Legend of Zelda Hyrule Poster Signed, Final Fantasy VII Zippos

Good morning VGa readers. I have a bunch of Final Fantasy related auctions in here and a lot of other cool merchandise at a low price. I’m trying to stay away from the higher priced auctions because they aren’t realistic in terms of collecting and pricing. Some prices are just stupid. But for now until the fresh regular auctions run out I will list 7 day auctions. Enjoy the post and see you tomorrow!

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Bally Midway 1980 Vintage Original Pac-Man Waste Trash Garbage Can

LOT OF 30+ Gears of War Judgement Pre-order limited edition art prints

Vintage nintendo sign! Super rare! Super Mario! Exceptional condition

Mega Man Legends / Rockman Dash – Data monkey plush


NEW F-ZERO X Expansion Kit Nintendo 64 DD GAME JAPAN

League of Legends Season2 World Champion Statue+TShirt&Bag


Mario Kart 64 remote control figurine in go-kart, Japanese exclusive

Super Rare Nintendo Super Mario Bros Record 1986

Official Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Zippo Boxset LIMITED EDITION – No.0189/3000

Final Fantasy IV V VI VIII 7 disk Music Soundtrack CD Set Stars Vol.1 Vol.2

Rare Vintage SNES Super Mario / Yoshi Store Sign / Super Nintendo Display X2 X2

FF 6 Chocobo 6″ Offical Final Fantasy VI Creature Plush Doll Stuffed Animal Toy

Official Final Fantasy VII Aerith Zippo Boxset LIMITED EDITION – No.1319/3000

Final Fantasy 1 VGA 75 Super Mario Kart VGA 80 Super Mario Bros 3 Sealed

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  1. That signed Zelda poster is 100% an absolute FAKE! Study and compare signatures, you will see how “off” the signatures really are compared to known authentic examples. Miyamoto never signs his name that rushed. Plus, the seller is from Idaho. How often do you think Miyamoto and the gang visit Idaho? I feel sorry for whoever wins this, unless they just want the poster and not the value of forged signatures.

  2. Steve, I took a veeeeeery close look and no alarms went sounding off. 18 bidders, comes with authenticity, I mean what more can you ask? It’s not a Michael Jackson or Elvis autograph where it’s worth the effort to fake it. What will the seller make? A couple of measly bucks? Is it worth it to fake it? Will all his effort of paying for the poster, not to mention the time to accurately fake the autographs, then post it on ebay, pay for the fees etc… pay off? Unless it typically sells for thousands daily, I would understand your point, but it’s not a profitable scam to run, especially on a nerdy video game guy like Miyamoto, he’s not the kind of guy to attract con artists.

    We have our opinions, but don’t come out saying it’s a fake when all signs point to it being legit.

  3. I respect your observation, but I kindly have to disagree again. I am an autograph collector myself, collecting both celebrity as well as video game signed merchandise since 2002. eBay is flooded with fakes of all kinds, including the occasional video game autographed merchandise as seen here. The seller will not make a measly couple of bucks off this auction, as of this writing the auction is at $91 and will go higher unfortunately before auction end. Miyamoto is the perfect candidate for counterfeiting, because his signatures always fetch a high dollar amount. Just look through the completed listings category to see. It doesn’t matter who the celebrity is, if he or she fetches a hefty bid, you bet there will be people who will take advantage of that.

    A “certificate of authenticity” means nothing, because anyone with a home computer can print one up to make it official looking. If it’s not certified by a third party service, such as PSA, it raises warning signs. Because this certificate is issued by whom? The very person selling it. I can put up a fake Miyamoto too, and say it comes with a certificate of authenticity by “Steve’s Collectibles INC.” Anyone who wants to bid on this should get an unbiased PSA Quick Option analysis on it. I doubt it will pass as authentic. Every signature appears to be in the same handwriting, size, and slanted to the right. Miyamoto usually signs with his left hand, so why sign slanted towards the right??? And the “M” in Miyamoto and the “U” in Shigeru look way off from any authentic examples compared. And a 30 day guarantee? Sounds great, since all the respected authenticator companies issue a lifetime guarantee on their signatures. After those 30 days when you find out it’s a fake, guess what? You are SOL.

    You also have to question when Miyamoto, Aonuma, and Kondo have ever been together in the same room for this to get signed. The seller also has several other game related auctions currently going as well, all signed by every person involved with a series. So they all have been to Idaho to promote their games? Granted, the seller may travel, but think of the expense, hassle, and time to get all of those posters signed. They would not be worth risking a $39 opening bid for all the expense involved if they sold for so little. Also, no pictures from the signing? If you or I met Mr. Miyamoto, wouldn’t you want to snap a few pics of yourself with him as further authentication to your claims?

    Again, this is my opinion based on past experiences, but I respectfully believe all signs point to this as a fake, and whoever ends up with this will have a very expensive poster signed and forged by the auctioneer, making any value it’s worth solely in the poster only.

