What Are the Best SEGA Games?


What Are the Best SEGA Games?

The era of the SEGA Genesis was one that most players will look back on fondly with more than a touch of nostalgia. These games allowed kids to feel like they were on the cutting edge of the latest technology and some of them still have a place in the modern world.

During the prime of the Genesis there were more than a few Disney based releases. Some fans may have The Lion King as their top pick but for many it was the Aladdin game that really blew their minds. This side scrolling game had players jumping around the rooftops of Agrabah and into the princess’s castle. As an adult this game still has many looking up from comparing bingo sites on pgbingo.comand back into the 80’s when this console was king.

Aladin Sega game

Fighting games were all the rage back in the day and this caused more than a few real life fights between friends. With the SEGA Genesis the best game to invite your friends over to play was Mortal Kombat II – which was the top fighting game of the decade. This game brought in the Fatality feature, which showed of the characters’ finishing moves, and this is still wildly popular in their more recent games. This is one that fans will often find in lists of the top games for this console, as it was one of the most successful games of the time.

Mortal Kombat Sega

Alongside Mortal Kombat II there was another notable game of this console and this was Super Streetfighter II. This started off as an arcade game but when the Genesis made it possible it came to homes around the nation. This was one of the crowning achievements of the system, as it really made players feel like they had an arcade at home.

Street Fighter II Sega game

Kids always love a funny and random game, the character of Earthworm Jim brought that in spades. This puzzling game became an overnight success and most of this is down to the humour of the character. Everything within the game was unique, from the main character to the setting, and this was its greatest selling point to the young market.

Earthworm Jim Sega game

No list of top SEGA games would be complete without at least one game from the Sonic series. Which one was best is a point of contention but there are a few key things that set one apart from the rest. The original Sonic the Hedgehog came along and showed users what the console was really capable of in terms of speed. This game pioneered a number of techniques to make games more fluid and faster than ever before, which is something the world hadn’t seen until that point. The later games in the series continued to build on this success and it’s one of the few game franchises that has spanned generations. Sonic the Hedgehog has continued to be popular with players, young and old, as he is continuously reborn and redesigned to appeal to every audience. Wherever this character is going, he’s going there fast.

Sonic the hedgehog 2 sega game

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What Are the Best SEGA Games?

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