The Best Search on eBay for Video Game Collectors

So whats the best search on ebay for video game collectors? As subjectivie as that question is, I believe the “eye candy” search is the best. Most of the items will be out of reach with few low hanging fruits, but ultimately the “eye candy” search is exactly that: the window shopping of incredibly rare items that you wish you owned. The well-to-do video game collector who’s reading this now and thinks “That’s not expensive”, well screw you! I’m talking about the rest of the 95% who can’t afford that $1000 poster, or that $2000 limited edition console. So how do we go about conducting this “eye candy” search? It’s very simple:

1). Go to
2). Under “All Categories” next to the search box, select “Video Games & Consoles” and click search.
3). On the next page on the left sidebar, scroll down to your preferred category and then click the sub-category of your choice. I personally select “Video Gaming Paraphernalia” under Others in Video Games.
4). In the next page just under the search bar on the right you’ll see “Sort:”. Sort by Price: highest first.
5). You’re done!

Now you’ll see the most expensive video game items from top to bottom. If you’re new in the video game collecting world take these prices with a grain of salt. Most, if not all the items are exaggerated to a certain degree. Some video game items are obviously over priced while others are priced to test the waters and used as bait for the eager spender. Some items like the Earthbound poster that’s priced at $1299.99 is just crazy, but to the sellers defense a torn poster sold last year near the $1000 mark, if not more and was in bad shape. So the price is $1299.99 is technically appropriate, but still a shitload of money pour moi. However, with that said I have to admit I’m in LOVE with Luigi’s Mansion promo flashlight! I can’t recall if I ever seen one appear on eBay before, but perhaps my wondering eyes never caught it. I wonder how much these go for as I’d be dumbfounded if someone clicks the buy-it-now button with the $2k tag.

Anyhow, I decided to list the top auctions from conducting the “eye candy” search. Those auctions are then followed by “Auctions Ending Today” which gives us practical collectors a chance to bid on some affordable stuff. Enjoy!

Sega Dreamcast Console System MAZIORA Limited Ver. BRAND NEW Japan 2666
Luigi’s Mansion Promotional Flashlight Super Mario Bros Nintendo Super Rare
Nintendo Limited Yoshi and Baby Mario Statue
Banpresto Giant Mr. Saturn Plushie (Mother 2; EarthBound)(Japan)(Extremely Rare)
Earthbound SNES Promo Poster 40 X 26 Rolled Ultra Rare Find
Extremely Rare Un Opened Super Mario Rpg Box card coins! Nintendo

Auctions Ending Today!
MANI Gamewatch Boy “Super Mario Race” Nintendo Gameboy Watch 1992 GBE-003
019 Starter Kit – Resident Evil 4 Potato Sack Bag Ganado Dr. SALAVADOR AHHH RARE
Splatoon Target Exclusive water gun promotional squirt gun sold out
Rare Viva Pinata Horstachio Promo Figurine Microsoft Corp Playmates Toys 2007
Very Rare, Exclusive, Sony PlayStation 2 989 Sports Blow-up Inflatable Chair
CHICA PLUSH–Super cute Kawaii FNAF five nights at freddy’s
Club Nintendo 18 Card Case Boo Zelda Link 3DS
Link Zelda The Legend of Drink Nintendo Cartridge Concealable Drinking Flask New
Spy Fox Plush Doll PC Video Game Figure Rare Stuffed Animal 90s
SEGA Express Success Mug Vintage RARE
Mens Medium Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake Shirt Gray
Official Nintendo World Championships 2015 Shirt – Limited Edition – Large
Original and rare Secret of Mana Poster

Good luck!

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The Best Search on eBay for Video Game Collectors

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