WWII Advanced Sega Game, Resident Evil Wine, Donkey Kong Country Jacket and More!

Before I list the goodies from the post’s title, I want to show this massive Computer Game PC collection. What’s cool about this auction is that it’s 100% PC games. When the heck have you ever seen a Massive PC collection like this? I know I haven’t. The dude’s got 1,446 titles and probably more if he miss-counted along the way (you tend to after 100 🙂 ). Like the title says, “A lifetime of video gaming awaits you“, but with this collection you’ll need 2 or 3 lifetimes to play and beat every game. PC games in the 80’s and 90’s were far more superior than console games. I haven’t been up-to-date with my PC gaming but the console games have somewhat caught up to PC gaming which is why I’ve stopped focusing on PC gaming all together. Of course my opinion is subjective and arguable to the hardcore PC gamer, and I am sure there are technical advancements solely on the pc itself, but when it comes down to it I’m a controller guy and as the French say I like to “plug & play la“.

Click here for Computer Game PC Collection 1,466 Titles – A lifetime of video gaming awaits you Auction

You seriously need to check out the photos, the dudes dressed up in a suit and posing like it’s his wedding day. Classy! Exactly how I would do it if I let everything go. In the first photo the gentleman is posing in front of his collection, one hand on his bride games while the other hand is calmly tucked in his pocket… smooth, very smooth. You can tell the seller truly treated his games as if they were alive and walking about, living, drinking, speaking, breathing…. We’ve posted many of these auctions before and I know it’s one of Kenji’s favorite type of auctions to post simply because the mystery, the confusion, and the awe behind the auction. We always wonder what goes through the minds of these sellers? What brought them to this? Who or what made them want to sell their life long efforts of building such a monstrous fort? I think the seller wearing his suit like that paid a little tribute to Rod Serling, host of the Twilight Zone show as if to mock us, letting us know we’ll never figure out the real motive for selling his games.

We will never know the reason, and although some sellers have the guts to spill the beans, most simply say it bluntly, “Time to move on”. For this reason it’s why I applaud one of VGA’s sister sites; VideoGameMM.com. Over there you have massive collections on showcase and never have I seen or even read of a member letting go of their collection. Especially the sites owner, Nightram, who just recently was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Video Game Merchandise Collection in the world! I applaud him for staying with his passion and keeping all of his collectibles tight; keeping what makes him happy. In the end the seller’s of these type of massive auctions do what’s best for them and in conclusion, although we tend to question why let such an achievement go so easily we still respect it and for that reason I am listing this auction here hoping that perhaps one of you might be interested in building an instant PC Gaming Collection.

Yours truly,


Other Video Game Auctions:
Ninja Gaiden III NES Nintendo Sealed VGA 85+ – Ending today and at $630
Super Nintendo Rare Lot – Earthbound, EVO, Final Fight Guy, Harvest Moon SNES – Awesome RPG lot and it’s at $620 with the reserve not met.
Little Samson NES Nintendo Complete CIB – The game was just listed and already has a bid of $600. It’s complete in box and as mint as I’ve ever seen it.
Star Fox: Super Weekend (Official Competition Cartridge) (Super Nintendo) – Starting bid at $550! Jump on it!
WWII–SUPER RARE GAME Mega Dr./Sega Genesis UNBELIEVABLE! From Japan – Odd, very odd. Also comes in good timing because of the whole “Hitler Wine” controversy that’s going on now. What’s up with Hitler and the WW2 theme popping up now?
Dota 2 The International 3 – 7 Different Plush Set(Including DOLFRAT!) – Price is at $180
Atari 2600 – Air Raid – One of the hoily grails of video games. $15,000 buy-it-now. Let’s see what happens.
Resident Evil Biohazard Juice Bottle 3rd Anniversary Promo Official CAPCOM JAPAN – heh, it’s actually wine not juice, but really cool Resident Evil item. One of the rarer items to get in the franchise.
NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS SIGN – Awesome sign but a little bit pricy for my blood.
Mega Man 9 Press Kit New Sealed Capcom Mint With Original Digital River Invoice – has a reserve.
Dead Space Plasma Cutter Isaac Clarke LIFE SIZE carrying case gun laser – You gotta have this if you played Dead Space, just look at how accurate the gun is!!
Autographed Oculus Rift including signed T-shirt/Poster – Pretty cool that it’s signed. Not sure how much added value that gives for this particular piece of hardware.
The World Of Hitman Special Limited Collectors Edition PC ULTRA RARE – No bids at $89
E3 Shin Megami Tensei IV 4 Lithograph Poster Signed By Masayuki Doi! – Price is at $70
Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield Official Tactical Shirt BSAA Biohazard CAPCOM PS3 – Haven’t seen this shirt for a while now. It’s the same shirt Chris wears in Resident Evil 5. Pretty neat
Dragon Quest Music Box Complete Set Treasure Chest SQUARE ENIX X 7 8 9 3DS Wii – Seller says: “elling here is an ultra rare music box set for Dragon Quest games. There are 4 music boxes, each holding a different tune from one of the Dragon Quest games. I’ve aquired this from a collector in Japan who was a Dragon Quest nut and he told me that he ordered these music boxes online. I am not familiar with the DQ games and purchased these music boxes in order to build my collection, but I do know one of the tunes are from Dragon Quest VIII. These music boxes play a beautiful tune and having them all go at the same time is quite a treat! This would make a great addition to your DQ collection and it truly a rare find.”
Resident Evil Toy Biz Action Figure Complete Collection CAPCOM Leon Chris Albert – Complete Resident evil figures
Donkey Kong Country Prize Jacket SNES DKC Nintendo Ultra Rare Contest Exclusive – Seller says: “Selling here is a limited edition Donkey Kong Country Prize Jacket. I won this jacket at my local GameZone store a long time ago when DKC was released on the SNES. It was an exclusive Canadian tournament in which all major Video Game stores would hold the tournament (GameZone, MicroPlay, ProGamer Games, etc..). I remember it was near Christmas time because it was snowing outside when my dad dropped me off at GZ. Prior to the tourny all the participants played a bunch of regular NES games so that we can be qualified for the tournament. There was 6 of us that made it to the finals and I ended up coming in second place. I don’t remember what the first place prize was (probably a brand new DKC game with some merch), but I came in second place during the time attack. The player who was able to finish the 1st level in the least amount of time with the most points would win. Supposedly not every shop had these jackets and that there were other types of prizes, but from my research I found that the jacket is the rarest prize from the 94 tournament. The jacket I have is in great shape with no faults (please check pictures). Simply put, if you did not live in Canada during the time, you did not get this jacket. It’s a beautiful piece to add to your DKC collection”.

