love & support” for the game. The actual details of the contest is not known (ex: contest entry, requirements, etc…). The lithograph is in excellent shape and comes with the original prize letter and frame box. Also included is the original frame hanger (white rope) along with instructions on how to properly hang the litho. Ayami’s signature is at the bottom right of the painting hand signed. The English translation of the prize letter will be supplied. To this day I have not been able to find any information on the web other than what I know myself which leads me to believe that this is the only one of its kind. This is easily one of my most prized items in my collection and I am selling it today as it’s time that a fellow Castlevania fan can appreciate this as much as I have. The lithograph was beautifully displayed in the front entrance of my home. Guests would be astonished on how beautiful and unique the lithograph is.”

Castlevania Symphony of the Night SOTN Lithograph Painting Signed Autograph Kojima Creator Konami

Other Video Game Auctions:
McDonalds – 1990 Super Mario Happy Meal Display – Here’s an auction that was relisted because the seller didn’t get paid. I’m all over this one.
Nintendo ds kit with Charles Martinet autograph – Awesome auction, too bad it has the gentlemans name on the signing :/. Dedicated signings just don’t feel the same…
Mario & Luigi Dream Team and pillowcase San Diego Comic Con promo rare Nintendo – This is for auction 1
Mario & Luigi Dream Team and pillowcase San Diego Comic Con promo rare Nintendo – This is for auction 2
Nintendo promotional Powerplay Saturdays Champion trophy – cheapest I’ve seen so far. Pretty awesome necklace to own if you’re big into those Ninten tournys; this one from the PowerPlay Saturdays tournament.
SDCC Kingdom Hearts Four piece Resin Set Monogram – SDCC Kingdom Hearts Four Piece Resin Set Exclusive by Monogram. Sold out! Please note that box has a torn corner, see pic! Shipping is free within the US, PayPal only, let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
1980’s Video Game Addiction Buttons Store Display FULL – You are bidding on a VERY RARE Video Game Addiction Buttons Cardboard Store Display thats still full of buttons!! Its from the early 80’s and was made by NIKRY NOVELTIES CO INC Van Nuys California! It measures about 16 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Its made of cardboard. Its in good shape but has some wear on the cardboard edges. Also the back corners that fold out have tape on them because it was taped opened to set on a counter. Still displays very nice. This one is stiull FULL of buttons! 36 total!! Here is the buttons that are on it:
4- Ms Pac-Man
19- Pac-Man
4- Berzerk
2- Tempest
1- Asteroids
1- Warlords
1- Astro Blaster
1- Battlezone
1- Space Fury
1- Missle Command
1- Scramble
NEW, UNOPENED, RARE 3DO Employee Jacket Men’s L Employee Exclusive – This is a NEW, unopened 3DO employee Men’s large jacket by Port Authority. These jackets were never commercially released and only available to 3DO employees. This jacket is still sealed in it’s original bag and has never been worn. It has been kept in storage for years in a box inside a closet of a smoke free home free of any direct sunlight.
RARE Pac Man 30th Anniversary North End Jacket Men’s Large L – This is a rare, exclusive Pac Man 30th Anniversary jacket by North End. These jackets were never commercially released and only available to Namco employees and attendees of the Namco E3 party that year. I’ve worn the jacket a couple times after but it’s still in MINT condition and has been kept in storage for years in a box inside a closet of a smoke free home free of any direct sunlight. The jacket is 100% polyester and very comfortable.
Konami Jacket Men’s Large L Employee Exclusive/Holiday Gift – This is a rare, exclusive Konami jacket by ID Wear. These jackets were never commercially released and only available to Konami employees and attendees of a company holiday party. I’ve worn the jacket a couple times after but it’s still in MINT condition and has been kept in storage for years in a box inside a closet of a smoke free home free of any direct sunlight.
E3 exclusive Sega Gamer Promo shirt L MINT RARE – This is an E3 exclusive Sega Gamer promo L men’s t-shirt. It’s in MINT condition and has only been worn a couple times. I got this at E3 in 2010 and have had it in storage for a couple years, it’s been stored in a box inside a closet of a smoke free home free of any direct sunlight.
ATARI ICD R-Time R Time Clock Cartridge 400 800 800XL 1200XL 130XE 65XE XL XE – ATARI ICD R-Time 8 Cartridge Untested * Needs Battery * Very Rare *
For 400 800 XL XE XEGS 8-bit computers by ICD. Game Cartridge only. UNTESTED, NO RETURNS. I BELIEVE IT NEEDS A NEW BATTERY to function properly.
Geist Force SEGA Dreamcast Unreleased Beta Production – This is the unreleased Geist Force beta, produced by AssemblerGames. Do note that this is not a completed game, but rather represents the state of the game disk that was preserved. Its is new and sealed, just as it came. It will ship in a solid box to help ensure that it reaches you in one pieces, as the CD cases that were used are notoriously cheap.
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Media Press Kit Complete Set Very Rare – German Press Promotional Kit of AC Brotherhood. Complete Set, press book with press DVD, plus 3 DVDs with material used to promote the game by media. Very hard to find a complete set.
Atari 2600 k-tel vision games Spider Maze & Vulture Attack together – 2 great games for the Atari collector. These are a rare find. Tested and working. This is a great package deal…get your hands on both!
Bioshock Infinite MIND IN REVOLT Autographed Book Signed Copy 5 of 15 Very Rare -This is a very rare, autographed copy of the Bioshock Infinite book “Mind in Revolt”. This is #5 of only 15 signed copies that were exclusively available through the Irrational Games store. The autographs include Ken Levine, Joe Fielder, Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes. The book is in brand new condition and has only been taken out of the box to take the photos. A certificate of authenticity from the Irrational Games store will also be included. Please note that the certificate on these only had the total number of books in the edition and not the specific number of the book. Insurance will be provided when shipping and a signature will be required upon delivery of this item to ensure arrival.

