A Mobile Rush For Energy Drink Fanatics

During a recent trip to Easter Europe, I could not help notice how much mobile barcode scanning is pasted all over the place. It’s almost a commodity compared to what we see in North America. I noticed a sign in a night club that almost every second person was scanning.

I realized it was a sponsored RedBull party and they were advertising and giving away free cans to mix with your liquor. (I only dream of getting a freebee in America as opposed to paying eight dollars for a mixed drink) There is the awesome app called mobile collect. You basically scan anything RedBull you can possibly think of. My roaming was turned off so I made sure to hit a hot spot so I could pull down the app. It was around 50mb. The design is awesome as I am sure they invested big bucks into it. Once installed you gain points by sharing and scanning certain items. You start off at different stages and as you accumulate more points, so does your “rank” I call it. You can then redeem for great prizes, entries to red bull events and even certain draws.

I am pretty sure every fan had the app installed because of the crowd gathering. The app loads fast and the menu is straight to the point. Works on both Droid and iOS which is perfect. You do need to sign up into their website though. Not sure if this could be done direct or changed, but it was a little of a burden. The app I had was all in Polish so I could barely understand the menu and played more of a guessing game than anything else, but still managed. The application is fast for screen jumping. The scan part is a little tricky, I was using a default scanner but there is an option to install a developer version. Because I would not be in town long, I did not go through extensive research because I knew I would not be able to make any prize claims because of the amount of time I had left to play around with it. Not so sure about the update portion off the app, again everything is kind of directed over to their website (in Polish). You will find your access, prizes and the chart of points needed to scale up levels. This is a must have for the typical adrenaline junky who spends much of his time sipping down energy drinks. It’s very handy because it does not require extensive usage. It’s a win win-win situation, like returning your pop cans for a .5 cent refund. If you have the patience and are into VIP passes, mobile content and are a racing fan then this app will keep you entertained. The graphics alone are set to impress, this was a big budget app and shows a lot of promise. Will they continue to support the program is yet to be answered?


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Overall: * * *

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A Mobile Rush For Energy Drink Fanatics

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