Nintendo Dolphin NPDP Cart and 8 Bay Writer, Gameboy Dev Kit, Gamecube NR Reader with Accessories

If you’re a collector interested in development equipment and testing hardware for consoles of the past, there are several auctions you may want to check out below. Remember when the Gamecube was called the Nintendo Dolphin? The first couple auctions listed are from those days…

Nintendo Dolphin NPDP-GW NPDP 8 Bay Writer – This unit is able to write to eight NPDP carts at once. I’m not an expert on how it works but it appears to be in great shape.

Nintendo Dolphin NPDP Cart – Here’s what the NPDP carts look like. From what I understand, there’s a hard drive inside these carts which can hold more than a few Gamecube games.

Gameboy Dev Kit Player – This dev kit is very interesting because you can play Gameboy games on a standard TV and the player uses any NES controller to play!

Nintendo NR Reader Gamecube with Accessories – Not only does this auction have the NR Reader boxed but it also includes a stack of NR discs and a bunch more sealed in jewel cases.

Here are a bunch more auctions for today that aren’t development related:

Super Mario All Stars Promo Display Banner – A banner from the push Nintendo made for the SNES by giving away copies of Super Mario All Stars.

Super Nintendo Kiosk – Some expected yellowing on the console.

World of Nintendo Store Display Cabinet – I can’t express how much I want one of these for my NES collection. Shipping might be possible to work out with the seller using a freight forwarder.

Super Mario Bros Vintage Plush Chair – The asking price is beyond crazy so I’m not sure if the seller will accept any reasonable offers.

Gradius Music Box – Credit to the seller for the very generous work with the photos. Wooden music boxes can damage easily.

The Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds Sealed – Keeping this sealed would be an interesting little collectible but I would much rather play the game.

Super Famicom Satellaview SHVC-A-BS01 Boxed Console – All parts and inserts included.

Vintage Super Mario Bros Pillow – Another vintage Mario item with a high asking price.

Vintage Donkey Kong Bumper Sticker – True, this Electronic Games Magazine Donkey Kong bumper sticker is certainly something that would be very difficult to find but check out the price the seller tossed out there. You can maker an offer though… good luck!

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  1. why do you advertise this fake reproduction(hack) for Zelda? Just because he put it in a bit of plastic doesn’t justyfiy it’s (non existent) rarity. It’s just about 400€ more for just the faked seal 😉

  2. We list many fan made items from time to time including sculptures, paintings, replicas, etc. A physical copy of a fan made game stands above all others in my opinion. Having it sealed is a nice touch but if nobody buys it… too bad for the seller, right?

  3. Good question, and the reason we showcase Parallel Worlds is because it’s a Link to the Past related. Sure it’s not official, but it’s damn cool. Collector’s know it’s unofficial, we’ve mentioned this in the past many times, but for the Link to the Past fans like myself, it’s cool to have the option to play a game in similar style.

Nintendo Dolphin NPDP Cart and 8 Bay Writer, Gameboy Dev Kit, Gamecube NR Reader with Accessories

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