Good luck!

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  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I could never up and buy a collection like that, even if I had the money. Collecting is more than just having all the games and collectibles, it’s about the experiences buying and finding each game or collectible. The little stories behind each item is what collecting is all about. That’s why a lot of collectors are reluctant to sell items, because of the sentimental attachment.

    About PC gaming:
    I used to be a PC gamer back in the day (late 90’s, early 2000’s) but I got out of it because of the simplicity of consoles. Back then consoles were made only for games, I liked how you could instantly pop a cartridge or disc in and be playing in a couple of seconds. No installing or calibration needed. You couldn’t do that on a PC.

    Another reason why I stopped PC gaming was because my PC just couldn’t handle the newer games, I got extremely frustrated that my PC couldn’t play any new games that I paid for. But… recently I’ve realized shooters don’t work as well on consoles as they do on PC, so I’m getting back into PC gaming. I’m really missing all the great RTS and adventure games too :).

  2. Very true Joe. It’s really all about the experience and all the greatest games we’ve played many years ago have that “purchase” story added to it. I remember all the great games I bought; the Mario games, the Metal Gears, Resident Evils, Final Fantasys, etc… Even with PC gaming, I remember when I purchased the copy of King’s Quest Anniversary. For sure there’s a self satisfaction of buying your own games. But let’s say we have hundreds of thousands to spend. The reason I would buy this lot other than the obvious reasons (save time no purchasing each game + build instant collection), is to find and discover other incredible titles I never heard of/knew existed. PC games has it’s way of doing that. How many times I ended up finding out about an awesome point-click adventure game I never knew existed. For console gaming it’s very hard to stubmle upon a great game; not just a “good” game but great, and having that satisfaction that you couldn’t believe “this one” passed by you. The only game that comes to mind where that happen in recent times was Shadow of the Colossus. Couldn’t figure out how I missed that game. I guess it’s because I wasn’t paying attention to video games back then hence no reading magazines/checking up on new releases through websites.

    About the PC Gaming, you’re 100% right about the upgrades you would need to play a new game. One example that comes to mind was the very first Call of Duty since it was originally released on the PC. I remember I asked my sister to get it for me for Christmas. Well you guessed it that the damn game didn’t work because of the system requirements. THAT SUCKED! Also, I know what you mean about FPS games are better on the PC and the only reason for the hardcore gamer to prefer it is because of the quick keys/mouse. I HATE THAT and couldn’t enjoy playing an FPS without a controller. I know it’s not as fast, but I’d prefer to have everything in one place (controller). I probably never gave the FPS PC style a chance, but it’s hard to when you were brought up in the “controller” generation as my friend likes to put it.

  3. Very true.
    Does anyone have a record of whether or not these collections actually sell in massive lots like this? Seems like more of a way to show off what someone has than a serious sale. They always have such massive price tags and who in the world has that kind of money set aside to buy a gigantic collection like that? Still, props to that guy. It’s certainly a wholly unique collection.
    Also . . . sister sites! Woo-hoo!

  4. Lol Nightram

    I never thought about that though, the idea of putting up your massive collection just to “show off” your achievement. We would need to keep a record of these massive auctions and see what sells/what doesn’t sell. I use to keep tabs of auctions that sold the most but it ended up being too time consuming 🙁

  5. that world war 2 game is garbage. i had the same game when i was younger. its a pirated game because even back then companys couldnt have dictators like hitler on the cover

  6. Sorry, but Advanced WW2 is not a pirate game and was released in some Asia countries. Maybe what you have might have been a bootlef, but this was an official release.

WWII Advanced Sega Game, Resident Evil Wine, Donkey Kong Country Jacket and More!

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