  4. “We have our opinions, but don’t come out saying it’s a fake when all signs point to it being legit.”

    Sure he can Kenji. Steve can come on here and say anything he wants (minus the vulgar language of course πŸ™‚ ). But most importantly, all signs do not point to it being legit. No one will ever know until the seller uploads a video of Miyamoto signing the exact poster.

    I didn’t check the auction hard enough to make up my own opinion. Maybe tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  5. Thanks Riku. I’ll continue to keep it church words only. πŸ™‚

    I don’t mean to make a big deal out of the auction. I know you guys just report what’s currently available without predetermined judgement. I just really want to bring awareness before someone invests their savings into something they think has potential collector value. I have no personal vendetta against this seller, but by only providing a self made C.O.A. as “proof”, it just isn’t enough for me to be confident in my purchase from them. No pictures provided from the event, a ticket stub or receipt, telling of where this alleged event was and when, or any other proof is what sets up the red flags.

  6. Well then I guess it’s safe to say that the buyer should bid under his own discretion. I am not an expert, and even PSA I don’t trust as an independant company did a test on whether they really comfirm signings. I think they had fake signatures of Johnny Cash and Robin Williams. The company went to their head office and had both of the fake autographs inspected and they passed. You’ll never know unless you speak to Miyamoto himself. We’ll see what happens but this will be a case of “buyer beware”.

  7. Miyamotos signature doesn’t have to be 100% exactly consistent wth his previous signings. There will be deviations from the way he normally signs due to many variables (time constraints, focus, attitude, stress, etc…). All these variables can contribute to someone not signing 100% all the time. How many times have I signed something and when the bank teller takes the signature to compare to an older signing, I always get question since it’s not 100% consistent.

    You can’t be with a signing unless you are really taking your time to make sure it’s 100%, and waiting in line seeing Miyamoto do this would have been mentioned all around the web. Unfortunately there’s no forum saying that Miyamoto takes his time when he’s signing and holds up a freakin line for hours. I kind agree with the fact that the seller would have to go through a lot just to make some bucks online.

  8. Good morning guys. First off, never forget 9/11. Today also happens to be my birthday, so it will always hold a personal place in my heart.

    Absolutely Kenji, a buyer should only bid if they are confident in the sellers claims. I buy autographs on eBay all the time, and if I receive an autograph that just doesn’t feel legit, then I question why was it worth spending money on in the first place if it’s just going to cause doubt in my mind and I can’t enjoy the autograph fully. And for PSA, I agree they do have fakes pass as real on occasion, but they are an ok option for having someone outside ourselves give their opinion on a signature, and we don’t see what we believe to see.

    Pakman, I agree Mr. Miyamoto’s signature changes at times, heck…he even changed his signature completely since the early days of when he would sign stuff in Japanese. I can say he is pretty darn close to consistency in his signature for the most part. Simply Google image “Shigeru Miyamoto autograph/signature” and you will see most are nearly identical. I’ve never once seen his signature with a squiggle M look like that. And yes, if the seller said something like “This was signed on April 3rd 2003 at such and such event in Los Angeles” I would then Google news articles to see, well yes he was there and did sign for fans, and the other two were there also. Having such a vague description tells me nothing of where it was signed, or if all three producers have ever even been in the same room promoting a game here in the States. I do know from various articles from my research that when Mr. Miyamoto signs autographs at Nintendo World in New York, they hand out a small number of tickets so things don’t get out of hand with the amount of crowds, and he is then able to can accommodate everyone in line without having to rush his signature like this example in the auction.

    I really don’t want to come across as everyone out there is out to scam everyone else, I always try and see both sides to any issue. I’m not being completely cynical, I’m just saying make sure to do thorough research beforehand and don’t take everything at face value with what anyone says or claims without anything to back it up. Otherwise we’d all be falling for those lottery scams we get if we didn’t question and say, something is just not right here. My personal opinion on this item just doesn’t make sense or add up from all I’ve seen, so thanks for letting me express it here.

  9. Well happy birthday Steve! and yes, we’ll never forget September 11, and I have given my moment of silence.

    Your argument is very valid, and I take back what I said early about all signs pointing to it being legit. I’ll stay neutral in this matter and let the buyers make their own conclusions. Also your opinion is always welcomed here.

    Happy birthday πŸ™‚


  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! I got Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which I’m about to dive into. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been hanging around your site for awhile, checking out the various goodies when available. Just now have I finally gotten around to posting something. I’m glad I did, as I appreciate the warm welcome! I’ll make sure to send anything interesting I come across on eBay your way.

    Thanks for letting me vent a bit on this issue. I hope whoever ends up with the poster at auction end tonight is happy with it. That’s really all that matters. I just wanted to point out from experience it will be difficult to pass as authentic if whoever wins it were to send it in to one of the major authenticators, due to the lack of paperwork or having that M look so different than usual.

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Poster Signed, Final Fantasy VII Zippos

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