Here is the official description from the Irrational Games site:

Authored by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder with creative director Ken Levine, BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is a prequel to BioShock Infinite and provides insight into the mysterious sky-city of Columbia prior to the events of the game. Printed in full color, this hardcover book is bound in faux-leather paper and stamped with the official seal of the Comstock House Re-Education Center. Featuring artwork by Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes, approximately 48 pages long and decorated with concept art as well as inked illustrations, Mind in Revolt is a true artifact of Columbia. Signed by the authors and artists, and limited to only 15 available.
SDCC 2013 Comic Con Autographed DuckTales Remastered Poster Signed Rey Jimenez – Listing is for an Autographed Poster of DuckTales Remastered. From the San Diego Comic Con. Poster is signed by Rey Jimenez (Producer) and is about 14″x20″.
Fallout 3 Bethesda Exclusive Gary Vault 108 Hoodie Only 54 Made – You are bidding on a very rare an limited Bethesda hoodie for vault 108 also know as the Gary vault. Bethesda made just 54 copies of this hoodie each numbered differently to show all 54 Gary’s in vault 108. This item sold out in less than 10 minutes!!! Item is brand new never been opened sized M. This auction is for the Gary-11 also included which I got from the package is a note with thank you on it an 24 crayon words of Gary. Also is 7 bottle caps with each having a letter or number that spells “Gary 108”. These all came from Bethesda an will make a great addition to any collection.
Super Mario 3d World Wii U E3 Expo 2013 Exclusive ULTRA RARE On Ebay – This super mario 3D world tshirt took almost a 4hr wait to obtain in a random price spinning table, as you know e3 is an industry only event!
Fairtex Konami K-1 boxing gloves 8oz promo items – The Konami logo looks really sweet on those gloves!
Chappy Bulborb Pikmin 2 Nintendo Official Plush Sanei Doll Japan Japanese – This Bulborb plush is Nintendo official product and only available in Japan!
MEGA MAN X3 ~ Brand NEW VGA 90+ MINT ~ Saturn PAL ~ One of a Kind – Yes, one of a kind supposedly worth $13,000
The Last of US – Very Rare Soundtrack on USB – Coolest promo EVER! Soundtrack The Last of Us Game on a USB stick that looks like a cassette tape.
Nintendo Technos Registrar Patent Certificates NES SNES Promo Paperwork – Up for auction are the actual patents that were sent to the video game company Technos after they were officially registered to operate in the United States and Australia. A very cool part of video gaming history.

Good luck!

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Castlevania SOTN Litho, Signed VG Soundtracks, Video Game Addiction Buttons and More!

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