Bill Gates Signed Limited Edition Partner Original Xbox Brand New

I remember I wrote a little piece about the “This is My Xbox One” console that someone was seller on eBay. It was an exclusive employee console given out; so if you didn’t work in the Xbox One department at Microsoft, you didn’t get this console. I also wrote how I’m not big into console variants. Honestly couldn’t care if there’s a orange line going around my black Xbox One console and only 10,000 were made, or if there’s some Street Fighter art on it and it’s exclusive for the month of September. A console is a console for me. HOWEVER, and it’s a big however :). There’s only one console that I would love to own. I should have bought them back when they were in the $500 range. But, now it seems the price to obtain this console has increased drastically.

You must have guessed by now I’m talking about the original “Bill Gates” Xbox console. It seems like there’s two variants; one where he just signs his name, and the other where he writes “Great work! + signed name”. Gene Grove was kind to submit this Xbox console signed by the man himself. If anyone has ever watched the 20 minute video on Youtube about the history of Xbox, it’s pretty crazy how everything turned out. Although Bill didn’t come up with the idea, he backed the project 100% despite his partner Steve Ballmer opposing it. Great video and you can find it here: History of Xbox

Anyhow, here’s the description of the current Xbox console signed by Bill Gates that’s up on eBay right now for a buy-it-now price of $6,000 dollars:

“Up for sale today is a Xbox Partner console given out to software companies near the launch of the original Xbox. There were approximately 60 of these made but only around 14 or so still exist intact. This most likely is the only new one left in the world. The system still has all the original plastic on it and has never been played just taken out of the box and set up for display. All the original wires and controller are include still in their bags. The box is a little worse for wear (Please see the photos), but is include. Also all of the paperwork and documents are included. The top says “Thanks for Partnering with XBOX” and has Bill Gates signature below it. The top is in perfect shape thanks to the original plastic still being on it (The photo makes it a bit hard to read since the plastic has print on it as well) Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional photos.”

Click here to see the Xbox Console Signed Autographed by Bill Gates

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  1. Hi Riku,
    I actually have a similar “Great Work!” “Bill Gates” signed, green, Special Edition Xbox 1 Console like you mention above plus a few other unique awards from my Xbox launch team days. I’m looking to sell them & was wondering where the best place to list them might be be? Is it Ebay or is there a better game collector site where they would receive more interest?

  2. Hi. So I actually have one of the Partner Edition Xboxes signed by BG-that makes 15 accounted for in the world. I am about to sell it, mostly likely on eBay since that seems the most likely place to find an appropriate buyer. Just wanted to give you a head’s up. If you or anyone you know is interested, I can be reached at

Bill Gates Signed Limited Edition Partner Original Xbox Brand New

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