Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Store Display & Poster, Star Fox and Metroid Store Displays

Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonalds Happy Meal Display 1990

One seller by the name of totallyradgames has a bunch of incredible video game display’s up on auction. From Star Fox to Metroid and old Nintendo displays, this looks to be one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen for a while. But of course nice video game displays such as these come at a cost. For example, the seller has priced his World of Nintendo store sign at $499. I have seen similar signs finish around that price mark, but I’m not sure what type of demand is out there for old Nintendo signs today. A few years ago I’ve seen people bidding on all types of strange, wacky, simple and unique displays but the demand has seemed to go down. Some titles still go strong, for example, the seller sold a Super Mario RPG banner for $250, and as I was typing this sold a Super Mario Mani vintage display. So, what was I saying again about low demand? ;). I’ve picked out my favorites below:

Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Store Display – by far my favorite display ever for Super Mario games. Love how 90’s this thing is. Brings back memories walking into McDonalds and seeing the beloved Super Mario characters on display. Although this Happy Meal display is in amazing condition, it’s missing the “Available Now” tag that’s suppose to be attached to the top of the display.
Super Mario Bros 3 Nintendo Happy Meal Store Display Poster McDonald’s – Never seen this before! Tempted to buy it but $100 for a poster is too rich for my blood!
Mcdonalds Super Mario Bros 3 Store Display Sign
Playstation 1 Retailer Reference Guide Store Display
Final Fantasy 7 Store Display Poster – poster is beat up :/
Metal Gear Solid Ps1 Store Display Sign Standee
Game Boy Advance Store Display Mario Vs Donkey Kong
Resident Evil Poster Lot Store Display – Please note the tear the the top of the poster.
Sega Saturn Store Display Sign Standee
Pikmin 2 Stick Store Display
Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintend Wii Poster
Xbox Retailer Reference Guide Store Display
Nintendo Store Display Sign Game Boy Super Nintendo Sign
Crash Bandicoot Store Display Sign
Nintendo Wii Gamecube Store Display Retail Binder
Nintendo Metroid Prime Store Display
Super Nintendo Store Display Standee
Xbox Store Display Poster Sign Lot Accessories Mech 360
Super Mario RPG Standee Store Display Sign
StarFox Super Nintendo Banner Store Display
Atari Jaguar Banner Store Display
World Of Nintendo Store Display Sign Globe
Nintendo Store Display Lot Mario GameCube
Nintendo Game Cube Store Display Banner Zelda Wind Waker

It seems like the seller had collected these throughout the years and has decided to let go of his collection. So most likely if one of his items are bought I doubt you’ll see the seller listing the same item. Good luck!

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Super Mario Bros 3 Happy Meal Store Display & Poster, Star Fox and Metroid Store Displays

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